BWO Chapter 25: Trial & Labyrinth

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Despite it being the store we usually visit after school, I’m full of regrets at the shameful side that I showed to Eriko.

If my weakness was seen and seized by an acquaintance, then my life as a healthy average high school girl is as good as gone.

However, thanks to Eriko pampering me, my fatigue and exhaustion were fully cleared.

I don’t have any intentions of approving Eriko’s perverted behavior but, I feel pitiful for having the same state of co-dependency.

「……Luckily, I won’t have to bring my personal problems into the virtual world. Even though I said the schedule might not be the same anymore, my preparation still took my time till 22 hours, I guess I shouldn’t drag on any longer and start. 」

Since tomorrow is a rest day, today is probably the only day for my nighttime trip.

Lying down on my bed, I put on the headgear and descended into the virtual world.


「Hello everyone, good evening. 」


『Finally―――! 』

『RIO-sama! 』


『You’re pretty today too』

Everyone had already gathered it seems.

Since there weren’t any adventurers or enemies in range after using 《Blood Scent Detection》, I wasted no effort and started up the stream.

For the record, my MP was recovering while I was logged out, and is now at full gauge.

『Today’s theme is 『Trial』, though it’s kind of vague. For starters, I’m planning to tackle a dungeon, please send your questions now if you have any while my hands are still free. 』

『A dungeon? 』

『Huh, RIO-sama being proper』

『Not a bloody fight off? 』

『Strange, it’s a normal stream like Eriko’s』

『Hey y’all, remember RIO-sama is also an average high school girl』

Mumumu, they are being rude isn’t it, or I guess the chat messages were always this easygoing and straightforward.

「Although my final destination is still the top, I’m also a player as well, there’re still occasions I will have to face Enemies. It’s also a chance to introduce my new equipment, so I will try crushing a nest of tough Enemies. 」

『Destroying a dungeon under the pretense of introducing』

『Oh right, what’s that mechanical looking umbrella』

『I must say, I’m pretty well-versed with BWO, but I never seen anything like that』

『RIO-sama surely picked up some new or hidden game mechanics』

『How exciting』

Fumu, I wonder if it’s rare even across the entire player base to have someone like Parnilla-san dedicating herself to a fallen production-type occupation.

In that regard, could it be that I’m also the same type considering how Eriko’s viewers regard me as unprecedented. I guess this must be what people mean by like attracts like.

「Well then, I will now head to 【Labyrinth of Hodead】 at the border between the third and fourth town. Since I like a trouble-prone play style, I chose a straight route to the Boss Enemy. 」


『Good luck―』

『Kyaaa RIO-sama―! 』

『To think that she would choose a lower kill count for the first clear』

『It’s RIO-sama first clear and being solo ww』

『Flesh Manipulation wouldn’t be useful huh』

『Unn. I guess there’s that』

Although exploration isn’t a bad idea, if I stayed in the same area looking for treasure boxes or Enemies, it would mean that my hunters would eventually come for me.

Clear it quickly and retreat swiftly. I intended it to be a live combat practice but, it seems like I would be accompanied by the thrill of deadly risks.

Well, easy and boring is the same word, so I guess a little challenge wouldn’t hurt.

Quickly making my way through the hilly area, I arrived at the entrance that I mentioned earlier. I chose the great sword form that I felt most comfortable with and entered the dungeon.


Although the Enemies that appear here are weaker than me individually in terms of level and strength, knowing how challenging a dungeon is normally done in a party of four members, it would probably be quite challenging for me alone.

「Fufu, a dungeon is such a great place. I don’t have to worry about the annoying sunlight at all…… muu. 」

Just as I said it was a great place, why is there a smell so intense that I’m almost throwing up……. No matter what I do, is this pattern going to continue forever?

As I turned around to the source of the stench, despite still being in the upper floors, a terribly psychologically disgusting Enemy appeared.


