BWO Chapter 53: Claws Clipping & Reconnaissance Complete

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We almost finished our one lap.

Till now, no one other than Elma-san had realized my identity, the reconnaissance is going smoothly.

A portion of the adventurers are busy disciplining small time villains, and it’s my interpretation that they have enough numbers prepared to fight against RIO.

On top of that, it’s a seed of worry where the central area restricts any entry from commoners and poor, even the other four districts may prove difficult to overwhelm with my current forces.

If we were to attack, it will be from the southern gate where our temporary base is closest.

「Elma-san, looks like you’ve calmed down quite a bit. 」

When we met in the mountains, or when she knew that I was RIO, she had an impression of being chased by something but, now she was relaxed enough to swing her legs carefreely.

「Onee-san is…… a vampire-san but thinks like a normal person, so I can feel at ease. 」

Fumu, looks like she had realized that I’m a player too.

「I mean, I’m also an upstanding human in another world, and lives a peaceful life without anything to do with killing. 」

「Eeeeeh! Onee-san is a vampire-san but also a human-san!? 」

Losing her vocabulary, she was shocked to the point she almost fell over but, it’s dangerous for her to fall over when on my piggyback.

「In the first place, isn’t a vampire practically human other than the point they can’t be under the sun? I’m sure that’s what Elma-san thought when we first met too. 」

「That’s right, but I thought it was a bit strange too. 」

「Looks like your intuition is powerful. If you manage to raise its accuracy and hone that instinct till it becomes your special skill, it might be useful to you in the future. 」

「Future…… is there one for someone like me? 」

Denying herself, she suddenly had a voice of negativity.

When I’m not around, she will have to live on her own without a shelter or anyone to rely on, so there’s a need to plan till she becomes an adult.

Even if she manages to stay alive, she will either one day commit a misdemeanor, or be sold somewhere, all with a dark future waiting.

Or maybe, she would get assaulted by the attacking kins.

「……That hurts! Don’t walk around with your umbrella! 」

While I was deep in thoughts, I accidentally bumped my parasol into someone.

「Sorry, I deeply apologize. 」

I lowered my head to the angry person―― but since Elma-san was currently grabbing onto my head, I couldn’t lower my head as her balance will break, so despite not my intention, it stopped at a bow.

There’s a need to be careful when using a parasol in the real world too, after all, the worst-case scenario is to cause a blindness accident.

「Oi stop there, no way an apologize is everything right? 」

As I was about to leave the scene, he grabbed on my shoulder.

It will be a big annoyance if he’s one of those self-directed crash staging people.

「Could it be your HP was reduced from that? Sorry but I don’t have any potions on me, please wait for a moment while I go purchase one……」

「Kiddin’ me, this bitch!? Bumping something dangerous to an adventurer and pissing me off with that blabbering mouth! 」

It was someone even more troublesome than encountering a crash-staging person.


Being directed this kind of threatening, Elma-san was frightened to the point even more severe than when she was attacked by Enemies.

What misfortune, what should I do to get out of this situation?

「That’s why I’ve been meaning to apologize. If you have any other proposal than monetary compensation, please do let me know. 」

「……As I was saying, the biggest problem here is a shameless rich girl like you causing troubles for an adventurer. 」

That adventurer was balling up a fist and made a notion as if he’s ready to punch me or even Elma-san at any time.

Looks like it’s not a situation that can be settled by mere negotiations any further. I make my resolve.

「If you have any intention to reflect, then surely you don’t mind if I beat that face into a pulp right! Agii!? Aggyaaaa!! 」

Receiving his fist by my palm, then, I peeled off his thumbnail.

「Oh my, I accidentally did it. 」

「It hurts……! I need to recover, ouuuch! 」

Then following on, I stripped of his index nail.

I wanted to cleanly strip it off but, that nail in particular seemed to cling on no matter what.

「Is it really that painful? It’s not like your arms or legs are blown off, it’s just nails, you know? 」

I said so but, according to some sources, having nails peeled off is more painful than having fingers chopped off.

Well then, while he’s still stunned in fear, I confirmed my escape route.

「Blood issss! Of course, it fucking hurts! Is your head even there…… ah!? 」

While enduring his pain, after taking a few more looks at my appearance, his expression turned like he found my face familiar or something.

「D-D-Don’t tell me…… you…… that umbrella and that face……! 」

「Face? You must have gotten the wrong person. 」

「No way no waaaay! 」

Mu, I can’t fool him.

Looks like he had already realized that it was RIO that he encountered, as he stumbled few steps back.

『This issue, RIO-sama exposed』

『Spy time over』


『Quick disperse! 』

『It was going smoothly but, finally ending time? 』

『It was fun, good bye』

『Peeling off nails is too much ww』

……Looks like thanks to my carelessness, I have played too much beyond bounds.

The roughness is noticeable. After reaching a high level of 60, I might have started getting conceited unknowingly.

「The sun hasn’t set yet huh, what a troublesome situation. 」

Fighting a battle without letting any attacks land on Elma-san, then running to the southern gate, I have to make two resolves now.

「Don’t tell me, R……RI……! 」

「Onee-san is not RIO! 」

Then suddenly, Elma-san jumped down on her own, and stood between us in a 大 posture.

I’m grateful for her saving boat but, the opponent is an adventurer.

「Who is this kid. Or rather, if this crazy strength is not RIO, then who the heck is her! 」

「A really really kind Onee-san? 」

「Wha, Onee-san!? 」

Fumu fumu, a liar’s companion is also a liar.

For a vampire that only lives for destruction, lying to an existence of her fear, I can only have respect.

