BWO Chapter 52: A Secret Purchase & Incomprehensible Love Heart

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Since I’ve infiltrated into the town, I should do as much as I can here.

If the inspection and defense is strengthened the next time I visit, I will be forced to face the trouble of changing routes, sorry for Boss-san’s sufferings but, I will have him put up with it for a little more.

Moving from the west district to the northern district, we travelled clockwise.

Although the security was similar everywhere else other than the upper-class area and the central district where the adventurer’s guild is at, for a vampire that’s unneeded in human society, worser the security is, easier it is to blend in.


Purchased 【Colored Hood】 from NPC merchant with a price of 300 Iris.


The quick and prompt decision to purchase for Elma-san is also finished.

Even if my face is hard to see hidden under the parasol, it’s difficult to always have it under a parasol, I must wear a hood so it’s harder to identify me by face.

Also, by streaming this long, the face of the person that accompanied RIO till now would’ve been known.

「Is it really alright like this? 」

「Yes. Now others can’t see that it’s Elma-san anymore. 」


Since it was meant for an adult’s use, the size didn’t fit at all and it covered half of her face, she wasn’t even facing towards where I’m standing, it looks like she can’t see anything at all.

However, it shouldn’t pose much of a problem if I continued to carry her on piggyback even if she can’t see but, since there was what happened just now too, it’s not like it’s without demerits.

『Defense up』

『Smoothly mascot-ify』

『But vision down is probably a big nuisance for her』

『Even her puni puni cheeks are hidden』

『↑Are you saying you don’t want RIO-sama’s mochi mochi skin? 』

『She’s slowly becoming RIO-sama’s belonging……』

『I thought she was emergency food but this spending, right』

……Emergency food for me is already in my inventory for a long time.

Well then, it’s imaginable that a battle with adventurers will happen if we continue to stroll around the town, at that time, I won’t have the room to consider Elma-san’s safety.

The bounty that shows my threat is already at eight digits. It should be about time the adventurers stopped their restraints and use any method they can to win, so Elma-san would likely become a hostage.

With a hood hiding her appearance, she probably wouldn’t be held hostage even if she moved alone without supervision for the time being.

Though it’s an uncertain element depending on the opponents.

「Then what about Onee-san’s own purchase……? 」

She looked at the bag I held and asked.

Actually, there’re clothes that I tried and purchased while keeping it out of the viewers’ sight.

「A secret」

「Really, then I won’t ask anymore」

What an understandable girl.

I’ve spent funds in the ten thousand unit to purchase 【Silk One Piece Set】 for normal use, 【Lolita Dress Set】 for use in little girl appearance, and 【Scarlet Robe Set】 for adult woman appearance, all for occasions when I need to disguise.

Still, since it may look unnatural if it doesn’t fit my appearance, they are all outfits that have high versatility in terms of fashion.

Because all of them had worse performance as a protective gear than my current dress, I would change back immediately if anything happened but, in the meantime, let’s try to become an entire new me.

Changing is not needed. When that time comes, I can immediately swap out equipment through the inventory.

「Onee-san…… say」

Elma-san looked shy.

Starting like that, could she have something she wants?

「Thank you」

Her thanks were said with the biggest smile she had.

Although I wouldn’t refuse if she wanted to get on a vampire’s good side at this point, it’s troubling that I can’t grasp the true intention.

「Here I thought what you were going to say. This hood is definitely not for your sake, I only gave it to Elma-san because there’s a merit for me. 」



『What a refreshing image』


『I can’t get enoughh guhehehehe』

『Gimme more tsuntsun deredere』

……Haa, what a noisy bunch.

「I mean, I don’t have money, I can’t give you anything, but I’m taken care of this much」

Fumu, I thought everything I’ve done prior to warrant her appreciation were all turned to nothing when I threatened her at the back alley but, looks like that isn’t the case too.

「Onee-san is still scary for me, but I will try my hardest to not make you angry」

「No need for that, anger is an emotion that I rarely experience after all. 」

It’s not because that I have no emotional up and downs, it’s more like I have a different emotion when I should be angry.

Even if ignored or denied, it’s my strength that I can keep my mind and head cool just by reaffirming that this is only a game, and it’s what I’ve said prior on stream too.

「Unn, I will try my best for Onee-san. 」

Mu, in the end she’s going to try her best, looks like I’m really untrustworthy.

――Elma-san is, currently in a relationship of eating and sleeping together with RIO but, I wonder what kind of impression the humans or adventurers would havve.

Whether they would sympathize and pity her for obeying RIO, or whether they would brand her evil too for helping RIO, my imagination widens without bounds.

「If you want to 『Try my best』 like you said, at the very least, like a normal human, try your best to a degree that wouldn’t be a burden. 」


「However, if there’s no one that can be a guiding hand in this world, you will have to start thinking about your own life from now on. Whether to walk a thorny path with me, or a safe road, you have to think carefully on your own. 」

「But, I’m not smart to think on my own…… kya! It’s ticklish」

Patting on her head through the hood, she had an innocent laughter.

