BWO Chapter 62: Interesting Young Boy & Monetary Greed

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「What you’ve said had truly impressed me. 」

Since none of the residents tried to voice their opinion against me so far, clap, clap, I sent my light claps.

They were truly logical reasoning, I was particularly impressed that it was said by a fearless child.

『RIO-sama gone weird again ww』

『W-what is what and what……』

『Chills at how RIO-sama laughed』

『Perhaps she likes children? 』

『I thought I knew this person well but, looks like I’m mistaken』

……Perhaps I got used to Elma-san who was a smart child, my interest in this boy is so much that my excitement can’t be stopped.

「W-What……! 」

「It’s nothing? Just take it literally as I said. 」

Boss-san and the villagers directed a surprised face. The viewers were probably the same.

「For the survival of a village that’s constantly under the threat of monsters, the existence of adventurers are indispensable, I suppose that’s the gist of it. 」

「Yeah that’s right! 」

He nodded strongly.

For them, they are weaker than players, and being mere resident NPCs, they only have one life.

Until now, I’ve thought that every resident would hate the adventurers as villains but, it looks like there were positive opinions like his too.

「There’s a saying that hypocrisy that is done is better than good that is not done. Even if it is hypocrisy done for the sake of money and fame, there’re still many lives that were saved, even if in a twisted manner, Arkan Village managed to persist. Yes, it’s definitely an irrefutable truth. Paying appreciation and compensation for the adventurers would be worth. 」

Somehow, my mind was getting all jumpy and so was my mouth.

To think that another NPC have caught my attention. How blessed am I with encounters?

「Considering you are still a child, I forgive your rudeness. However, know that there’s no second chance. 」


Letting the warning be known, I let it pass without killing the boy nor everyone else.

……Well then, 《Blood Scent Detection》 had finally showed reaction of other people.

The group of four players that had probably calculated the rough location of where we were waiting were wandering around nearby.

I felt like going with what the young boy said, so, I changed my plans.

「Good news to everyone, a group of adventurers is right around the corner. However, make sure you keep an eye out for them, it’s a great opportunity to see how untrustworthy they are as a person. 」

「Un……trustworthy? 」

「We will be saved, right……」

「What are you trying to say? 」

「It’s gonna be alright if they’re here to help us. I’m sure the great adventurers will defeat RIO for us. 」

With just my words, the villagers’ expression turned into various colors, truly showing that they couldn’t to expect what would happen in the next second.

In any case, adventurers coming here equals there’re still stupid people that don’t learn, I can’t even say that I’m tired of it at this point.

After ordering Boss-san to tighten the security, I headed towards the blood scents on my own.


「I’m sorry that we’re at what one might say the chorus of a piece, but the stream is going off temporarily now. 」

『Eh!? 』

『Wai ww』

『RIO-sama brain circuit incomprehensible w』

『Flowers picking?』


『Welp, can only imagine what happens next』


……The reason why I stopped the stream is to not have eavesdropper in my conversation with the group of adventurers ahead.

「She’s here, it’s RIO. 」

「The real person appears directly huh」

「Well then, what kind of demands she has. 」

「Leave the negotiations with me」

Fumu, just four people huh, or is it four elites, I can’t tell just from the blood scent.

Either way, because I wanted to deny what that young boy said, I don’t have any plans to fight them.

「Good work coming here, adventurers of absolute justice. I welcome you. 」

「Fuh, so it’s only RIO that appeared huh. I guess she hasn’t fallen enough to use hostages as shields. 」

From their light gear that are uniform across all four of them, rather than defeating me, they are probably members selected solely to rescue the hostages.

「What appreciation I have towards everyone that has come this far into this forest. Let us first relax and deepen our friendships. 」

「Hou, you’re trying to pick a fight? Suits me. 」

「Oi stop it, she has the hostages still. Don’t be rash or it will come back to bite us. 」

Unlike the adventurer that expressed hostility, the party leader person was approaching with a calm demeanor.

Even if they manage to defeat me, I ordered Boss-san to prioritize escaping without harming the hostages but let’s proceed the talk under the impression the hostages would be killed if they made a move.