「Yes. Elma-san, no, Elma gives strength to the weak me. So, living poorly in Littebeutte is not a pain at all. 」

「We’re living while depending on each other. Onee-san might be a little weird, but she’s not RIO. 」

Ooh, I thought a child would have the reverse effect here, but she skillfully followed up.


「So it’s not RIO huh. So confusing, a downer. 」

After being overwhelmed by Elma-san’s spirit, he even forgotten about the parasol, and left after keeping his spear.

How thankful I am that his brain is simple. Looks like there may be a story soon about how by standing one’s ground, no matter how violent an adventurer is, perhaps a trouble can be avoided.

「Uuu…… so scarry……」

Looks like it was a performance out of her league, as she crashed down with energy leaving her knees.

「Alright alright, it’s as you wanted, you tried your best, right? 」

Praise the child if they did well. It’s the iron rule to raise their confidence.

A loosening face that can be glimpsed from the swaying hood. Children have such honest reaction that praising them are worth it.

「Ehehe, I decided to root for Onee-san’s dream to confess her love after all」

「Is that so……」

Despite a pure and innocent will from this child, it was painful to my eyes.

Will a day when I will have a child with my loved one ever come? No, I knew that no matter how I try to transpire it, it would never happen.

However, to cheer for someone else’s dream, it’s the proof of Elma-san having more room mentally. A completely reversed impression from when we first met.

「……Well then, for you that saved me from a predicament, you’ve gotten some trust points from this RIO, even when disregarding the aspect of your value in my plans. 」


「Simply put, I’m impressed. Well, it isn’t much of an honor though. 」

「Getting praised by Onee-san, I’m really happy! 」

Sticking her hands on her cheeks, is it Elma-san’s way of showing joy, her body was twisting all around.

『How rare for RIO-sama to praise someone』

『Moreover, it was a redemption right after what she did』

『Future expectations high』

『Unlike mesugaki chibi RIO-chan, she’s a smart girl 』

『Comparison target kusa

『Rather, hugged by a vampire is fine? 』

『It’s a 「Onee-san」 hug, so all safe』

The viewers’ opinion is all right on mark.

The judgement to take initiative to stop the fight in a way that only she can, showing off a fragment of her realist thinking of prioritizing herself and her own future even if it meant dismissing the fact that I am her parents’ death cause, and the generosity to even support someone else’s dream. Although Elma-san is an NPC, it was the first time that I felt killing her and making her into an undead would be a waste.

Well then, I suppose will use the forbidden technique.

「I have a reward for the hardworking Elma-san. Please shut your eyes for a bit. 」

「Unn……? Alright but……」

There’s no need to shut her eyes at all but, it’s important to make a mood.

The neck…… will leave a visible scar. So, I reached my hand to her back.


「Endure for a bit. It’s a very important spell after all. 」

Scratching her skin with my nails, I borrowed a part of Elma-san with 《Bloodsucking》.

Since small animals like a hamster can die from loss of blood even with a bit of bleeding, I tried my best to be careful while doing it.

「It feels a little dizzy……」

Since her blood volume decreased, her eyes looked swaying and spaced out.

Looks like it’s about time. I will use 《Kin Transformation》 to circulate my own blood.

「Hyaaa!? What is this what is this!? 」

Jumping at the unknown feeling of being given blood, her tension skyrocketed as if exploring attractions in an amusement park.

『RIO-sama essence permeates……』

『She abused that experiment』

『Abuse? This is required』

『What is RIO-sama injecting ww』

『Extract that can make you the highest high』

『That’s some dangerous extract www』

Looks like it was a good reaction that is well received by the viewers too. However, should I have done the experiment on Elma-san from the start?

「It’s done, it’s a spell that lets you live strong. 」

「A spell…… it feels like I’m full of power now! 」

「Then looks like it worked super well. 」

With her physical ability improved, Elma-san was bouncing like a rabbit as she smiled.

……Although she looks super happy now, I must say words that dampen it now.

「I will leave this town for a while. However, since my infiltrating reconnaissance is completed, I don’t need any more help from Elma-san. Let’s separate here for now. 」

「Eeeh……? Already goodbye? 」

Mu, because of being told so straightforwardly, I felt a little lost.

There’s a part of me that feels pain too.

However, no matter what, I can’t bring Elma-san that has basically no fighting power back to the base.

「It’s just a temporary separation. Believe in the spell and live your life however as you wish. 」

「Unn. It’s sad and lonely but, there’s no helping it if Onee-san is saying so. 」

She looked depressed and sad but, her expression was still nonetheless accepting.

And additionally, in a volume that the viewers won’t hear, I whispered into her ears.

「It’s my plan to attack this town in four days at the earliest. Either find a trustworthy person to serve and leave the town, or leave your fate with this town, it’s your own choice. 」

「Unn, but I can already think for myself, and decided what to do now. I will wait at this town to meet with Onee-san again. 」

Her eyes were full of resolve and gave off a feeling of bravery and strength.

「See you」

「Yes, let’s meet again if both of us are still alive. 」

Giving a farewell while hugging with love, then secretly put some tip into Elma-san’s inner pocket, I finally left Littebeutte.

My next objective is already decided.

Putting this town that I will have a fierce war with thanks to the unbalanced number of people they have on hold, I will aim for the unmarked nearby villages.


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    ok so far this has avoided the copout but when i will know for sure is after this town is burned to the ground. i don’t want a redemption story. stories of the protagonist playing the villian are rare enough and most are plagued by “redemptions” its become very annoying. i want to see a character commit to being the villian no redemption i want to continue to witness Rio be the twisted evil vampire to the twisted “justice” of the adventurers.