BWO Chapter 28: Butchering Knife & Another Test

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A/N: Rather than winning because it’s the main protagonist, the winner is the main protagonist (Cool face)

I wonder if the death match that was a little not in an average high school girl’s territory has charmed the viewers.

『So cool』

『It was so close』

『She cleared it basically solo ww』

『Tis not just the level of having high compatibility with that weapon』

『The adaptability』

『She used all forms』

『A battler that will remain in BWO history』

『There’re no openings even though there should’ve been many』

『Transformations like that are practically irresistible for boys』

『It’s troubling how there’re times RIO-sama becomes a wild character』

「Thank you everyone. This ever-changing weapon is what I had purchased due to various reasons. 」

Keeping the magic hammer back into my inventory, I explained while facing the camera.

Looks like even in a rapidly changing battle, I could still choose and change into the right form each time.

Although it was practically a no plan full dive victory, at the very least, the result was fruitful since I was able to adapt a fighting style that made use of the form changes.

With this, the dungeon is cleared. First of all, I checked the loot, which is the 【Lich’s Flesh Sawing Blade】.


【Lich’s Flesh Sawing Blade】

Required Pieces

Right or Left Hand: Lich’s Flesh Sawing Blade

Description: A saw-shaped sword that was used by the giant king that was once famous as a gourmet.

Respecting those who had defeated itself, it tries to lure them to a strange and mysterious world of gastronomy.

Total Stats




Special Effect: When this weapon manages to dismember a person’s body part, it is turned into an item and stored into the inventory.

Needless to say, it is practically useless.


『There it is wwwww, the dead disrespecting equipment www』

『That’s a trash pull』

『Where has the vicious instant death effect gone』

『I heard there was a case where just showing it to the residents will decrease your karma』

『This degree of freedom in humaneness is too high』

……I obtained a weapon even more questionable than its name.

I suppose this is what they mean by gimmick equipment. Restricting a target to only a person, it felt like the Lich Lord’s kind words of 「You too shall learn to enjoy human meat」 was whispering to me.

For adventurers, I’m sure this won’t be of any use since it can’t collect Enemy’s body part but…….

『I feel like I understand why the AI can even keep up with RIO-sama now』

『Quickly trash this kind of crap item ww』

『But rather than eating, RIO-sama can drink on human meat though』

「……I see. Rather than turning the itemized parts into a bento, it’s possible to drink from it like a bottle of juice. It’s quite useful. 」


『This is some natural madness in her head』

『Another RIO-sama idea from RIO-sama』

『That’s not the intended use』

『No, I bet it is』

『Imagine keeping human parts like snacks www』


Haven’t the viewers recognized me as a vampire yet?

In any case, obtaining a useful item from the Boss Enemy is really saying my luck has come.

Although my curiosity to try this saw blade as another element of today’s theme was high, since my MP is almost depleted and can’t fight at my best, I will have to choose my opponent wisely.

In the first place, there’re not many creatures in this dungeon that Bloodsucking works on. For the time being, I changed back to the great sword form but, surely it wouldn’t end as a situation where my remaining resources gets depleted, and death comes?


According to what I found this morning, the trick to fight any human opponents is to not regard the opponent as a human.

「Uuwaaahk!! No! Stoooooooooop!! 」

When I returned to the middle floors, I found a group of adventures that were in the midst of exploring, and I managed to finish three of them.

It seems like they were exhausted before I encountered them, despite them having four people, I was able to overwhelm them easily.

『Just as I thought』

『As expected』

『There’s no hesitation at all』

『This discrepancy even though she was so cool in the boss fight』

『RIO-sama that spreads death just by existing』

『Slaughter time’s here―!!』

『They said they were B rank but, is this a place where B rank come……』

『At least bring some A rank if you want to have a chance against RIO-sama』

Since they immediately started attacking after spotting me, were they thinking about snagging the bounty off my head while exploring? Well, my MP is certainly almost empty after the fight but, I sure was underestimated.

In any case, I naturally don’t have any plans to be defeated while on my way out of the dungeon.

