BWO Chapter 65: Eririoyoshi Stay Over Party Part 1

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A/N: Imma stick real life here after all (OK to read skippingly)

A/N: No need to be serious now……

Today is a rest day from BWO because I made a promise to participate Eriko’s invitation to a stay over party.

Even if I said participating, it was Eriko’s own questionable desire, and the only participant is me.

Eriko’s residency is in room 2207 of a certain condominium in town, as I arrived at that place.

「I’ve just arrived. 」

Pressing down the interphone, I called for the person inside.

Well then, will it be an Eriko or a snake that comes out……but since a snake will be too pitiful, at the very least, I will describe it as a naughty medium-sized dog.

Then, the door opened with a loud bang…….

「Rio-nee!! Kuhehee Rio~neee―! 」

A voice of an energetic girl.

A girl with pigtails who suited that voice perfectly jumped vigorously at me and hugged me in a manner closer to tackling.

Rather, the force behind her jump was too much, the impact to my abdomen made me drop my baggage, losing to the force, I fell onto the ground.

「Ouchh…… you’re more energetic than ever, Yoshiko-san. 」

「Rio-nee Rio-nee Rio-neeee!! 」

The one that repeatedly called my name was, Eriko’s little sister, Onodera Yoshiko-san. As if performing her marking, she rubbed her face on my stomach continuously.

What an unmanageable girl that doesn’t spare any mercy even against an average high school girl. I couldn’t stand back up easily.

「Hey Yoshiko! Rio is troubled! 」

Belatedly, Eriko appeared behind the door, and she pulled Yoshiko-san who didn’t budge at all like a koala from her position forcefully.

「No! I wanna flirt and show off more! 」

T/N: The little sister talks in kansai.

「What flirt and show off!? This is obviously a damage dealing attack! 」

Since she was acting like a burr, Eriko who is used to handling this girl saved me.

「Welcome, Rio! My neck became guhe guhe long from waiting~」

「Eri-nee had a lecherous look rather than a long neck! I’m the one that waited patiently and anxiously over three days three nights? Kuhehehe」

T/N: idioms here, “long neck from waiting”, super looking forward to, the counter here is “nose down stretched” which means ogling / lecherous look.

The sisters, with their looks and suspicious laughs directed towards me while fighting, their blood connection was clearly felt and was suffocating.

It may be too late but, where did Yoshiko’s mysterious Kansai dialect come from?

Eriko suggested that it originated from staying at Osaka with their grandmother for a long time but, looks like the person herself don’t really know too.

「Yes, since both of you looked really excited for the stay over party, it was worthwhile changing my schedule. 」

……Although I would be the happiest if I’m alone with Eriko, it wasn’t a good idea to neglect an elementary school girl, so we settled on a three person stay over party.

Furthermore, I’ve heard that Eriko’s parents are busy working and not around. Despite that, rather than feeling lonely, Eriko made an excuse that it is greater freedom for her streamer activities.

「Stop standing around and come in. Yoshiko is going to lose control at this rate. 」

「No way that’s happening. Stop, why are you linking hands naturally! 」

「See? 」

「Eeeh, isn’t it Eriko’s fault? 」

Even though I have two hands, I smiled bitterly at the scene of them clinging onto one for some reason with no intentions of tolerating.

So, I decided to drag them into the living room with both my hands.

Still, despite only meeting Yoshiko-san who is quite a bit younger than Eriko once, to think that she became so attached to me.

For the time being, I suppose I can say that it flows in their blood?

「Beautiful when quiet, super beautiful when speaking. Of course I’m falling head over heels~」

Yoshiko-san was hugging on my right arm.

Being praised so proudly, I felt a little itchy.

「Guhehe, you don’t get it at all-, Rio is always super beautiful no matter what~」

「Why are you acting so smug against your sister. It’s unbecoming. 」

Eriko too, like Yoshiko-san with the same posture hugged my other arm. Thanks to that, I felt like I was caught like a criminal.

By the way, Eriko won in the gluing department because of the difference in height.

