BWO Chapter 56: Intermission: Puchi Eriko’s Ways of Streaming Part 3

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A/N: I can’t get a yandere RIO-sama out of my head……

「We’re going to investigate the 『Three Worlds』 as commissioned by the adventurer’s guild again today. I will be explaining some details for those that were not here to watch previously, so relax and enjo―y」

『Oooh, Three Worlds investigation』

『Was it the Yugen World? 』

『Going solo again to Yugen World huh……』

There’re parts easier done when solo, and making achievements are easier too.

Depending on luck, it’s also possible to form a party there.

Oh right, it was something discovered recently by, in BWO, there’re spaces called 『Three Worlds』, as the name suggests, there’re exists a total of three.

One of them is the 『Yugen World』, which has its entrance close to the capital, and also the place where I’m going to investigate today.

Content of the report is self-written and discovering a new type of Enemy or a place with resources would be hitting the lottery, showered with many rewards.

Then, about the Yugen World, it’s a vast undeveloped piece of land, even a frontal exploration wouldn’t let you reach the goal, a danger zone that is no different from a dungeon where Enemies appear everywhere. Well, if in the sense of a danger zone, all Three Worlds are the same.

「Don’t panic and lose calm no matter what happens, 【S rank 1210th, Princechu Eriko】, will now depart! But before that. 」

『Before that?』

『Before that? 』

『Before that what?』

「I’m craving for some sweets after calming down. Teehehee」

『Oi ww』

『This sweets hungry monster ww』

『Teehehe (More like guhehe)』

『Scaring us like that ww』

『Ever eating Eriko is lovely』

『Rebound confirmed』

「What rebound!? Stop with the ominous messages~! 」

Mou―, all of them are saying such terrible things to a high school girl…….

But it’s not a bad feeling with the chat feeling warm. This is why my motivation to stream.

As for why I started doing game streaming……oops I almost forgotten!

I think I wanted to become an idol, could it be just kind of happened out of a whim? That’s right, it was for a simple criminal-like motive of wanting money.

「Owner-san! Ten of them as usual please―! 」

「Alright Eriko-chan. Wait for a bit. 」

The slightly elderly woman said so, as I sat down and waited while I replied to the messages.

This shop has a special discount for adventurers but, since it’s something the adventurer’s guild unreasonably forced upon them, I will pay the full price this time as well. After all, I wouldn’t want it to go under from loss.

Perhaps because of that, the Owner-san had remembered each and every letter of my player’s name and nickname.

The owner said 「It’s natural to remember the names of my regulars」 to be humble but, it really makes her respectful since there’re so many adventurers in the capital!

And the long-awaited crepe with the chuuni name of 【Forbidden Fruit Swirling Maple Butter Crepe】 was stored in my inventory.

「Thank you very much―! Hawaa…… I want to feed each other with RIO someday, guhehehehe 」

『Every time RIO when there’s a chance』

『Knew it ww』

『Always happens』

『Four 「he」. Congratulations for those that have a Taurus constellation』

『This yuri girl, always RIO whenever she has the chance』

『What if human food doesn’t suit a vampire』

Ah, come to think of it.

But well, it shouldn’t matter in front of our invincible power of love.

Also…… since RIO is a klutz……, and the difficulty is extremely super high because she chose a divided play style but, it’s love! Love will solve everything!

「Since replenishment of sweets is completed, once again…… hev voo (Let’s go)! 」

『Eh? What? 』

『Don’t talk while eating ww』


『Can’t be patient right』

『This must be intentional w』

Since I was holding onto something so delicious that is prickling my instincts, I couldn’t help but take a bite. Ahaha…….


The entrance of the Yugen World, in simple terms, it looks like a rift in space.

I turned my body sideways and squeezed into the warp gate at the end of the rift. Alright, infiltration success.

「Waaa……it’s another completely different place. 」

Even after looking all around, there was nothing that looked alike to the mark I left behind from my previous expedition. But that is expected, in this world, the start point is completely chosen at random.

『Seas of tree』

『Screams fantasy well』

『I know of some spiritual spots like this』

『Hii…… is it just me that saw a white shadow? 』

『Not just you』

『But no use complaining a default phenomenon』

A distorted cedar-like tree, a gigantic fern, a wilting flower with another blooming flower parasitizing on it, the scenery itself felt like wandering into a different world, exactly like what its name of Yugen World suggest.

T/N: 幽玄界 Yugen World, can stand for mysterious, strange, occult-like, unbelievable, fantasy, but since I can’t find a good word, it’s Yugen.

The vision is crappy because of the thick fog today too, in times like this, a skill that can grasp the surrounding topography would really be useful.

「Making a mark here and here. 」

I was talking to myself but, in a stream, there’s not really a concept of talking to myself.

To make a mark, I shaved off branches of some trees with my equipped sword or drawing a circle on the ground.

