BWO Chapter 57: Intermission: Puchi Eriko’s Ways of Streaming Part 4

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A/N: Age of many emotions

「Isn’t the fog kind of steamy? I’m feeling a little suffocating in this area, it makes me feel like taking off a piece. 」

It was what I thought while accompanying her but, the more I see Saki-san, the more I notice her extraordinary proportions.

Is it an adult’s sex appeal or pheromone? It was oozing out from everywhere, also, her curvaceous body like a model was tempting everyone every step she took, even the viewers were sending 『Eeee! 』.

T/N: The Eeee is something of a net slang, eroi (erotic) being abbreviated into e.

But since I’m a pure Rio, RIO-sama guhe believer, even if the sky turns upside down, I will not be unfaithful, but still, that tummy, I’m so envious.


I tried pinching my waist.

It feels like it had more volume than yesterday.

This is a virtual world, right? Isn’t this linked to my real-life body?

「What’s the matter, Eriko-san? 」

Saki-san turned around by twisting her waist but, that slim tummy that is without any excess meat didn’t shake at all.

A mysterious sense of defeat…….

「It’s nothing. Saki-san. 」

That field is just a throw-away match, I’m still winning in terms of chest measurements, so daijobu.

T/N: She said it in katakana, hence the literal.

But well, it’s something concerning when compared, I think I will have to start another round of VR diet plan on stream.

「U-Umm, I want you to call me by 『Saki』…… oh no but maybe 『Saki-tan』 is better. 」

「I’m happy for your feelings but, let’s leave that for later.」

Since I feel like I will only excite more fiendish requests from her if I agreed even once, I decided with an ignore and continued the Yugen World investigation.


Still, to see someone of a rank within 100 to be sent out here, that might mean the adventurer’s guild is taking Yugen World quite dangerously.

That makes sense. Chasing out the king’s vassals, imposing heavy taxes that might as well be putting chains on people’s neck, the adventurer’s guild is an organization that no one understands what they are thinking but, since it will be a big trouble if Enemies in Yugen World crawled over the capital in the center of the continent, they probably had to send high ranking adventurers like us.

The Enemies that we’ve encountered this time are all considered high leveled for being near the capital.


Enemy Name: Horned Devil Rabbit

Status: Blinded


「Now Eriko-san! Finish it off while it can’t see! 」

「Leave it to me! Torryaa!! 」

Breaking the red gem buried in the rabbit-shaped demon Enemy that looked like a baby rabbit, and then piercing from the entry wound to defeat it.

My weapon is a special anti-demon sword that has corrective bonus for any opponents that have devil or evil in their name.

It’s a custom-made product purchased through streaming from a major production union.


『Went well』

『Eriko’s swordplay clean』

『Lucky to party with Satsuki Saki』

「Eriko-san, wonderful! 」

「We did it! Yaay! 」

Matching Saki-san, we did a high five.

With a clear division of roles in vanguard and rearguard, the battle finished quite quickly too.

Besides that, these Enemies are below even my league, and with someone reassuring following my back, I can’t be more focused to fight.

Looks like the investigation will complete without troubles today. Even with any kind of unexpected situation, I have Saki-san that’s the manifestation of firepower in magic behind me after all.

「Be on guard. This one look quite different from the Enemies we just cleaned up. 」

The unexpected happened as soon as I thought so.

「You’re right. That Enemy, I might’ve been in huge trouble if alone. 」


Enemy Name: Demeet Bear Lv 80

Status: Normal


Its gigantic body swayed back and forth, the bear-shaped Enemy was approaching on two foot while drooling.

Gu, level is about the same as me.

「My calendar is May, let the name of my moon be heard and observed by countless DNAs, disappear into the depths like the hidden new moon. 《Magic ・ Moon Fall》」

It was quite long, Saki-san’s chant that felt like there was some meaning behind it, but actually none at all. Experienced people that specialize in magic largely divides into two factions, one of which is the chantless faction that seeks activation speed, while the other is the chanting faction that insists that firepower is what matters, Saki-san who has the chanting skill is probably in the latter faction.