「Well then, it might be sudden but, I have a question for adventurers like you……」

「It’s me that has a question! Why is a mere vampire acting so deceiving! 」

「Stop that stupid! You want our rewards from the guild to disappear? 」

Is what the impatient adventurer meant by deceiving something I can’t do? Please don’t push it on me.

The reason why such a hotheaded person is here is almost a sure tell sign that negotiations weren’t part of their plans ―― or perhaps it may had been purely a mistake in personnel selection but, in any case, I will be on guard.

「Returning on tracks, since I’m not an adventurer, I’m ignorant but, what are the rewards offered by the adventurer’s guild for the quest this time? 」

I will have my questioning time first.

I won’t give them the talking initiative.

「200 thousand Iris. With small bit of karma value to boot. 」

「No, isn’t it 50 thousand per person. Also, after the dawn breaks, a single minute equals 1000 Iris deducted. What about it? 」

They answered in detail.

Fumu, they were unexpectedly stingy considering that it’s a quest to rescue hostages where no failure is allowed. In a sense, the adventurer’s guild sure is an economist.

Still, it is convenient for me.

They’re within the bounds of persuasion.

「If you’re willing to agree to my terms, I will pay you 250 thousand Iris each. 」

「「「……Ha? 」」」

A perfect 100 out of 100 score reaction was returned.

Their reactions, all of them probably were resolved to be demanded ransom or blood for the hostages but, all of them had expressions of surprise, hardened like copper statues.

「Naturally, that means every person gets that amount, a total of 1 million Iris. To tell the truth, I don’t feel like fighting today, so can’t you all return to the town after receiving it? 」

「What!? 」

「1 million …… gulp……」

「Don’t fall for her scam! It’s RIO we’re facing! 」

Mumu, there’s always that one person being too careful at whatever kind of proposal.

This is a proposal that I want to succeed no matter what.

「It’s not a joke. Take a look. 」

Let’s proceed with proof rather than logic.

Keeping my weapon back into my inventory, I took out 1 million Iris from my status window and put it near my feet.

「Here, it’s real fortune with no fakery involved. It’s not a trap. If you are willing to accept this offer, then I will leave it here. 」

「Hoooh? You’re giving it……? 」

All of them had mouth gaped and looked at each other faces.

Showing the real goods is super effective.

Even the party leader that acted as a mediator until now had sparkling eyes at the offer that gained credibility.

「H-Hey, let’s do that. It’s 5 times as much money. 」

「This is fine right? The karma value to be gained is so miniscule, I don’t want to shed blood from a battle here too you know. 」

「N-No, think again y’all…… the biggest trouble is what comes after. 」

However, only the leader adventurer was still caring about meaningless appearances and were not decisive about it.

I thought they would agree instantly because they were aiming for money but, they’re quite tough.

If pushing can’t work, then perhaps fishing would be better.

「What’s the matter? Monetary greed is not to be ashamed of. It’s an innate desire that any human have. What is to be had by trapping yourself in that unknown fear? 」

「That’s right. Don’t think about it and just get that big money! 」

「Nunuu, but we’re supposed to be on a quest to retrieve the hostages back to Littebeutte. If we were to return without the hostages……」

「Isn’t it possible for you to make some excuses like the hostages were nowhere to be seen? I have cut the stream already, so, there’s no worry about your decision being publicized. Hurry up and decide. I can tell that there’re only four of you from the blood scents now but, if there are other adventurers that come and see what happened here, I won’t take any responsibility? 」

「Let’s get it already, leader, I beg you! 」

「Yeah right, even RIO said it, let’s just quickly agree. 」

Three of them were already defeated by the allure of money, as they took an attitude of standing on my side and pushing the decision of the remaining person that hadn’t decided.

Although the three are probably the lower position in the hierarchy, the atmosphere was as if there are no other answers than yes to be had.

It’s truly a devilish system.

「……Alright, let’s accept it. 」

The leader who became in tune with the other three slowly took steps forward.

Answering to their decisions, I also retreated few steps backwards.

「I won’t be stubborn anymore, I was just in need of some money after all. 」

Then finally, the sweaty palms reached for the 1 million Iris.

「Amazing, this is real……」

Preciously, he carried it with both hands.

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