BWO Chapter 27: Lich Lord Battle & Continuous Form Change

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This tasteless space made entirely from soil is the room where the Boss Enemy had been waiting all along. It’s exactly because there’re no annoying gimmicks in the room that I can perform my trial without worries.

Boss Enemy is usually many times stronger than a Named Enemy. So, I stepped into the room expecting it to have a status many times better than the norm for its level.

「Excuse me. 」

As I was excusing myself into the room, the room shut itself with a dull thud and disappeared, fully merging with the dirt wall.

Rather than obstructing the only retreat route, it had completely vanished. However, thanks to that, I can heighten my concentration further.

Well then, looks like the Lich Lord has some self-restraint too, as it was only looking towards me with its skull head, so I shall strike first.

Naturally, using magic enhanced with the wand is―― not the first move. I stabbed the wand at my leg.

「Flying. We will coordinate and fight it in close quarters, so don’t use any energy ball. 」

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

The wand has the lowest attack power among all forms. Therefore, it’s the easiest form to adjust my HP and very much suited for self-harm.


『Why did his voice line sound so sad』

『Please let him use his energy ball……』

I agree.

However, it can’t be helped since having regulations are important for proper coordination. Since my wand had already finished changing to the 『Magic Claws of Hidden Dark』, I started dashing together with a flying Flying into battle.


First of all, to let Flying on the offensive, I restrained it with a kick at its bone arm.


Then, I circled to the Enemy’s back, delivering a kick while I jumped and spun sideways in air.


An elbow strike with my right arm, and an upper cut with my left arm, all while jumping upwards, as my motions finished with a heel drop, I resumed dashing again while thinking of the next best moves.

Despite linking so many intense movements together, a vampire wouldn’t even feel any short of breath.

『The heck’s this person』

『A pro』

『Is a vampire so beastly?』

『That physical ability is cheat』

『First time for you all? In the first place, it’s her we’re talking about』

With an additional AGI of 100, my body became featherlight like cheating, enabling a three-dimensional combat style. Depending on the opponent, I can even include 《Bloodsucking》 in my combo.

Since its weakness of having low STR bonus is covered by my raw stats, it’s still a very good form to use.

「……Flying? What’s the matter, Flying? 」

The same time when I landed back on the ground, it swung its sword horizontally at full strength, I managed to dodge with a backspin but, Flying who was caught in the attack had his HP gauge turned entirely black, turning back into his gem form for some reason.

『Flying is already dead!? 』

『Not good』

『It turned into solo fight so quick』

『That’s a move that inflicts the instant death state. It shouldn’t work on any undead though? 』

『Come to think of it, there was one time when a bunch of adventurers got annihilated despite having higher level』

『【Sad news】Flying was never made into an undead』

To think that there was such an absurd element to that saw blade, however, Flying wasn’t an undead was a great news in the regard of sunlight.

In any case, since my only fighting companion was lost so quickly, a coordinated combat is impossible now.

As fighting one-on-one in close quarters would be risky, I took a distance back to the wall, and then changed my weapon into the 【Magic Machine Gun of Hidden Dark】 suitable for long ranged attacks.

「Eat all of my rounds」

Firing rapidly with no pause, I planned to continue squeezing the trigger until the enemy backs off in fear.

Although I had planned so, after firing rapidly for several seconds, it had not a sliver of fear in its appearance, and the damage wasn’t that great either.

「I see, so it’s an Enemy that doesn’t fear bullets huh. 」

As I expected, guns would only be effective on humans.

Since wasting ammo isn’t good, I decided to change into the 【Magic Spear of Hidden Dark】 form that is suitable for middle range combat but.

「Mu. It had already learned my openings. 」

The moment when I loosened my grip as I waited for the transformation to complete, the Lich Lord suddenly stopped its defensive manner, and tried to swing its blade to bisect me that would be instant death in the literal meaning.

I was surprised since it was being passive until now but, looks like it was waiting patiently for the timing when I can’t defend with my weapon.

「……That’s another point to keep in mind. I guess. 」

Dodging with a sidestep, I readied myself with the spear that finished transforming somehow.

「Using the spear skillfully, it’s quite the difficult form. 」

Swinging it like it’s a sword with extra reach and handling it like a normal sword. It was a strange description but, it just means that I don’t have enough experience in using a spear like a spear.

「Even if it has a high attack power, using it like this won’t result in high damage huh. Fumu. 」

The attack power of a spear lies within its spearhead, since a lower damage when hitting an opponent with the pole is a spear’s nature, it is important to have piercing skills.

I guess that’s also the reason why the requirement for a one-handed spear is DEX.

『It’s still RIO-sama’s pace for now』

『Looks kinda unsteady for me』

『She had mastered almost all of the forms but, looks like the spear is the only one she’s not good at』

『But doesn’t this mean the spear is just an inferior version of the sword』

Nope, after all, there’s another way to use this form.

「This is the point where I stop standing with all limbs intact. 」

And that is the function to use it as a throwing weapon.

The spear that received my all-out throw flew in a straight line like a missile, even managing to completely crush the joint of its left leg bone to dust.

I threw my weapon away but, the result is as planned. I started my operation to remove its four limbs, even if it meant one by one.

「Well then, the only worry now is if I can retrieve the twin swords……」

Just before the spear left my hand, I started its transformation to the 【Twin Magic Swords of Hidden Dark】 that will allow me a versatile move set, it’s just about time the transformation time finished.

