BWO Chapter 66: Eririoyoshi Stay Over Party Part 2

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The floor plan is quite spacious considering it’s a condominium, and everything is kept neatly without a speck of dust.

However, while I was looking around for any clues of the cleaning procedure used for reference, they were starting a rock-paper-scissors showdown with me on the stakes disregarding everything else in the living room.

「Hurray――! It’s my win, Eri-nee――! 」

「Fueeehnn. Yoshiko is stealing my Rio~」

「You’re making me the villain, stop those fake tears. 」

They acted as if they were the victims but, in the sisters fight for monopoly, was my intention considered?

「Sorry Rio, you wanted to be with me right? 」

「Since we’re always together from going school till leaving, why not let her? 」

「Finee. Then, I will look at my stream account before preparing the dinner, please take care of Yoshiko for me. 」

Looks like Eriko knows to back off gracefully when it’s appropriate.

Eriko while humming alone headed towards her own room.

「Alone with Rio-nee~. Kuhehehehehe」

My, what is this, if I were to take Eriko as an example, then that laugh can be nothing good.

What will happen to me?

「Let’s watch Pri-heal together! I had it recorded until the interesting part! 」

Looks like it was my overthinking.

Accompanying her while watching a girls’ focused anime is an easy task.

Although Yoshiko-san can only be described as a small Eriko, I was relieved when she didn’t demand anything evil.

「Yes. That’s fine. 」

「Alright, take a seat there. 」

Just as I thought I was being half forced onto the sofa, Yoshiko-san fiddled with the remote control for a bit, before sitting on top of my lap.

「My special seat. 」

Looks like there’s no escape for me.

To think that she was this attached. I felt terribly thinking about what would happen to the Eriko family if I were to disappear from this world.

Resigning as Yoshiko-san’s chair, I watched the show while feeling like hugging a hot water bottle.

If it becomes boring, then I can just think about tomorrow’s schedule to be productive.

「――It was more interesting than expected. 」

Pri-heal despite being a small girl’s show, there wasn’t anything deceptive for children, it was quite the show that meets a wide range of needs.

The battle scenes were drawn intricately, watching how she used grappling techniques despite the difference in body stature thanks to her physical ability being strengthened, the staffs must have quite a few melee-fight crazes.

Though, the finisher didn’t immediately finish the battle, but more of a show. Ooh, that receiving stance was a great reference. Finding a wonderful combat reference in this place, what a happy miscalculation.

「Isn’t Pri-heal wonderful? I want to transform into frilly-frilly and go rampage too~ 」

Quite the unsettling word of go rampage was heard.

Looks like it wasn’t just me that was drawn to the battle scene.

After that, I was taken for a session with the ending theme, it was about when dusk came that the power was turned off.

「……Say Rio-nee. Rio-nee is like Pri-heal, rampaging inside the game? 」

A sudden question with no precursor.

Looks like my stream that only provides severed body parts, undead transformation and killing was something Eriko’s little sister had known.

「But my battle style is so much so that even the villains inside Pri-heal would escape barefooted. 」

「You see, becoming like the Rio-nee inside BWO is actually my dream. 」

「Is that so, that’s a great dream. I’m sure it will realize when you get older. 」

「Kuhe, I’m in the growth period after all. I will even surpass Eri-nee in the department of chest~」

As Yoshiko-san said, despite being young, there was already a discernable bulge under her clothes.

It must be heredity. Eriko probably grew bigger than her classmates around this time too.

「And then, wasn’t there that time when RIO-nee dumpstered the Donguri Family’s base? 」

「It’s Dragneel Family to be precise. In any case, what about it? 」

Since I felt a little thirsty as I replied, I appreciated the iced tea that Eriko served.

「And so, I want RIO-nee to reproduce the meek and cheeky mesugaki at that time in front of me! 」

「Buuh!! 」

From the explosive demands that overwhelmed my understanding for a moment, the drink in my mouth almost flew out onto Yoshiko-san’s head.

