BWO Chapter 61: Villager Great Migration & Trust

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「What was that!? 」

「Everyone!? 」

「Does that mean everyone will die? 」

「Other than the rule breaker, did I hear wrongly……? 」

The villagers sure are making a ruckus.

This is exactly the perfect and original rule that I’ve come up with to strengthen their sense of responsibility as a group.

At first glance, one may say that it’s contradictory since the first one to break the rule would be the winner but, it’s nothing as simple as that, as I continued.

「Of course, I shall not raise a hand against the person who survived. But needless to say, even if he survives, there is no place for that despicable person to stay nor return to after selling their own fellow villagers. 」

After all, everything is broadcasted through my stream. Depending if there are adventurers watching, the survivor might even get a bounty of several ten thousand on their head.

「Awaa…… awaa……」

「Foll……I will follow! 」

「It’s all over…… we will all……」

「Pleaseee, great adventurers……」

My my, chaos easily spreads within a close gathering of people.

Getting the response that I’ve wanted to see, well, for me, it looks like it will be a stimulating stream, so I’m terribly happy.

『There was no salvation』

『Too merciless rule』

『To think there was such a great villain that spins such nice words (Compliment)』

『Someone that streams like this, even in the whole wide world, there’s only RIO-sama ww』

『As expected of our RIO-sama』


Oooh, I’m getting praises like never before from the viewers.

――This rule, is also a challenge for me.

Whether I can instill enough fear in the villagers so that no one would dare to break my rules.

If there is only one hostage, the adventurer’s guild would probably declare the quest unneeded as there is no rescue value.

A single mistake means the whole plans crumble. With this, even the viewers wouldn’t be able to hold back their palms from sweating while watching.

「This place is unfit for fighting with this many obstacles and buildings. Everyone, we will now move to another spot. 」

「W-Where to, RIO-sama? 」

Boss-san was speaking on behalf of everyone there.

「The northern forest, best if there’s any open space there. I will have someone that’s familiar with the topography lead. 」

Explaining so, I pointed out the person that’s likely the village chief and let him stand in front of the group.

The formation is already decided.

Flying stayed above the villagers at an altitude not noticeable from adventurers, the kins stayed our sides for protection, lastly, Boss-san and I is at the back.

「Obobobo……! 」

「What will happen to our village……」

「Stop chatting meaninglessly」


All of them had an atmosphere like criminals set for death sentence.

However, they weren’t guilty enough for them to be declared death, it’s a responsibility that is only for me to bear.

As for adventurers, they probably like to exaggerate whatever sins but, I won’t do those kinds of trivial things, nor do I know how to do it.

Only I shall carry this cross of minus karma value.



Enemy Name: High Goblin Archer Lv50

Status: Normal


「It appeareeeeed!」

「I-I’m gonna dieeeeee! 」

Just when I wondered why one of the kins stood there without moving, it collapsed, beyond it, there were Enemies with green skin pulling their bows.

Their numbers only amounted to about ten, as all of them lined up and fired their bows at regular intervals without any attempts of encircling us.

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

On the other hand, Flying displayed an amazing feat of repelling the incoming arrows with his energy balls but, since the Enemies fired multiple shots at once, it’s impossible for him to intercept all of them.

「Enemies were expected to appear in the forest. Everyone, stop for a moment. 」

In any case, I’m not a spartan high school girl that would demand them to keep advancing while under fire from Enemies, so I decided to quickly clean them up.

I changed into my magic claws. Choosing a common tactic that any close-range specialist would, I closed the distance against the long-range specialized enemies as soon as possible.

「Your prey is me. Come. 」

While attracting the Enemies’ attention, I jumped out in the middle.

「Hak, haaaak 」

Kick, jump, leaping between trees, toying with the Enemies and finishing them off one by one.

Despite basing my movements from a beast, rather than a wolf, it might be more suitable for me to learn from a monkey.

「Seven, eight. 」

Still, the Enemy seem to have high DEX, from their accurate bow handling, my legs and both my arms and even my joints were stabbed with arrows but, it’s not like my movements would be hindered from this much.

I want to show them their opponent is not just a monkey-like something, but actually a vampire.