I became unarmed but, thinking positively, I just have to utilize my smaller stature like when I’m equipping the magic claws.

Sliding through the gap between its legs, I picked up the twin swords with both hands and turned around, wielding it in a crossed fashion, and dashed to the effective range of my swords.

「Sei, there. 」

Deflecting with my left to avoid damage, my right focuses on offense, while maintaining my calm, I removed the bones one by one in order.

In an intense battle, the twin swords are the best.

『Ah, the boney bones lord is at half HP』

『It’s here, enraged state』

『The real battle starts now』

『Dangerous, defend defend! 』

『No, kill it before it kills you! 』

Looks like this is where the smooth sailing ends.

A strange glint lighted in the Lich Lord’s empty eye socket, and the field’s pressure suddenly became overwhelming, even an awesome scene where its saw blade turned into a magnificent sword happened.


Enemy Name: Skeleton Soldier Lv40

Status: Riled


Moreover, suddenly there’re two more helpers from somewhere.

Two swords versus three swords, it looks like the number of hands in play had suddenly overturned.

「Fumu, it looks like defending with just the twin swords would be difficult. Before it gets too much to handle, I suppose it’s better to change into a high attack power form and defeat all of them at once. 」

Bringing the twin swords together and letting go of them, I started the transformation to 【Great Magic Sword of Hidden Dark】.

A three second period that is both short and long, I wonder if I can endure the flurry of attacks?

One second.

「One arm. I suppose it’s only one. 」

While I was occupied with its reinforcements, my left arm was suddenly cut off.

However, since I can wield it with just one hand, it’s not any obstruction.

Two seconds, three…….

「!. Even my other arm. 」

It looks like it had read my timing when I extended my arm to reach for the transformed sword, the Lich Lord swung its blade in a straight 一, and my right arm went flying.

『RIO-sama arms! 』

『This guy is smart for being all bones』

『Of course. It had learned all the while since service start, and is even learning now against RIO-sama』

『That’s also why Boss Enemy guides on strategy sites are useless』

『Slumped until her arms recover!? 』

Not just its learning speed, its fighting experience is also fearsome, considering how it had read my next move and cornered me.

This is what a Boss Enemy is.

「Well, since it’s just my arms. 」

It probably thought it had cornered me, but I still had another way to wield a weapon.

「Uuuuuuuu! 」

Biting on the great sword’s handle that finished transforming, and at the same time, with all my focus on twisting it, I turned my head around and destroyed both reinforcement at once.

Then, swinging my head upwards with momentum, I robbed the Lich Lord of one arm.

『Waaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii!? 』

『Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!? 』

『What an idea』

『The idea itself probably came with fighting Diablo……』

『This is some comeback play full of originality』

『I can never imitate this person (Stunned)』

If there is no need to wield it with both hands, it also meant that wielding it with my mouth is possible. What an interesting system.

As expected, wielding it by my mouth is very rough but, I decided to be greedy at this opportunity.

「Fuh! Fuuuuuuuuuuuh! 」

Abusing my neck to deflect the incoming attack, I blew its entire body upwards, and another one of its bones flew off.

Each time, my teeth felt loose, my jaw was bearing a tremendous load that it felt like breaking, but I can only be patient until my arms recover.


Having said so, with both of us losing half of our limbs and still fighting, having a way to quickly settle the fight is desirable.

Looking closely, my arms are about to fully recover, so I decided to change into a form that doesn’t reduce my AGI.


Releasing the great sword in my jaw, it aimed at me again at the timing when I became unarmed.

Of course, it would do that.

I have no way to defend until the transformation completes. It had learned what is fatal for me.

「You managed to read into my moves since you got used to it. But it also means I can do the same. 」

The form I chose to defend against the attack immediately was 【Magic Sword of Hidden Dark】.

Although its total stats are the lowest, in exchange, the time cost for transformation is only about one and a half second, it would be a surprise attack for an opponent that had only known the 『Transformation takes 3 seconds』 rule until now.

The transformation was in time safely, deflecting against its attack in surprise, I slipped through and jumped.

「……There. 」

Putting my intentions of paying back for my arms, I cut with a horizontal trajectory.

「Finally, I got your dominant arm. 」

The bone arm fell while still gripping onto its sword full of killing intent.

Jumping from the Lich Lord’s shoulder high into the air now that it can’t use its sword, I changed to the last form while in air.

「This is the final attack. 」

While falling, I gripped the 【Magic Hammer of Hidden Dark】.

Although it’s a form that requires a lot of courage considering its specialized nature, its essence lies within a finisher.

「Haaaaaaaahk 」

With the momentum of free falling, I crushed its skull into dust.

Having ate an attack that even I wouldn’t want to, the Lich Lord lost all its HP, unable to maintain its state as a monster, it turned into a pile of bones, before disappearing.

……Although it was completely ad-lib after Flying got taken out despite being my confidence, all’s well that ends well.


《Boss Enemy 【Lich Lord】 has been defeated》

《Level has risen to 48》

《Obtained 10000 Iris》

《Obtained 【Lich’s Flesh Sawing Blade】 as subjugation reward》

《Kin Transformation is ineffective on 【Lich Lord】》

《Karma value has risen》


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A/N: I was plainly very sick for some reason


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