Far above the Enemy’s head, a mysterious bluish white glowing lump of rock appeared, and started descending in fearsome speeds.

「Hoeee, so high ranking people can even pull such a stunt. Even though the Enemy is level 80, in just one strike…… 」

「It wouldn’t become experience points if I can do it in one hit. Eriko-san, quickly get ready. 」

Saki-san’s pricking voice struck me, making me realize that there is no room for me to be in awe now.

After all, it pushed back against the meteor and slowly got up on four feet, eventually standing back up.

「Tsu, this is a strong Enemy. Even Saki-san’s spell didn’t take it down. 」

「Nope, the damage itself did do something. Probably with two or three more casting at full power, it will ascend to the heavens, so, if possible, please protect me from being attacked, Eriko-san. 」

「Alri―ghto! 」

What a professional person.

Even though I’m just a fresh graduate that started playing only a year ago, the gap between our team play experience that can’t be numbered like experience point is obvious.

「Hai hai hai! 」

Until Saki-san’s chanting is completed, I must not back off and defend at all costs.

Although the flexibility of my attack would be impeded with one hand occupied, I decided to equip a round shield to increase my defensive power.

『Oooh, Eriko has increased her skills again』

『I remember the beginning days when it was mayday taking down just a horned rabbit』

『Spectacular growth (teary)』

『It’s the special privilege of the senior viewers here that had been watching her growth from the start』

『Aaah, my tears』

Looks like the viewers were very impressed with a parent’s gaze.

「I won’t back down! It’s for Saki-san! 」

Deflect with my sword if it’s a claw attack, cut its nose if it tries to go for a bite, I did everything to hold it back.

「――Hidden new moon. 《Magic ・ Moon Fall》」

Alright, looks like I held out until her chant is complete.

However, being in a deadlock, I can’t hold the Enemy back while retreating.

Being collateral in Saki-san’s attack would just grant me a dummy streamer title after all.

「《Magic ・ Light Sting》! 」

Letting go of my shield, I chose a spear of light that is quick to cast towards its abdomen.

As it stumbled from the unexpected attack, I immediately retreated.


Suddenly, my dog ears caught a cry of a person.

A person, but where!? But, if my doggy sense is correct, then it should be from the front but, there’s only an Enemy in front.

Nope, this won’t do, if I took any more time, I will just be collateral in the spell.

Then, in the next moment, dogooon! An earthshaking explosion sound shook my eardrums, perhaps I would be in deep trouble if I was late even by one step?

「Saki-san, did you say something just now? 」

「Mohehe…… Eriko-san made a pun with my player’s name……」

T/N: Saki (the name) and sakki (just now)

「That’s just a coincidence. I heard a faint voice of 『yaa』 from the front but, did you hear it? 」

「No I didn’t hear anything…… rather than that, it will stand back up soon, be careful! 」

Looks like Saki-san didn’t hear anything.

Then is it my mishearing? Still, my chest is feeling unrest, and as if realizing my thoughts, even my tail is standing straight up.

「Say Saki-san, I have a suggestion but, can you use buffs or debuffs? 」

「Yes, I’ve tried a debuffing role before but, why a suggestion like that now? 」

「It’s my personal feelings but, I feel like I have to be the one to do something about this Enemy no matter what. 」

「What did you say!? I mean, I don’t mind if it’s for my beloved Puchi Eriko-san……」

Saki-san seemed confused because the suggestion was too abrupt but, she was a combat pro, but more than that, a pro fan, so she directed a believing gaze immediately.

This Enemy, I thought it was strange that it was an animal-type but, with that cry just now, I was convinced.

In the round body of this Enemy, there’s someone in there.

The true identity of this Enemy that only I would’ve noticed, moreover, to bury someone in there alive is distasteful.

Well, since that’s the case, explanations are unneeded.

This fight, it’s not to win, it’s to help!

A/N: Haaaaa…… not enough.

A/N: Will I get better with more sleep……


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