BWO Chapter 60: Village Attack & What to Believe

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A/N: RIO-sama going full villain mode so heads up

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Today’s theme is 『Interception』 but, since I’m already past the period of getting caught up in themes, I should just abolish this concept since following an abruptly decided theme will only bind my actions.

Also, Boss-san is making some disturbing movements and trying to hide it.

『RIO-sama noticed?』

『Boss was going for the kill though』

『No, she probably knew it and let him did it』

『Totally possible since its RIO-sama ww』

『Too much abandonment in the cave? 』

『Isn’t it better to fire or turn him into a kin?』

Just like what the viewers said, just now, he was clearly aiming the gun at me but, was he really intending to shoot a vampire.

Still, rather than being too tensed and nervous, it’s better for him to have ambition and morale during the battle.

No matter what his true intentions is, I decided to pretend not seeing it.

「Everyone, please stand by here for ten minutes. I will be going ahead to scout the enemy forces in the darkness. 」

There is no adventurer’s guild in Arkan Village, and the ground to cover isn’t significant either. Even though I said to scout, it only amounted to a degree of strolling.

「Aye sir」

Boss-san who was the representative affirmed, at least on the surface.

The viewers are commenting one after another on what happened behind my back, if I leave my back to Boss-san as it is, I can guarantee that a crazy development will unfold at the last moment for the viewers.

If so, it might be a smarter choice to quell the seed of rebellion first. Nope, I should conquer the reverse instead.

That’s right, I place my trust.


The adventurers staying in the village were mostly of the ones defeated in Lawrence, all of them only had a strength of at most defeating the Enemies near the village.

It’s possible to conquer this place by just pure force. Though the aim this time is not conquer nor control.

「The villagers are to be used as hostages. Refrain from killing as much as possible. 」

「What the heck! Why the heck is RIO in a shabby village than a town!? Rurrrorroruo……」

Warning the kins three times, I disposed of the adventurer that started speaking like a torrent.

Speed is what matters most in this plan, so let’s end it quickly without being greedy.

The summoned Flying was standing guard outside the village so no one can interfere.

「No need to purse villagers that had escaped. After capturing even one person, leave the front lines and gather at the center of the village. 」

Since the operation will only crumble if there are dumb kins, I reexplained the plan again and again but, looks like the kins despite rotten on the outside, their innards are still quite excellent, they went after the villagers that are on the streets one after another and incapacitated them.

『Brilliant instructions』

『A bandit’s thoughts but it was actually RIO-sama』

『Facing against this brilliant mind, just surrender』

『It was not an overrun』

『Another something an average high school girl will never do ww』

However, now that it’s nighttime and the residents are asleep, not many were out on the streets, so the situation was under control.

Well, either way is fine. I will just fulfil my role.

「【A Rank 1914th Samurai】! It’s the end of your luck to encounter me, defeating you, I shall regain my honooooooooooor!? 」

It was a name that sounded familiar.

It seemed like he was seeking revenge but, now that our difference in strength is more apparent than in Lawrence before, just one slash from my great sword was all it took.

「【A ranker 2233rd Slashing Time Girl】! A-amm…… RIO-sama’s thighs!? 」

Since I felt chills at the beastly gaze towards my lower body, I followed my danger sensing instincts and immediately disposed with a 一.

If they are so feeble, it sure lowers my expectations for the next adventurer.

「【A ranker 70th Gigant Torrent】. Hmnnph! 」


This is an unexpected ambush.

My attack was blocked by the tough gloves that the adventurer wore.

The defensive power of his equipment was so incredible that even a vampire’s attack power couldn’t put a dent, on top of that, with my great sword in his hold, the moment I had no other choice but to transform it to get free, I was thrown backwards.

Perhaps he used a skill like shirahatori to stop my attack.

「What a skillful opponent. How about this. 」

Since I lost my weapon, I tried sidekicks, elbow strikes, high kicks, and other various techniques.

However, since all of them were based solely on my raw STR, I couldn’t tell whether they were effective at all.

Looks like there’s a need for several ten more exchanges to slowly whittle him down. Spending that much time on only one person isn’t ideal.

As for another strategy involving a weapon, perhaps asking the person behind would be best.

「Boss-san, I order you. Aim for this adventurer’s head and shoot through me. 」

「Heh? 」

Boss-san was aloof and let out a stupefied sound at the outrageous instructions.

I already knew that Boss-san is secretly rebelling from his earlier behavior.

So, I will just let him attack me under my acknowledgement.

Rather than carrying the danger of a betrayal, it’s better to let him attempt it as he wishes. If I were to suppress him with superiority again, he should become aware that any further attempts are futile, and the risk of betrayal should diminish for the near future.

So, this is a perfect chance.