Since the last High Goblin Archer was defeated with a roundhouse kick, I pulled out the arrows stuck in myself and returned them to where it belongs.

「Well then, there’re no blood scent of any Enemies nearby. Let’s resume moving. 」

Declaring so, the villagers’ expression turned from relief into drained blood.

It’s not like having a few retirees among the villagers would bother me, but since they would be turned into kins if they get killed by Enemies from standing like a stick, I should avoid casualties as much as possible.

……After walking within the forest for some time, we arrived at an elliptical opening.

With a small river and a bridge spanning it, this small opening looked manmade.

「This is the place…… was it to your likings……? 」

「Good work for your guidance. Go rest yourself. 」

Gathering the villagers, I told them to get some rest.

Although they probably can’t get any rest while surrounded by a group of undead, in the first place, it’s only a method to make them standby docilely.

Dispelling 《Blood Scent Detection》, I had Flying land on the ground and continue to be on the lookout.


Still, it should take some time before the guild issues a quest.

With the time limit of nighttime when the kins can move under the sky, it would be great if the adventurer’s guild simply interpret that the hostages only have time till daylight but……

「Please save…… save……」

「Great adventurers……」

「Fret not everyone, I’m sure the adventurers will do something. 」

Fumu, the villagers were making a gesture of praying while letting loose the word of adventurer in their mutters occasionally.

Despite my plan of intercepting the incoming adventurers from Littebuette this time to diminish their strength, I wonder why they can pray to the adventurers this devotedly.

「Everyone, keep your mouths shut. 」

Since it would be a problem if they come up with a plan to escape, I had the villagers be quiet again.

「I don’t mind if you ignore my monologue but, let me talk for a while until the adventurers come. 」

Honestly speaking, since I’m bored, I tried to throw some questions for self-satisfaction.

『What talk』

『Isn’t it something bad』

『Ah, RIO-sama faced towards the camera』

『I see, it’s towards us』

……Let’s leave it at that.

「Why can all of you trust the adventurers that are only as good as hypocrites, I can’t even begin to comprehend. 」

Looks like all the villagers were still under my pressure, they did not reply as per my instructions of shutting their mouths.

I continued.

「The governance of the adventurers are nothing but changing the world to fit their own convenience. Even Arkan Village is not exempted from the exorbitant high tax to the extent that life is nothing but poor. Is it even possible to praise the adventurers that might as well be a plague that robs everyone of food while wearing the title of heroes of salvation? 」

This village is also one of the adventurer’s guild’s victims, having their peaceful and stable lives eroded according to the viewers’ information.

As a matter of fact, adventurers that are a mix in A rank stayed in the village like bodyguards.

「In the adventurers’ head, there is only the concept of money and fake justice. In this kind of difficult situation, it should be a foolish choice to rely and trust on those that are truly fallen……」

「Of course we can trust them! Those adventurers! 」

Then, a tanned young boy who was sitting at the front stood up and responded with a voice that hasn’t undergone voice change.

「Hey stop that Fara! 」

「Because of the scary adventurers, dad is forced to work late in the night. Mom too, even when she’s going to starve, she let me have her portion. Everything is because the money that everyone earned must be offered to the adventurer’s guild, is what dad taught me. But……, what about it! 」

That young boy didn’t care how the people around him tried to stop him and continued.

「I don’t recall permitting any talk backs? 」

「Who cares about the village being poor! What’s so great about having money! Thanks to the adventurers, our village is safe! 」

「Fara, please stop or else all of us will……」

「We need the adventurers because we can’t fight. No matter how much money we must give, it’s fine as long as the scary monsters are defeated! Don’t talk bad about the adventurers! 」

「Someone stop Faraaaaa! 」

Finally, the villagers that couldn’t hold back further held down the young boy, Fara and stopped him from talking.

To have order crumble from too much infighting is something that can only be summed up with the word, foolish.

「That’s enough. Everyone, let go of that young boy. 」

I was―― for some reason, reprimanding the others as if covering for that young boy.

How strange. Just from listening this young boy’s words of blind trust towards the adventurers…….


I giggled.


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