Patting has a good effect when in a troublesome situation for the time being, and it also serves as an indication of who is superior.

Rather than restraining her actions, I gave her the freedom to choose, it’s a psychological measure to have her release her tension.

Anyway, since she had already done something that can be seen as helping RIO, she wouldn’t be able to betray me carelessly. As for my point of view, I will put Elma-san in the range of trustworthy.

Now then, let’s pile up more trust for me.


While on the move, it became totally silent as I kept on guard against attacks from adventurers.

「Let’s talk for a bit. 」

Since it will only contribute to a bad impression as a streamer if I continued to be silent, I revealed my purpose to Elma-san.

「My purpose, is to become the best in terms of strength. Gaining strength from sucking blood, I will kick off the person currently on the only seat of the peak, and sit as the new peak, it’s a clear purpose that’s easy to understand. 」

「A-Amazing……. I didn’t know Onee-san had such a dream」

She responded with an impressed voice.

After all, destroying Lawrence only gave me an image of a dangerous creature that only knows violence to the extreme.

「But, is it to become the best that the town where I lived became a mess……? 」

「That’s right. Like bees that rushes out of their hive when they get attacked by their natural enemy, a lot of fodders is needed to become strong. 」

On top of that, I had the other purpose to let them know of my villainous side but, since I’ve told more than enough to Elma-san, there’s no need for me to specify it especially.

「You probably think it’s too roundabout, certainly that might be the case. Even though I want to choose the shortest route to become the best, I can’t choose the shortest route at all. 」

「Fue? Why? 」

「The route that seems easy at first are sure to have many traps that would serve to obstruct and delay you, and because of that, it ends up being a big detour.」

『Oh I see』

『Oh I see』

『So the detour is the shortest route』

Looks like the viewers had agreed.

「Even if you try to be rational at all times, there will always be times where you stumble. So not just for the result, you should try to enjoy the detour on the way there too. 」

「Unn―, it’s complicated」

Although she answered like she understood, she still seemed quite confused.

Well, this is a game and not a race, so I can slowly progress along with the viewers.

「But…… what about after becoming the best」

After probably digesting my answer, she raised another question.

「A good question. After accomplishing my purpose, I will leave this world. It’s stuffy to remain in a world if there’s no meaning left. 」

「So you will leave. But just when you become the best, won’t it be a waste? 」

「Fumu……, it certainly seems empty to leave the title as the best unused. 」

Saying so, I imagined what happens afterwards.

The adventurer’s guild’s headquarters in flames, adventurers on the ground before me. Seen off by the chat with claps and cheers, and beyond that, the appearance of my crush turning around and wishing me 「Congratulations」.

「……Leaving the stage after getting subjugated by that person, might be another enjoyable event. 」

The vague path after becoming the top has now been defined clearly.

It’s probably the most reasonable way for it to end.

「That person? That means, the person that Onee-san loves? 」

「Eh!? L-Love!? 」

My voice turned inside out unintentionally.

How could it be, such a small child managed to see through my mind in just one attempt.

「I mean, Onee-san always have a very scary face but, just now, it was a face that really looks like a girl……」

To think that I was making such an unthinkable expression.

What a trouble, just because it is concerned with the real world, it still shows on my face no matter how much I try to use my poker face.

「Mumumu……, eeey fine, yes, it’s love. It’s just one-sided, but yes, I do have feelings of love towards that person. Unlike a bloodstained creature of the night I am, that person always shine so brightly like the sun, for the sake of protecting people from all kinds of harm, that person would always fight after all. Hugged by the arms of the person I long for, this vampire body will devote all of her love to that person and welcomes her end. How is it, romantic right? 」

「Uwaah, so fast speaking……」

「Oops, sorry for my rudeness. 」

Elma-san looked very stupefied.

Even the viewers were making 『!?』 or 『This a crazy girl w』, messages that were showing their drawn back reaction.

「It’s surprising how even a scary vampire-san has someone to love. Enough to make Onee-san in love, I wonder what kind of wonderful prince he is」

……It’s a love story ten years too early for a child.

「But……maybe I shouldn’t say this but…… let me cheer for you. I will pray that Onee-san can make her dream of becoming the best come through, and then say her feelings to her loved one. 」


Say my feelings? I can’t say them.

Even if this is a virtual world, there’s a wall so high that any attempts to jump over it is impossible.

However, even if it’s from an NPC, I will just accept her feelings that have no ill intentions.


『Brain destruction imminent』

『Me, big shock』

『Springtime, precious』

『Gap moe

『So she really was an average high school girl』

『Looking from how her emotions shook, she must be speaking the truth』

『To completely shatter RIO-sama’s steel expression…… what a fearsome little girl』

『Quick, save, save!』

『RIO-sama’s expression collection has increased in size again』

『I won’t acknowledge if it’s a boy (Radical yuri faction death)』

……The viewers look like they are itching for punishment.

Leaving jokes at that much, let’s proceed with the search further. Going around the eastern district is also in my plans.

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