BWO Chapter 55: Intermission: Puchi Eriko’s Ways of Streaming Part 2

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「Noooo! Kyaaguu! 」

Dashing between them, the other person didn’t even realize my presence and continued with his punch.

Uuuh, the base of my neck feels loose.

「Eriko huh. Ain’t it dangerous to do that」

I was scolded but, having stopped the violence, this much damage is negligible.

This person, 【S rank 1087th Thungaring】-san always causes troubles in the capital.

I warned him every time I saw him but, in the game sense, he’s my senior, and having a higher rank, I couldn’t scold him strictly.

If so, one might think that everything can be solved by getting a higher rank than this person but, it’s not that simple.

Especially when considering my role play.

「Kehoh……. This is too much. 」

「No, firstly, something is wrong with you rushing in between like that…… well, whatever. Listen here Eriko, as a big premise, that kid purposefully dirtied my pants. He carefully poured a bucket from that shady spot, so I’m not in the wrong at all. 」

It’s unclear whether what Thungaring-san said was the truth. But since he had explained more than last time, it might be the truth.

But I’m confident to say this much.

「Still, it’s wrong to think that you can do anything. Moreover, he’s a little boy, you can’t be violent. 」

「Then, that means if there’s a buff magic that accelerate his growth to an adult, I’m free to land my punishment right? 」

「Ha? Unbelievable. Trying to quibble like that is uncool! 」

「Tch, this is why model students are. 」

……I heard him clicking his tongue.

But if I stumbled here, I don’t know what will happen to this boy, so I can only tell myself that Eriko is a strong and brave child.

After that, he continued speaking.

「I’m in a terrible mood. It’s not because of that kid, I was already on edge when I logged in. Understand right, model student, you too have superiors…… those that only have large attitudes, and being scolded by them for something that you don’t even remember doing? And having a prick like that to add insult to injury, it’s natural to lose control for a bit right」

As if confessing his twisted self-esteem. I don’t get what he’s getting at all.

……They say that a person’s true nature is revealed when they are cornered, but there’s another situation.

That’s when they are in front of a weakling.

Isn’t it sad, a player that can only take it out on a weak person?

Even if anyone tries to hide it well, I can almost always see their true nature after getting involved with them for just about 2~3 times. But well, this person is not really hiding anything at all.

「But…… why did you point your stress at this child? Isn’t it fine to let it loose in your house after logging out? There’s no need to especially come to this world――, taking it out on this little boy. 」

「That’s because it’s BWO where there are no stupid rules. In any normal VRMMO, no matter with whatever justice or justification, hitting a resident will instantly award a punishment」


I want to blame myself for agreeing with him for a moment.

Just by putting a nice name of justice that anyone can understand, there’s no need for any restraints or patience, and it feels great that everything you do would be affirmed.

Even if it’s something bad, the guilt naturally disappears, and in fact, I was someone like that.

Such freedom without any restraints has a great influence on the game industry too.

The degree of freedom in character making or battling, even if it was worthwhile, anything other than that―― for example, if there are any stress factor from perhaps communicating with the residents, the user would feel disconnected.

By setting operators as the only god of the virtual world, people with high pride that insists on 「Isn’t customer god? 」 would avoid buying the game.

The market of VRMMO that aims to reproduce real human and have intercommunication with other people as a selling point is already saturated but, all of them were too real, so their atmosphere are rather closed like a village society, still, if the players were to be pestered by NPCs that are only moved by a virtual AI, they would feel as if they were “Being told what to do”, it’s the biggest dilemma of every company.

But if the game operation is too cruel of a pattern, then it would be denounced by others with the scenario of aliens invading earth as a metaphor.

It’s frustrating for players to keep their emotions despite wanting to enjoy the virtual world in its entirety, not through a screen. It’s even more so when the realities of NPCs are just like real human.

That’s why, even with a development that the user will be accepted by the residents very late in the game, they will get bored long before that happens, and it’s common to see such game services being shut down because they maintained their stance on that.

Even if fault is on those that can’t follow the rules, there’re more and more people appearing and saying that why are games so inconvenient in that regards even though they are for letting out gas.

Because of that, BWO that has pretty much solved that point continued its service as a VRMMO for quite a while but, because of this exact reason, there’re too many bad players here.

It’s because all the players that don’t do such bad things remained in other friendlier VRMMOs.

「But Eriko sure is making a great business. Drunk on thinking that yourself is so special to discipline other players, and not like my service overtime, getting delicious income. 」


『Stay! 』

『Calm down』

『Think again!』

『Sit! 』

『Don’t listen, Eriko come back! 』

『It’s just the sense of inferiority from company slaves』

『Ignore skill, use the ignore skill―』

Speaking like that, I wanted to raise my arm against this clueless person but, I stopped at the viewers’ message.

Also, after rethinking, violence is not the answer here. It’s not as if I’m spouting pretty things like violence is uncool but, if I were to raise my arm, it would basically affirm what he was saying.

「Oooh how scary, ranking 1210th Princechu Eriko-san. No, should I say, popular streamer Puchi Eriko-san 」

「……I won’t forgive you. It’s definitely your fault here. 」

「Yeah yeah, I know. So don’t put me on screen in the compilation, remember to edit it out」

I can’t stand it, it’s useless to talk to this sluggish person.

Seeing how there are multiple messages of 『Super snapped』 and 『Super glaring』, I can somehow grasp what face I’m making.

《Karma value has dropped》

Ah, karma value dropped. Is it because I went against someone above my rank?

Therefore, my rank stays in one spot.

I didn’t mind it too much since it’s commonplace. No matter what the surface numbers that no one understands indicates, knowing what is right and not doing it is virtue after all.

I immediately got beside the boy and had my hands over his wounds.

「《Magic ・ Damage Warp》」

The recovery magic that can cut off pain momentarily that I’ve gotten after a bloody training. Since normal recovery magic would leave behind pain even after the wound recovered, it’s quite useful when helping others like this.

In any case, it would be difficult for him to talk if he’s enduring the pain, so I relieved his pain first.

「Hello, is what that scary person said about dirtying his pants the truth? 」

「Unn, it’s the truth……」

「Eh, no way」

I was surprised by the unexpected answer.

Although I could imagine that he confessed because I’m an adventurer, or if he wanted to play a bad guy till the end but, from the expression on his face, I could tell that he didn’t mean ill.

While I was thinking, he continued explaining the truth.

「I lost in rock-paper-scissors, and then my friend told me to do it to any adventurer as a punishment game. I didn’t want to do it……」

「……The worst」

A capital where trouble invites troubles.

I know well that dark emotions are swirling within myself.

Because of that, I misspoken out of character but, I can’t be mistaking myself as this little boy, so smile, smile~

《Karma value has increased slightly》

After that, I went to find the people who gave the punishment game idea to this boy and asked for more context but, they didn’t mean for this to happen, and only did so as a joke because they didn’t know adventurers well……, so I decided to not scold them too harshly and mediated their reconciliation.

In any case, although it became a big detour, I have a direct commission from the adventurer’s guild today.

「Alright! No more being sentimental! From now, for peace in the town, it’s time for the battling with Enemies phase~! 」

『Ooh―! 』

『Guheooh―! 』

『Stood back up so quick ww』

『Excitement excitement』

『How will this play out』

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