BWO Chapter 64: Race Evolution is…… & Towards Eriko

PhantasmalMira 1398

Level 65 in exchange for 1 million Iris.

If I just tell myself that, it’s fine.


As my experience gain had stagnated for a while, it has been a long wait for the race evolution.

Enjoying this by myself would only reduce my marks as a streamer, I have no choice but to resume the stream again.

「Everyone, from a battle offline, my level has finally reached 65. By accomplishing race evolution, I will be able to advance another step. 」

『It’s heeeeeree! 』

『Finallyyyyy! 』

『RIO-sama gratssssss!』


『Too early to be happy y’all ww』


『No retort that the villagers are gone?』

『Almost fell asleep』

『What kind of vampire is next? 』

Many viewers rejoined the stream.

With this many onlookers, I’m sure the ceremony of race evolution will be heated up.

「Well then, let’s open up the window. Everyone, please keep your eyes open and take a look. 」

Saying so, I moved the race evolution window to a position that only the viewers can see.

The order is to have the viewer see them first. Although it concerns my path, only I can control the position of the window, so I will see last.

For the time being, I looked at the reaction messages.

『The heck is this』

『Isn’t this a mistake』

『Balance too broken ww』

『Can’t choose immediately』

『Uwah, the ultimate choice』

Such expressions were made.

What could they be seeing?

I’m getting curious.

So, I retrieved the window.

「……I see, it’s as everyone said. 」

The finger that was performing a slide to determine my evolution path had stopped unconsciously.

As if something abnormal and foreign was written on the scene of something that should be common sense.

On the window, there were obvious choices as well as hesitant choices.


Evolution path A   Rogue Crimson Vampire

Description: A raging torrent of crimson is what lies after seeking live blood and slaughter.

Traits: In exchange for defensive power, obtains mountain shaking power of violence.

Evolution path B   Noble Red Vampire

Description: What awaits a vampire who seeks the prosperity of their bloodline is the unrivaled nobleness and prestige that even sunlight would avert his eyes from.

Traits: Combat ability is deferred.

Incredible regenerative powers able to nullify damage from sunlight

EX Evolution   Vampire Lord

Description: True ancestor race that can only be evolved into after all conditions are met

Traits: All stats greatly increase, existing skills will be enhanced or mutated, obtains “Special Skills” for Vampire Lord.

Condition 1: Above level 60

Condition 2: Karma value below -10000

Condition 3: Successfully perform 《Bloodsucking》 on Extra Enemy, Vampire Lord

※ Evolution is irreversible


That’s right, there are three evolution paths this time, and one of them even had an EX-prefix.

『Conditional evolution huh』

『The presence of the three words Evolution is irreversible, is so overwhelming here ww』

『Special skills…… special!? 』

『The top two are also great』

『Able to conquer sunlight after all』

『Extra Enemy, Vampire Lord, did we even encounter anything regarding that Enemy on stream? 』

『Confused because it never did』

『There’s no other choice but Vampire Lord this time, you can even hear the ancestors screaming』

The viewers’ opinions are basically the same.

The Vampire Lord route is something I agree on too.

However, Extra Enemy is something I’ve never heard before. It might be difficult to encounter something like that.

「I’ve decided. From now on, I will be aiming to become a Vampire Lord. My plans to attack Littebeutte might be delayed for later. 」

If it is determined that a Vampire Lord only appears somewhere far away after gathering information, not able to perform the racial evolution quickly would mean the overflowing experience points are wasted.

The umami diminishing…… is something I don’t really care, and I can still level up from the parts I sawed and saved in my inventory after the racial evolution.

At worst case, I will just have to choose another path.

「It will be ending here today. Thank you everyone for tuning in. 」


『Ended just as it resumed ww』

『Next up is decided』


Although race evolution couldn’t proceed, I will end the stream today.

Let’s move back to the temporary base.


Needless to say, Vampire Lord condition 1 is cleared, and with a karma value of -300000, safe to ignore condition 2.

Thus, the focus is condition 3.

「So tiring……」

「Boss-san, good work considering it was a dirty job. 」

It’s great news to be returning with minimal loss.

This base too had become quite familiar to live in despite being temporary.

「Although falling Littebeutte is obviously the next milestone, because of my circumstances now, it will be delayed. Well then, I’m very sleepy already. Everyone, take care. 」

「Good work! 」

The time in real world is already past 1, if I were to start looking for information regarding Vampire Lord now, it will definitely last till dawn and will affect my school tomorrow.

Being sent off by Boss-san, I pressed the log out button.


Despite feeling the sleepiness, my eyes were so clear that I couldn’t sleep, feeling such contradiction, I started reading to refresh myself.


The sleepiness immediately began to rise just by not moving, as I yawned while sitting on a chair.

Although it’s an idle topic with no relations with BWO, I can assure this manga, 『Don’t Call Me Your Best Friend』 is a masterpiece than might as well be a life textbook.

Set in a girl’s school in a city, despite many young girls carrying the emotion of “Like”, because of the sense of immorality, all of them spent time unable to confess, a story that I’ve bought under Eriko’s recommendation.

The depictions of emotions in this work are detailed even in casual parts, and I feel frustrated from empathizing too much.

「The shape of love, sure is rich in variety. 」

My honest thoughts leaked out.

Taking my gaze off my book, the photo frame on the desk hosted a two-shot photo I took with Eriko in a certain theme park.

Eriko was all out with her peace sign, while I wore an embarrassed expression from wearing the mouse character’s headband.

「Eriko. 」

Slipping a bookmark in the book and closing it, I touched the photo.

「It’s because of you that I can have a purpose and try my hardest. 」

Eriko who was smiling with teeth showing was touching my chin.

「Until we reunite in the other world, I will definitely resolve myself. So, please wait for me. 」

Muttering that, I dove back into the bed, and relaxed my consciousness.

――The dream I saw after that was, becoming a character that appeared in the manga, and seeing myself stuttering while confessing after inviting that character’s loved one to the classroom alone.

I knew it, I’m the type that gets easily assimilated into a role. To think that it wasn’t Eriko, and I couldn’t even do it facing a character…… even if it was a dream, it didn’t serve at a rehearsal at all.

As for the development of that story, that character’s loved one will eventually get into a relationship with someone else, turning her love unrequited, and merciless reducing her into a sub-heroine that will never get rewarded.

Well, since it’s a dream and dreams are designed to be forgotten immediately, there’s no need to think too deeply.


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