「I have no mercy for any thieving cats that tries to swindle Rio, even if it’s Yoshiko. Well, with our many memories together, it’s not like Yoshiko stands a chance to swindle Rio. 」

「Ho―n. Then, have you done something like this, Eri-nee? 」

As if denying her words, the short Yoshiko-san crouched down and became even shorter.


「Mu? 」

The back of my hand was kissed.

Not only was it something that people in a servitude relationship would do, but it was also done on a seriousness of deliberating adding a sound effect of 「Chuu」.


Eriko, needless to say, the scream and expression she made was not anything a female student would make in a lifetime.

「Kuheheen. Did I perhaps just win? 」

「Spit it out! Quickly spit it out!! 」

「Why do I feel like being treated like a germ or something」

Eriko shook to the point of tearing up finally let go of her grip and urged Yoshiko-san who was smug with victory.

Still, to think she would give her kiss there, she has grown up too maturely to the point that it shocked me.

I wonder whose influence was it that she is basically a carbon copy of Eriko. Don’t tell me their personalities were inherited from their parents, right?

Well then, I will rest my arm at this opportunity, though it’s not like my mind could rest while seeing the fireworks happening between the Onodera sisters’ eyes.

「……Say Rio, isn’t it fine? 」

Suddenly, Eriko let go of my arm.

……But then, she stood in front of me, and started approaching my face rapidly.

「W-What is it, Eriko. Your eyes are scary. 」

「It’s not scary. So don’t be scared. 」

At the gradually approaching Eriko and her eyes slowly becoming a beast, I could do nothing but retreat.

Eventually, I was cornered into a wall, Eriko with one of her hands beside my head……don! A noise that can only be nuisance to the neighbor rang.


「It’s gonna be alright, I will lead and guide you by the hand and leg. 」

Whispering up close with a serious face like never before, my chin was lifted by her fingers……

Don’t tell me, no, this can’t be.

Even though Yoshiko-san is watching, to think that Eriko is sending such an indecent invitation, ……I don’t think I can resist at all.

Baka-nee stop! Rio-nee’s first chuu is for mineeee! 」

Yoshiko-san was bleeding from her eyes as she tried to pry Eriko off but, with her strength, it didn’t amount to any effect, as Eriko stood unmoving.

「Ignore Yoshiko. Here, Rio, close your eyes. 」

Eriko’s breath hit my nose. Aah, my cheeks are heating up.

The sweet voice ran in circles in my mind, robbing me of my control on my rationality, manipulating me as it wished.

「Yes, Erikoo……」

Following her words, I shut my eyes…….

「Unn, you can’t think of anything other than me, Rio. 」

「No way. My Rio-nee is getting robbed by a mere Inuko. 」

T/N: Inu – dog.

Eriko tangled her hands with mine and asked. Hawaa, I won’t have any regrets even if it’s an imagination.

Just by closing my eyes as she said……, by overlapping with Eriko, I can enjoy a momentary bliss. It was a very irresistible temptation.

However, while I still have the sanity, I must be clear.

「……I can’t do it after all! Stop! 」

「Fuee!? 」

To think that it was myself that pushed her shoulders away that strongly.

Because of that, Eriko made a face as if protesting and disappointed. Should I have acted after regaining some calm?

……I won’t regret wasting it no matter in the past or future. I will put it into words now.

「Something like this mustn’t be done in a playful manner, it’s must be after a formal dating…… 」

I somehow managed to spin my thoughts.

Trying to be clear with my words, I said it with the intonation of apologizing for pushing away Eriko’s invitation, or so I thought.

Although the words managed to come out, will my act of rejection at the last possible moment be forgiven?

……Aah, it’s all over, I will be hated.


「A cutie」

「Becoming serious in the end is Rio’s charm point after all. 」

「I really get that~」

I was terribly anxious but, the sisters, replied with similar words and gestures, and looked at each other with a gaze of understanding.

Well then, this stay over party, it may have more trouble waiting than I expected.

A/N: Stomach ouch ouch

A/N: Ouch ouch stomach


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