That was a black history resulting from accommodating the viewers’ request, and is not something to be mentioned when on this side.

Such a cheeky character should’ve been buried but, to think that it’s pulling on my tail now.

Although I occasionally do it without much reason on stream if it has a strategical value of confusing the other party, to request that while in Eriko’s residence, and with the appearance of an average high school girl, there’s no other choice but to shake my head.

「It’s my life’s only request! If you don’t agree, then I might even put the idea of getting you cosplay 『Heal Plum』 of Pri-heal in Eri-nee’s head? 」

「Threatened by a girl that doesn’t even have two digits in age here, mumuu……」

「Just one time, one time, kay? Eri-nee isn’t around now, and there’s nothing to be lost, please please. Kuhe kuhe kuhe. 」

Then, upwards gaze, combo with teary eyes.

This girl isn’t Eriko. However, she had the appearance of a small and adorable Eriko, and their image easily overlapped.

A selfish plead like this, honestly, I want to refuse it but, if she wants it so bad……, I’m troubled.

「Honestly speaking, Rio-nee is always speaking so politely, like a granny. There’s no average high school girl lacking so much girl power, no way there is even if you looked. 」

Perhaps seeing through my indecisiveness, Yoshiko-san took on a my-pace attitude and showed a sincere look.


「So, just for a tiny bit, let loose for a bit. No worries since I’m super tight lipped. So, stop the polite words for a bit, and be refreshed, right? 」

……Haa, I’m too soft.

To think that I can’t refuse just by having a girl younger than me giving excuses and begging, that’s why I’m often called too serious.

「Fine. 」

By the time I realized, I was nodding my head.

「By the way, this is the script. Put your hands like this, look down and ridicule me as much as possible. 」

The instructions made by Director Yoshiko-san was very much professional indeed.

Well, since she’s Eriko’s little sister, I suppose a little servicing won’t hurt.

Tuning my pitch upwards as much as I can, imagining a voice like Yoshiko-san that has yet to undergo a voice change, and perform with a resigned feeling.

That’s it, I will just let the steam out.

「Nee~ nee~, shitty brat Yoshiko-san, you’re too disgusting for me, please die already ♡」

「Ri……o? 」

「Ukyyaaaa perfeeeect!! Even the intonation is really provoking! Ueh? 」

Somehow, I thought I heard Eriko’s voice there.

But I’m sure it’s just my mishearing. Still, seeing is clearer than listening, so I raised my face towards where the imaginary voice came from.

「E-Erikoo!? 」

Not good, very terrible.

Eriko was standing like a statue with her mouth open.

In this situation that only calls for misunderstanding, I mustn’t escape from reality and say it’s my mishearing, is it fate for me to repeat what has happened like when Elma-san discovered my identity?

「No, it’s not like this! Eeh……, we were arguing! But because Rio-nee is an adult, she had to change into that interesting way of speaking……」

Even if Yoshiko-san gave excuses, it’s too late.

Of all times, I showed my embarrassing part to Eriko when I let my guard down.

「Gu……he……. Lord, I appreciate everything you have done to me. 」

Eriko’s reaction, having an indescribable expression as if experienced every type of happiness mankind could ever experience, was holding her hands together, praying, and ascending.

「Eriko, Eriko, please, forget my shameful appearance. 」

No matter how much I shook her, she never returned.

「She’s a goner」

「I can’t get married anymore……」

「No it’s not time to worry yet, Eri-nee memories might fly away. Even if not, we can write it off as her imagination. 」

「Mu? Is that how it is? 」

Yoshiko-san rubbed my back as she said.

The more I come to know her, the more I felt that she’s a great little sister. She became the next person I have good will towards after Eriko.

After that, we convinced Eriko that she started hallucinating before heading to the kitchen, where both of us were treated to Eriko’s homemade omurice.

But then, a fierce battle for the person to 「Aaan」 me unfolded between them, in the end, it became a dinner of me becoming the VIP.

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