BWO Chapter 26: Swordsmanship & Abnormality

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「It’s really my bad habit to become curious whenever I have the room to spare.」

I recalled the weapon skills that was mentioned yesterday just before swinging my great sword.

It’s a very outrageous wishful thinking but, if the skill itself is owned by someone else, and I managed to reproduce the movement perfectly, I thought that I might be able to use the skill.

Since the skinny pile of bones is as good as a training dummy, I will just try by imitating.

「En garde. 」

Discarding any worldly thoughts, I tried not to recall the name or appearance of the adventurer my imitation is based on, but only the technique that I experienced while parrying with a dagger.

Bracing myself with a two-handed grip, I closed my eyes while stationary, with the trajectory of the sword forming a path of light in the back of my eyes, I released the technique against the approaching Enemy with full intention to reproduce every nook and cranny of the skill.

「Imitation Great Black Sword 」

……I can do it.

Although I was concerned with my reduced AGI, it seems like the movement is still within my capability.

「Not yet」

Stopping neither on thinking nor my hands.

If I was to describe the impression of the skill that particular adventurer used, it would be the lightness of swinging around a wooden stick.

Since my great sword’s outrageous weight is not exactly the same as a wooden stick, I thought I could just use STR to reproduce the lightness…… but it seems like it isn’t that simple.

「Fuuu, I managed to defeat it somehow. 」

The pile of bones got scattered around on every hit, and eventually it turned into dust and disappeared.

This kind of attempt would definitely be impossible in the real world. Only a vampire like myself that can shoulder some amount of recklessness would work, unlike the humans that have many body limitations.

『RIO-sama even has a new skill!? 』

『No, look closely. It’s not a skill』

『She stole it ww』

『Another copy ability www』

『It just shows how monstrosity her spec is』

The viewers commented as such but, unfortunately, it’s undoubtedly a failure.

The essence of 《Great Black Sword》 is the sharpness that tears apart everything with a light trajectory, but if I were to rate my own imitation, it would just be a fake imitation swing that relied solely on the weight of the great sword and my STR.

This can’t even be called a technique, it’s no different than just swinging a sword normally.

「Well, this is also an experience. 」

Failure is the mother of success. It’s technically a harvest considering I had once again proved that my talent in the virtual world outperforms my real-world self.

Besides, there is nothing to be ashamed seeing how the viewers were impressed by it. I’m sure it’s another attractive page for my streamer persona.

「Oh, that Skeleton Soldier, to think that it would use such an unexpected attack, I really can’t let my guard down. 」

Since I didn’t have a sword skill and was only swinging simply, there was a pile of bones that escaped my range and had thrown its sword towards me, aiming for my momentary stiffness.

However, since I was able to grasp the parabolic trajectory with a glance, it only passed by dangerously after grazing my cheeks.

「……Oya. Something strange other than the damage is happening. 」

However, I also noticed some abnormality with the fluid flowing out of my wound.

「That sword had that much of power……, no, that can’t be the case. Then what could have」

Rubbing the wound with my hand, I discovered the wound that should’ve closed by now showed no signs of doing so, and the blood that dripped out had even reached my chest.



『RIO-sama is poisoned! 』

『That Skeleton Soldier must’ve been the type to paint poison on its sword』

『No but it should’ve been a very weak poison in this case』

『What happened to being an undead』

『Come to think of it, RIO-sama’s luck appraisal is the lowest rank』

『HP gauge turned to poison color……』

Following the messages, as I confirmed at my own HP gauge, the normally gentle yellowish green color had changed to a worrying shade of purple.

Other than that, there was even a 【Poisoned】 entry on the abnormal status column.

Yes. I would be too dull if I haven’t realized what is going on.

Since I was getting continuous damage from the poison, my regeneration is not functioning.

「……Dealing with the other Enemies comes first. 」


Skill: Blood Needle

Description: Coagulate the blood from all wounds, and shoots them towards the opponent, a special technique of intermediate ranked vampires.

Number of needles formed is little with small scratches but demonstrates deadly power if on the verge of death.

However, body does not regenerate while in use.


For the time being, I took the situation positively, and used the blood from the wound that wouldn’t close as a mean to create a storm of red needles to crush the skeletons.

After confirming Flying was putting up a good fight with no signs of requiring any help, I moved to an area with lesser Enemy presences.

「Although I knew my resistance to abnormal status would be lower thanks to my LUK, does poison even work on this undead body? 」

Thinking that it’s fine since there’re no poison abnormal status in the Labyrinth of Hodead, I was the average high school girl that took the strategy site’s information as fact.

Such unreliable information, let’s just dispose it all.

The abominable concept of poison that kills creatures depending on their species.

Needless to say, I had no means of curing the poison, so I had come here with a mind prepared to die, after having my plans ruined but.

『Oi look closely, the HP gauge is not moving at all www』

『Undead > poison』

『Practically immune』

『So the poison has to be stronger to kill RIO-sama』

Looks like with the immortality of a vampire, my constitution had offset the poison damage, as I felt relieved.

Having used the real world as a basis for certain concepts, the 『Poisoned』 word was putting a heavy weight on me but, looks like this is another point to keep in mind from now onwards.

Eventually, the poisoned status cured itself, and the wound on my cheek had disappeared with no traces behind.

「I’m a little concerned with Flying that I left back there but…… oya, looks like he had already cleaned the area. 」

Then, Flying who had finished cleaning up the Enemies flew towards me with a low altitude.

【So noisy! I have only half of my stamina remaining. You bastard fight too! 】

Even though it’s a fixed voice line, I shall attribute it to game design that I’m being yelled at like this.

Flying had suffered several wounds, even if he was originally a Named Enemy, it doesn’t mean that he can overpower many Enemies on his own.

I had totally forgotten about it since I could recover from wounds automatically but, I should learn from Flying and put effort in managing my HP.

『Ah, this place』

『Just before the boss』

『Forced thus far with only a great sword』

『The boss enemy is not one that can be taken lightly』

『Though its level is lower than Flying when he was still an enemy』

『If it looks like a losing battle, remember to choose a method that will win rather than dwelling on a trial』

I felt apologetic for the viewers’ concerns, but I have no intentions of changing my plans.

「Fumu, so this place is just before the Boss Enemy’s room. 」

Coincidentally or inevitably, there was a large double door standing in front of me, even when I used Blood Scent Detection across the door, I could only pick up a reaction similar to the group of skeletons earlier.

There shouldn’t be any blood left flowing since they’re only bones but, it seems like the reactions I got was from the blood clot remaining on their weapons.

For the record, I could summon Flying as a companion Enemy but, since he can’t enter the room with me, I recalled him back into his gem before opening the door.


Enemy Name: Lich Lord Lv47

Status: Normal


As expected, the Boss Enemy is there. It is a skeleton monster with not a single bit of flesh on its body that spans across several meters, while holding a weapon like a saw, it was wearing a crown and a mantle despite being out of place.

Since the large body suggested that it is also an Enemy in its lifetime, I should not expect an anti-personnel fight.

「There’s no need act cool. This is only a trial after all. 」

Well then, the real start of today’s theme of Trial is hereon. I’m already facing a boss that I have no idea what my winning odds are but, I also had to work on my goal of 「Using all forms of 【Parasol of Hidden Dark】 at least once」.

As such, my first form to use was decided to be 【Magic Wand of Hidden Dark】.

Releasing the MP that I had saved up until now, I shall charm the viewers with an ever-changing battle.

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