『Who would say friendly fire themselves ww』

『Epitome of self-sacrifice』

『That gun has firepower to blow a person head into smithereens though』

『RIO-sama DEF will die wwwww』

The viewers are still quite skeptical in believing others.

Since Boss-san was still in conflict, I threw words that would push him past the point.

「Didn’t you want to kill me? If you let this chance past, you’ll be carrying the sign of a coward on your back both in name and reality. 」

「This RIO, what are you plotting! Fugugugu…… this arm strength……! 」

Since this adventurer didn’t have much STR, just by restraining him, he can’t move at all.

Well then, Boss-san is…… looks like he’s finally prepared.

He aimed well to pierce both me and the adventurer.

「Kuuuuh! I’m only firing because you wanted it, don’t hate me for it!? 」

「Yes. Quickly. 」

To make it easier to aim for me, I lined my own head with the adventurer’s head.

「Eat this! 」

Then, Boss-san’s finger pulled, the barrel shone, and the bullet flew out.

「Hegihk!! 」

The adventurer in front of me couldn’t take the bullet even with his defensive power, with his brain completely destroyed, it was an instant kill.

On the other hand, I felt something touched the back of my head, so it probably went through me too but, I’m still standing strong with my consciousness intact.

『The HP gauge is…… huh? 』

『RIO-sama still lives! 』

『Unknown theory but survived ww』

『Wat? 』

『Vampire OP』

My HP only reduced by a tiny bit.

「I aimed for the kill but, the heck is up with her still alive and kicking……. Isn’t this an immortal monster…… 」

「So are you satisfied? Let’s continue. 」

《Bloodsucking》 to replenish my reduced HP, I sprinted towards another adventurer.

……What I believed then was the creator of Boss-san’s gun, Parnilla-san.

The reason she sold such a powerful weapon to Boss-san who is my subordinate is definitely to boost our strength.

However, that also meant introducing an assassination risk to me.

To hand over a significant chunk of power to an ambitious subordinate, history of the real world has proven that the superior will surely get back stabbed.

If it’s Parnilla-san who thinks three steps ahead, she wouldn’t miss that large of a weakness.

As the result of ascertaining my belief, it was discovered that Boss-san’s gun was an anti-human specialized weapon and has little to no power against vampires.

Parnilla-san’s talent, IQ, knowledge terrifies me every time.

「All adventurers in the village were cleaned up. Great job. 」

After picking up the weapon that I threw, I ordered the residents to be taken away if any is discovered, before heading to the village center.


《Level has risen to 63》

《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 19.85 million Iris》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 18, 266, 445》


Looks like my level is about to reach the upper limit. Well, I planned to reach level 65 by the end of today, so it doesn’t matter.

「Hiiiieeee!! 」

「M-Monsterrrrrr! 」

「Save meee……」

「What do you want from us! 」

Fumu, the number of people captured is about 50.

Not particularly too much or too less, still, with this number and a mix of young old male female, the adventurer’s guild should move too.

「Let me introduce myself for those who are unaware of the world’s evil. I am the one and only vampire that will destroy your already destroyed lives, RIO. All of you are now my hostages, baits to lure the adventurers out, so keep that in mind. 」


The gathered villagers showed various expressions but, since those that had any signs of resistance were glared by the kins, my talk progressed quite smoothly.

The reason why I purposely let some villagers escape is also so that they would notify the adventurer’s guild.

Since I wanted to level a little more before the decisive battle set in Littebuette, this time, the village and villagers themselves aren’t of much meaning, my aim is to ambush the adventurers that come for rescue and gain enough experience point for a racial evolution.

「First, the right to kill or spare is with me, I am the main role this time. 」

It wasn’t just for the villagers to hear.

If anything, it’s meant for the kins that were drooling at the villagers hungrily and also Boss-san who thinks that he’s the only one still sane and is bowing repeatedly and apologizing to the villagers to escape responsibility.

「Next, you will follow the rules I set. Basically, you will be fine if you follow my instructions but, if there are any that breaks my rules……」

They will be executed.

I wanted to say that but, that would only degrade me to the mere level of a small-time villain like a bandit or thief, dropping my status as a streamer.

To hammer the consequences, in a way that viewers would find it entertaining too, I want something that has more tension and difficulty that is forced upon on them even if they don’t want it. Mumumu…….

It sparkled.

「If there are any that breaks my rules, everyone else other than the rule breaker shall face execution alike. 」

『……Eh? 』


『My thoughts about to stop』

『Too strange for rules ww』

『RIO-sama so stoic (Resignation)』

『What kind of demonic sergeant is this』

『Only absurd ideas from this vampire wwwww』

『How is it everyone, this is the RIO-sama after removing the screw in her head voluntarily』


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