「Guah!? What are you……」

「I will have you stay with me for a bit, so don’t think about dying yet. 」

Stabbing the remaining adventurer who lost his will to fight after three of his companions were victimized from 《Bloodsucking》, I then cut off his four limbs using the 【Lich’s Flesh Sawing Blade】.

Testing immediately to rectify any unclear points when the chance presents itself. It’s a basic.

「I wanted to try this on a live person first, so. Fumu, looks like the parts are itemized without any problem. 」


Since this person has a high HP but low DEF, my operation went quite smooth.

For the time being, I sawed off all the parts and checked my inventory, four new items, 【Player’s Left Arm】, 【Player’s Right Arm】, 【Player’s Left Leg】 and 【Player’s Right Leg】 were already in there.

Even in this moral ignoring game, it looks like they have the tiniest intention to keep the player’s identity private. Though it may just be all players will be turned into this generic item.

「Fuuh. It’s always refreshing when you ascertain unclear points. 」

I was sweating after the workout. Though it may not be sweat but some other bodily fluids since I’m a vampire but…… in any case, I don’t really care.

……When I suddenly realized that it kind of turned into a torture session, I decided to stop at that much.

Either way, I don’t have any use for the adventurer that became a tumbling doll after losing all four limbs, so I stabbed with my fingers and finished him off and cutting off his head to see whether there’s a difference between someone’s who is still alive and someone who was long dead.


《Level has risen to 49》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 4.55 million Iris》

《Item 【Player’s Torso】 and 【Player’s Head】 is added to the inventory》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 4,709,445》


Ooh, looks like both parts were itemized successfully. Moreover, looks like the items obtained don’t differ whether they were alive or dead when it was harvested, looks like there’s no need to keep them alive, I can just kill them before harvesting their body parts.

Instead of indulging on too much thinking, I faced to the camera.

「Sorry. I wanted to finish it without letting them the chance to even scream in consideration for everyone but, I had lost to my curiosity. Looks like I’m still immature. 」

『Immature in what』

『This carrot and stick treatment we get』

『Right after when we just saw another new side of RIO-sama』

『When did RIO-sama was kind enough to be considerate w』

『Ain’t this girl already a Named or Boss Enemy at this point ww』

『Appealing humaneness suddenly after that, kusa

『What a monster……』

『Her psychology is gradually becoming a real psycho』

Like I said, it’s for the future, not in any way it’s any kind of enjoyment for my strange tastes, ……fine, just say whatever you want.

Since it’s the truth I’m not a human in this world, I can only give a nod treatment even when I’m being treated like a monster.

After the dissection is completed, I tried taking the items out from my inventory. It might be a shocking scene, so I made sure to warn the viewers.


【Player’s Right Arm】

Description: A player’s right arm. Decomposing process does not progress when in the inventory.

【Player’s Left Arm】

Description: A player’s left arm. Decomposing process does not progress when in the inventory.

【Player’s Right Leg】

Description: A player’s right leg. Decomposing process does not progress when in the inventory.

【Player’s Left Leg】

Description: A player’s left leg. Decomposing process does not progress when in the inventory.

【Player’s Torso】

Description: A player’s torso. Decomposing process does not progress when in the inventory.

【Player’s Head】

Description: A player’s head. Decomposing process does not progress when in the inventory.


The parts weren’t particularly deformed and were cleanly divided.

Looks like I can only recover 10% of HP and MP after using 《Bloodsucking》 on one part, so using it as a disposable recovery item isn’t that reliable.




『Black (The cross section is)』

T/N: Guro / Kuro (Black).

『Victim of today’s theme』

『Is she summoning E○dia or something ww』

T/N: Exodia from Yu-Gi-Oh? Not my specialty.

『Too impressed with RIO-sama turning adventurers into items』

Please say that to the Lich Lord instead of me.

Then, I managed to climb back aboveground somehow, so I decided to end today’s stream early.

Since my play time was shorter than usual, my fatigue was lesser and I managed to dive into my sleep easily, thanks to that, my life tomorrow should be easier.

Until I have gotten some degree of stamina, I shall keep my playtime to a moderation.

A/N: I’m getting well a little.


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    “T/N: Exodia from Yu-Gi-Oh? Not my specialty.”
    To summon Exodia, you need 5 cards. Left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg and head/torso.