BWO Chapter 54: Intermission: Puchi Eriko’s Ways of Streaming Part 1

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A/N: A sudden Eriko part

A/N: Skip recommend since no RIO

The seventh town, capital of Bougainvilley is where I am based.

Since there’re no plans for housing today, I chose a login spot at the capital and started the stream.

「Good evening everyone―. It’s Puchi Eriko~」




『Guhe evening』

『I was waiting』

『Guhe evening』

『Yuuge as usual』

Munyu munyo RIO-pai and poyu poyu Eri-pai』

『RIO-pai of the darkness and Eri-pai of the light』

『↑Perverts like you are always around』

Unn unn, disregarding the familiar sexual harassment messages, everyone greeting lively is what makes me happy as a streamer.

There’re always obvious beasts that can only see breasts in the chat but, my outfit is a frilly dress wrapped in a ribbon, even though my height is based on my real-life self, the coordination made me look a little childish.

And then this is the best part, other than the ears I normally have, I also had another pair of dog ears, and a dog’s tail that passes through the skirt, it’s interesting to see how they react in response to my own emotions. By the way, it’s removable.

I wonder if my pet Puchi that passed away from old age used to express her emotions like this, since she could only speak dog language.

『I wonder every time I see this equipment, who made it ww』

『VRMMO sure has advanced』


『The other』


These messages, I can only say that I’m completely being treated like a puppy.

……The number of viewers is lesser than usual but, I’m sure they have gone over to RIO’s channel.

I knew Rio is awesome. She always tries to lower herself as an average high school girl but, her talent was overflowing that it can’t possibly fit her persona.

As a pro streamer that companies had even approached with contracts before, I wonder if it’s strange that I don’t feel any jealousy despite having my audience taken away but, since it is my best friend that managed to capture everyone watching, I will have to acknowledge her skill without being emotional.

「It’s still a little early but, let’s start the wife talk segment today! 」

『It started ww』

『This RIO fanatic ww』

『Is this even required』


『Can’t start with this』

『Fabricated 100%』

Such meanies―, if there’s any, it’s only 50% at most.

The daily routine I always perform after starting the stream, a proud talking time about my flirty time with Rio. I mean, it’s something that I can’t help but to share, so it’s the most enjoyable time when I’m streaming.

There’re some viewers that gets tired of it when it gets too long, but since there’re also many tips from the viewers during this segment, it’s important to make fine adjustments but……, it’s still commonplace that I lose track of time when talking about my beloved Rio.

By the way, this segment alone accounted for one third of my daily earnings. Even though I started talking for my own satisfaction, the demand scares me.

On the other hand, there are no such tipping function on RIO’s channel. I asked her about it, and she gave a simple reason of 「I don’t want to make money from bothering people」…… haaa so lovely.

「――Well then, when I did a aan to Rio with a cream anmitsu, she was so red~. It’s my first time seeing her like that, guhehe~」


『Thanks for today’s guhehe too』


『Tail helicopter』

『Getting heated up from the ecstatic talk』

『She’s already Gachi Yuriko at this point』

T/N: Gachi = Really, Yuriko = yuri + person/child.

『Change name to Guhe Guheko please ww』

『That talking habit is really kusa

『Haa…… Eririo precious』

『Only Eririo can win』

『Guhehe is a sign of happiness』

The viewers are really people that go along well, it helps me ease my nervousness.

As 30 minutes had already passed since I started, and even pedestrian NPC residents that have brought children were saying 「Don’t look at that」, being treated like a total pervert, I guess it’s about time we enter the main subject.

「Then, let’s go circle around the capital, a swift one lap」



『Always circling around the capital and not departing immediately』

『Even though there’s no experience to be gained, she really likes to patrol around saying that no one will be allowed to threaten the peace of the capital. 』


『So popular』

『But a common offender of walking while eating』

Muu~, saw a message that can’t be ignored.

Since my mouth feels lonely during patrol, I always eat crepes with plenty of original fruits from this game, it’s my daily routine to secure 10 of them if I passed through that shop.

「Isn’t it fine to eat while walking, I mean, they are so tasty! What kind of ingredients did they use to make that kind of sweet flavors!? I really want to have them in real life too! 」


『Aah, you made her angry』

『Is she so deep in the sweet faction?』

『Well, the gourmet district in the royal capital has too many choices to choose from』

『That’s gonna get you fat―』

『Looks like the absolute zero calory theory didn’t work out after all……』

Boyun boyun

『Oyo? Hearing your suggestions, it feels like Eriko’s tummy really looks fatter……』

「I-It’s…… not fat. 」


『Sudden honorifics ww』

T/N: ^ refers to how Eriko suddenly changed her phrasing.

