BWO Chapter 59: Boss’s Worn-out Pride & Maddening Boss

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How many days has it been since RIO departed?

Calculating again, it was only a whole two days.

「Shiit, I’m pissed off at myself for getting used to living in this kind of cramped place……」

My fallen life deprived of any pride and dignity is at its limits here.

By the way, I spent my time idly while waiting for her return.

Sometimes, I took my rifle out to play with some Blue Wolves but, despite overwhelmingly winning against just one of them, when many of them gathers, I ran back into the cave in panic, I spent my time repeating that over and over.

Well, even the wolves that have that disgusting fur color would lose their agility in this cramped cave, and RIO’s kins will just chase them out.

「The town situation…… what’s going on out there……. Still, this seasoning is pretty good」

While thinking about Littebeutte in my head, my mouth was nibbling a piece of dried Charge Buffalo jerky.

Thinking that there might be a situation like this, great job to me for stuffing some jerky in the inner pockets of my jacket. After all, collapsing from too hungry isn’t a joke.

If I continued eating small pieces at this rate, it should last me a month.

So, other than having a piece of jerky in my hand, I have this.

「This gun, I totally thought it was a scam after buying it but, it was shockingly the opposite and too amazing to be that cheap. 」

The gun that had shot countless adventurers in Lawrence had a crazy name of 【Human Destroying Sniper Rifle】.

The performance is too superb, the gunshot itself is softer than the sound of a slime jumping, but the power is far more powerful than any clumsy magic.

For now, be it adventurers or wolves, a headshot is a one hit killer.

Maybe, just by pulling the trigger a little tiny bit, even RIO can be one shot killed.

「……Maybe, I should just do that? 」

The dark thoughts that is closer to darkness circled through my mind.

That’s right, my predecessor supplanted my pre-predecessor, stealing the title by half killing my pre-predecessor.

Doesn’t it only make sense if I follow my predecessor’s footsteps?

Unn, it’s impossible. Even if I let her taste death, she’s one of the visitors that can revive infinitely.

To just kill RIO for the sake of killing, it’s a foolish plan that will only draw me closer to certain death.

「Bosss…… bossss……」

Hold up, she will be weak like a barely emerged butterfly after reviving, if I leave her to the adventurers in a death loop until she’s weaker than me, then perhaps…….

………But then, she’s different, won’t she be imprisoned on the Prison Island.

「Son, son」

Oops, this won’t do, in the first place, I don’t even know what happens after breaking through the current situation.

Offering RIO’s head to the adventurer’s guild, to expect them to remove my bounty for that is a dream in a dream.

「Save meee…… save……」

As for other ideas, I do have some connections in the town before the capital but, to run all the way there on my own is…… walking on tight rope.

I have so much time left rotting. The decision to whether distance myself or swear allegiance for my entire life can be left later.

「Uuuuuu…… meeaaat……」

「Aan? Meat? 」

「Yesss yesss, giveeeee」

Just as my consciousness that wandered everywhere returned, for some reason, the kins were looking at the dried jerky desirably.

Just by one of them uttering the word meat, the other undead would suddenly swarm like flies, aah this smell of rot! My dried jerky is going to rot with this smell!

「No way I’m giving my precious food to y’all!? You don’t get hungry so go eat some raw meat or dirt or whatever! 」

「Meat…… want meaaat……」

「So noisy, come any closer and you’re getting a bullet! 」

「Sorry for the wait. I’ve brought back food supplies for Boss-san…… Oya? 」

「Ah 」

Of all times, at a timing when I hoped most she wouldn’t come back, RIO returned.

In RIO’s hands, there were breads and bottles of drinking water. If to describe the current situation, it would be returning and saying that you’ve ate with your friends when your mother had already prepared dinner.

Even this me can read the mood?

As well as what should be done at this moment.

「Aaah―! This piece of meat that I coincidentally have, I wanted to share it with zombie-chan but, I was so worried if it was rotten―! That’s why I did a poison test first! I’m so glad that it seems fine for eating―」

There’s no choice but to pull an improvised performance to somehow calm RIO.

It felt like my pride dropped rock bottom again but, impact is what matters most for things like this.

I performed in an overreaction manner but, did I pass!?

「Fumu. 」

However, the response seemed to be a failure.

Because her gaze was applying a silent pressure as if looking at a livestock, I feel nothing but like a prey here.