There’re no Enemies around currently but, I can’t be careless as it’s pretty much is darkness everywhere within a foot.

I must not be careless, even if it’s eating while walking time…….

「Nnnn~! My tongue is celebrating! This is my lifeline」

I can’t stop replenishing sugar.

Let’s make big progress while slowly diminishing my stock of crepes.

「……Nn? 」

「――Fill the fifth hour of the polar night, the guiding May. 《Magic ・ Moon Fall》」

The chanting of a female voice reached my dog ears.

The earth that is shaking uncontrollably gave an insight into the scale of the spell that was activated, from what I can tell, she must be quite powerful.

「Someone is fighting, I must help! 」

Having my always meddlesome self-activated, my body would always move by itself in this kind of situation.

But rather than that, I never had any encounter with others in here, so I wanted to share information with someone that might be an adventurer.

「【S rank 1210th Princechu Eriko】 joins the battle! Ah」

Looks like there was no need for any help, as the battle already ended.

I knew from my ears (On the head).



『So it ended』

『Making me feel embarrassed too』

「Kohon. Actually, I’m glad that they were okay without my…… kyaa!? 」

With too much of my consciousness on the chat, I stepped on a chunk of something, and immediately withdrew from the strange sensation, looking at the ground, there were pieces of flesh everywhere that there’s no way of telling what the original Enemy looked like.

It must have fallen prey to the Moon Fall casted just now. Somehow, I feel sorry…….

「Who’s there」

From within the fog, the person that was just fighting appeared.

「S-Sorry! I might’ve acted out of line……. Nice to meet you, I’m Eriko! 」

Because it was somehow a crisp voice with a sharp tone, it made me greet her in a hurry.

Madder-colored hair and sexy clothing with chest opening, it was a tall, beautiful woman with strangely high exposure level.

I became bewitched by the time I realized but, she still doesn’t reach RIO’s level of charm ♡

「Eriko-san is it. And your nick name is Princechu Eriko…… wait, that Eriko-san! 」

When she recited my player’s name, she looked so surprised as if she just saw god herself.

「Uooo! It’s the real Eriko-san! Forgive my late introduction, I’m 【S rank 77th Satsuki Saki】! I’m a big fan of Puchi Eriko-san! 」

Suddenly speaking with honorifics……, let’s call her Saki-san.

「Ehe, thanks for always watching~. Wait, 77th!? 」

I was spooked by how I encountered an adventurer that was greater than expected.

After all, with that ranking, even the law itself is something that bends to her will, so she must be one of those addicts that was playing ever since start of the game

「Iya~, I’m very touched to meet you in this rural Yugen World. You’re my respect! Can I have a handshake!? 」

「Of course, no problem. I didn’t have any chances to speak with someone as high of a rank as you, so I wanted a handshake too~」

「T-Thank you very much! So, this is the feeling of Eriko-san’s hands…… dehe, dehehehe……」

She had a first impression of being cool and hard to approach but, I felt much closer after knowing that she is someone that follows the trend.

『Character destroyed』

『Insta kill』

『Satsuki Saki is the glamorous frame of the Twelve Calendar Months Union』

『↑Twelve ○ Moon? Is that some demon killing manga? 』

T/N: Demon slayer reference (twelve blood moon), moon and month have the same kanji in JP.

『What’s with dehehe…… I won’t stop being a fan』

『Isn’t that great, Eriko gotten a new strange companion』

That’s not great at all!

Well, this kind of once-in-a-lifetime exchange is also the thrill of being a streamer. But if I’m RIO, then it would be immediate cut and slash though……

Sometimes I wonder how RIO managed to be a streamer while doing that. Guhee~ I must go send a message now~.

「Umm, Puchi Eriko-san. If you wouldn’t mind, would you like to form a party with me! 」

Saki-san offered a party invitation.

Forming a party in the wilderness like this is quite commonplace in BWO.

Normally, it would be from a match of interest, or part of a deal but, in this case, it’s probably because of admiration to a popular streamer.

However, since Saki-san looks like a good and pure person, I will agree.

「Unn, it’s an honor. 」

「Waaa! I’m mostly specialized in being a rearguard but, I will try my best! 」

Saki-san has joined the party, or something.

If it’s RIO, party would be the furthest concept but……, why am I thinking about RIO again!

But this is not from my feverish love but out of pure concern for RIO.

If RIO were to become an adventurer like me, it would basically be akin to bearing burden of what evil I did, so I think like she may start hating herself after playing.

So, choosing to play as a villain completely reversed from me is the correct choice. By lowering the hurdle from the beginning as a villainous role, no matter how much she is blamed for it, she would be able to counter them.

It’s a shame that we can’t do collaborations though…….

But she surely understands that there’re good-hearted adventurers like Saki-san too.

That’s why, even while aiming for the top, you’re trying to bring out all the heroes that have will that shakes the heaven as much as possible right, RIO.

A/N: I will regain my original health

A/N: And live


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