『Ah (Noticed)』

『Aah, you made her cry』

『You boys are always!』

『So she really did gain weight』

『It’s a proof of happy life』

『I thought her recent diet went successfully……』

『Eat―! Become more chubby―! 』

『My preference is a little more chubby rather than a perfect style』

『Hey hey, how about stop the talk with nice body w』

「Kuuu~, kiii~! 」

Even if it’s better if the sense of distance with the viewers is shorter, they are so merciless.

The clothes that I just bought recently during my guhehe date with Rio is already hard to fit, it’s regrettable how I’m deviating more and more from Rio’s weight that had been kept steady on a scale of decimals.

Still, it was even worse before my high school debut.

「There’re no calories no matter how much I eat in here, so no problem! It’s time to change my mindset and patrol let’s go―」

『Go! 』

『Departure! 』

『No don’t turn your back from getting weight』

『What kind of encounter is awaiting』

Saying so energetically, I started circling around the capital on foot.

Although there’re commissions from the adventurer’s guild today too, still, I feel various anxiety if I don’t take a look around the peaceful capital, so I will continue my patrol till my heart’s satisfaction.

But……somehow, I feel like I won’t be able to do it till I’m satisfied.

「Nn myy aaa―! 」

Just as I said, I heard a crying noise from a kitty.

Since I interpreted it as definitely a desperate cry with my dog ears, I sprinted at full power.

「This little! 」

A man from the direction of that sound raised his leg. Although his stature is bigger than me, that doesn’t mean I will let it pass!

「What are you doing! Against a little kitty! 」

To yell like that without knowing if he’s the correct person, what recklessness.

「I don’t know who you are but, you’re saying that I’m the bad one? This stray cat was the one that scratched my knees」

That person explained without any ill intention. From his gear, he’s probably an adventurer player.

Even in the capital, this kind of people that can be in the criminal reserve army are always around. Moreover, they’re like weeds that just grow no matter how many pieces I tear them into, no amount of attention is ever enough.

「That doesn’t mean you can kick it like that! Why can you do that without even a sliver of guilt!? 」

「Well well, it’s just a cat, why are you getting so riled up」

「But I feel sorry for the kitty! Even if it’s an animal, I think you must apologize still! 」

「Fi―ne, fi―ne. It’s my fault for stepping on its tail first. Enough for you right? 」

U―nn, although his response was without any signs of reflection, it will be too egoistic of me if I were to appraise solely based on that. But what’s actually the truth?

There’s no knowing if the results don’t show itself.

《Karma value has increased》

The system message that indicated the correct answer arrived.

Although clumsily, it looks like he still had some intention to apologize.

I don’t know the credibility but, I wonder if an increase in karma value meant the person with ill intention properly reflected.

「Don’t be bad towards another kitty, okay? 」

『She forgave him』


『Eriko’s upside down tail is normal again』

『What a smart policing dog』

Knowing that only self-satisfaction will arise from pestering what’s done, and moreover, I’m worried for the kitty that probably ran away somewhere with a wound on its tail, I will spare him at that much this time.

Since I can use recovery magic, a kitty’s wounds probably won’t cost me too much MP.

Other than recovery, I can pretty much do anything from attacking and supporting, but in a worse description, it meant that I’m a jack of all trades but, it was an aspect I can cover with being high leveled.

Sacrificing my real life that’s so busy that I would even lend a kitty’s hand, to not rub dirt on what I got after many overnights of BWO, the title of 【S rank 1210th Princechu Eriko】, even if there’re many players with bad behaviors, I must not be swayed by the peer pressure and lose a good heart.

After all, I can’t leave people in trouble alone, and getting despised by my friends is the worst.

「Uwaaaaaa mooooom! 」

One trouble after another, the bell of a case always rings no matter how many cases I resolve…….

「This brat! Don’t look down on an adult! 」

Uuu, I’m feeling down.

After the little boy’s voice, I heard the voice of a person that I’m bad with.

But the situation only worsens the longer I take. The little boy already had swollen cheeks, he must be stopped before he hits the little boy again.

A capital where even the military police had lost rights to stop adventurers’ unreasonable violence.

That’s why, as a fellow adventurer, I must be the one to stop them! For Rio’s smile, I can only advance!

A/N: Too much stomachache……


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