She’s not a mother but still a woman. She has an impression of calm and reasoning but, I know fully well that she can be swayed by emotions too.

Even with that in mind, to think that she had purchased food for the sole human that needs it which is me――, but then again, considering she’s someone that has her economical concept in the dumpster, it’s normal to assume that she had plundered it somewhere.

……Eiih, whatever!

「It smelled just salty, and the taste seems fine. How wonderful that the taste is still fine! Hey, you guys, it’s time to eat, eat, here, quickly eat. 」

I bet, with this perfect performance of displaying loyalty by taking care of RIO’s subordinates.

「No way I’m giving my precious food to y’all…… he saiiidd」

「Read the moooooood!! 」

I think I might be dead.

I probably touched RIO’s reverse scale.

Looks like the last day for me to live as a human is today.

「Oooh, Boss-san had procured food supplies on his own too, that’s great to hear. 」

Oyo, could it be I’m still safe?

No, it’s still too early to rest easy. If this is considered safe, it implies a ridiculous theory that whatever I do is safe.

I knew it, a mere human can’t possibly read her mind.

「I’m asking just in case but, are you feeling anywhere unwell from living in an unsanitary environment? 」

「Ah yes, I’m completely fine. 」

「Great. However, I’m sure it is difficult to cure boredom with nothing to do here. Therefore, I have a proposal. 」

RIO stored the bread away, and with a happy face? She spoke.

「For a demonstration, I want to attack the Arkan village southwest of Littebeutte but, what do you think? 」

「O-Ou. That’s a great idea……」

For the time being, without denying nor talking back, I decided to agree unanimously without going against her.

But I have this really bad premonition…….

「Thinking about mobility, we will only move half the kins. And you will be joining the ranks too. 」

「I knew it. I don’t have any right to refuse? 」

「Yes, I’m glad you understand. This time, you will act directly under my orders. I will explain the strategy while on the way. 」

For a shitty vampire, looks like I only amounted to a tool that has no right to choose.

So miserable……. Needing to do my best to read the mood of a blood sucking woman that deviate from sanity.

Even so, while I don’t have the power to go against RIO, I will just nod my head.

「You and you and you, be bodyguards for Boss-san. 」


It would be great if I won’t get discarded saying my use is over before my chance arrive.


Well then, a lightless night is a tearful time for a sniper because of the difficulty in aiming a distant prey.

However, if it’s an assassination from a close distance, it would depend on the target’s focus, but it shouldn’t be impossible to execute.

If the target is her.

「――Even if you are the former head of Dragneel Family, it’s probably difficult for you to pull a trigger aiming at an innocent person. So, follow behind me, if you see any rearguard-type adventurers, feel free to shoot without any reservations. 」

Of all things, showing her back to me when my heart is racing.

If I just zudon in that vulnerable back, no matter how inhuman you are, I bet your consciousness will fly to the sky.

「……Now is the best timing if I’m going for it」

While she isn’t looking at my direction, I tried taking up my gun.

What reflected in the scope is a dress that has a wide open back revealing her spine and the nape area.

My movements aren’t not dull, and I’ve not missed out on maintenance for my gun, even if there’s a deviation, it will not be more than 1 millimeter.


I stopped my legs.

Since breathing will only shake my hand, I took in a deep breath and stabilized my lungs.

「Well then, we’re almost at the village. The best time to loosen your nervousness is now. 」

Don’t underestimate me, I’m not a dog for RIO. I’m the current boss of Dragneel Family that has glorious history over many generations in Lawrence.

My manhood is destined for the dumpster if I don’t kill her here.

Even if Lawrence is destroyed, Dragneel Family is eternal!

「Not taking my ego so that I can be a commander, it will be your life’s regret……」

「Ugaakii――! 」

At that moment, one of the undead made a strange noise and bit at the gun, causing my aim to deviate.

「Wwwhaat!? 」

I forgot! The kins were put on me as bodyguards.

Don’t tell me, these bodyguards are not for me, but for RIO!?

Shiiiit, failing the assassination, isn’t this death for me!

It’s over this time for sure.

「Oh my, to play with the kins even when we are marching, looks like your relationship with them had deepened quite a bit when I wasn’t around. 」

「He, hehehe……」

Looks like my attempt wasn’t exposed yet but, I can only laugh at this. I’m so glad that I didn’t pull the trigger yet…….

Assassinating RIO, maybe it’s better for me to not have such devilish thoughts.



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