Enemy Name: Berserk ・Living Dead Lv35

Status: Frenzy


I’ve seen enough of how this humanoid looking thing walking not like a human before already.

However, it was different from my kins, I can’t imagine how many months had passed since its death with how rotten the corpse is, moreover, it was devouring other Enemy of the same type, not differentiating between friend and foe, it’s an Enemy with a repulsive combat power of a different kind.

Since Enemy can defeat other Enemy to power up and level up, saying that an inner fighting between themselves would be beneficial to me is unreasonable.

『Here I insert a trivia, he was probably a human in his lifetime』

『↑Oh? Proud of your knowledge? 』

『No, just thought that if he was originally a human, then bloodsucking probably will work』

I see, if blood vessels remain in that rotten body, 《Bloodsucking》 may work but, I would like to have the right to choose too.

「Haaah 」

I swung my great sword, not with the purpose to defeat, but to not allow it near me, easily cleaving through the Living Dead with paper defense.

The disgusting and filthy sensation of rotten flesh was going to awaken some undesirable memories in myself, so I quickly erased it from my mind.

My most desired and soothing scent and sensation are more like, a springy feeling and warmth coming through the texture of a uniform……, I need to erase this too.

『RIO-sama first time showing resistance with straight up killing』

『But anyone would show some reaction against this』

『Somehow RIO-sama has a bad complexion』

『Did she think about the kins would eventually become like that』

『Was it my imagination. I felt like she looked really blissful for a moment』

『Good. There’re no perverts around that gets off from RIO-sama’s disgusted face right』

Really, sometimes I wonder what the kind of people are watching my stream.

「……They just sprout up infinitely. There’s no end. 」

When I knew that the Enemies in this labyrinth would be undead, honestly speaking, there was a period that I was conceited, thinking that they wouldn’t be different from the kins I have, but I’ve only started to realize and hate on how I didn’t think it through.

And so, I used the great sword to cut my own wrist, summoning a helper. But please ignore how 70% of my HP was gone from using a weapon that has 270 attack power.

「Flying, I’m heading for the deepest area, defeat any enemies that stand in my way. 」

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

I felt assured seeing Flying appearing as triumphantly as usual in front of the Enemies that looked covered in germs.

As for myself, I’ll get used to unpleasant battles with undead opponents sooner or later but, it’s best to leave it to Flying while I’m yet to adapt.

『Flying so dependable』

『He’s already a main character of the RIO channel』

『Right, she can do a party play with Flying at any time』

『I’m scared by how RIO-sama didn’t flinch at how she lost all her HP because of not sensing pain』

『Leveling efficiency so bad w』

However, it’s really painful knowing the Enemies that Flying finished off wouldn’t drop any experience.

Rather than a limitation that applies to all players, it’s a benefit that only tamers and summoner-type adventurers can enjoy.

「Oya, there’s a new face. 」


Enemy Name: Skeleton Soldier Lv40

Status: Normal


While on my way with 《Blood Scent Detection》 active, I turned around as I noticed a strange reaction, and I was getting surrounded by moving white skeletons holding a longsword-like weapon.

Unlike the insignificant Living Deads, they were encompassing me effectively as if their life experience manifested.

Seeing how crowded they were, I guessed that there’re no less than ten outside of my vision.

「Fumu, but just having numbers are too kind of you. 」

Well, there’s a point that is different from before.

That is, unlike the Living Dead that were tough enemies for me in a sense, if it’s just corpses that only have bones, I can easily touch them barehanded.

「Flying, take care of my back. I will cut down the Enemies in front. 」

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

Immediately, I ordered. Rather than defending, forcefully breaking through is probably the correct answer to survive the encirclement.

Luckily, the split road ahead is still far away with only a straight road in sight. As I ordered, I faced towards the Skeleton Soldiers ahead while Flying watched behind, and rushed with a great sword in hand.

……Before that, these Enemies are forming a group, but their levels are lower, meaning that it’s a relatively safer chance to try that.

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