BWO Chapter 67: Errrioyoshi Stay Over Party Part 3

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My healing bath time was spent together with Yoshiko-san.

To think that my vulnerable self was exposed bare in front of Eriko, my reasoning isn’t catch up.

「Fua~ what a feast to my eyes~ 」

Yoshiko-san said something quite out of place while staring at me, it’s definitely not something that can be a feast?

「With Rio-nee model dynamic body, even Eri-nee’s squishy bouncy body can’t hope to match at all. 」

I was being fed praises like that.

Eriko’s physique changes every day, even for someone like me always near her can’t possibly grasp every change, still, there’re traces of her hard work. Leaving aside when, her body style should probably get better someday.

「As for me, I think it’s much more attractive if you’re not too skinny. 」

「I see. …… It’s a talk between us but, Eri-nee’s weight is getting really bad now. 」

「Is that true? I will be sure to be strict towards Eriko, please do tell me more about it. 」

Eriko’s lifestyle that tends to overindulge in nighttime eats must be reprimanded by me.

The reason behind her weight gain is likely because of getting too hooked on sweets without any plans.

Despite succeeding in a cruel diet plan previously, she completed a full course challenge buffet, saying that it’s her reward, and so her style rebounded to before, it’s a future talking topic in a sense.

「This is what just happened yesterday……」

Yoshiko-san who replied to my question started speaking in a tone as if telling a ghost story.

「She looked awfully suspicious after getting out of the bath and stepped onto the scale. At that time, I tried to sneak a peek as usual but, she suddenly screamed like she encountered the black that, it even spooked me. I looked at the scale when she was frozen but, the digit on there, could you believe it, it was a whole 5…… geh! 」

Just as she was in the midst of speaking, a terrifying presence suddenly appeared, and forced Yoshiko-san to seek refuge in the water.


There was a shadow on the other side of the bathing screen.

Moreover, there was a jet-black aura with pure killing intent radiating, that even seemed like stabbing my heart.

「Sorry. Yoshiko-san is just about to finish up, we’re coming out soon」

Immediately making an excuse, I told the person outside, and the shadow left for somewhere else.

Then, Yoshiko-san who was diving sensed the threat disappearing and reappeared from the water, then shook off the water on her hair, before speaking while ragged in breath.

「Hoho―n, I just discovered a secret part of Rio-nee. Your body style is actually plumper around the buttocks~. Kuheh, kuhehehh」

Come to think of it, there was an instant I felt something touching my back but, it was Yoshiko-san.

「That’s right, is something wrong? 」

「Isn’t it a figure to guarantee safe birth? I don’t think it’s bad at all. 」

「It’s bad for me. Since I can see already it being made into a topic. 」

「How uptight」

While conversing like that, both of us exited the bathroom together.

Having a little sister sure is great. Especially someone to talk with like Yoshiko-san, I’m sure Eriko won’t ever be bored.

Then, Eriko was like 「Leftover bathwater from Rio, guheheh」, then stripped herself and jumped into the bathroom with a gleeful expression within a second.

I thought she was being accommodating when she offered us the first bath but, turns out it was a non-salvageable Eriko again.

「Say say Rio-nee」

While blowing her hair with a dryer, Yoshiko-san hit my shoulders with her palms.

However, somehow, her smile was quite suspicious.

「Don’t you feel a teeny bit interested in Eri-nee’s room?」

She started elaborating her mischievous plans.

Eriko’s personal room was something that I never seen even once, albeit a little unexpected.

Still, I should refuse her here. There exists respect even among close friends.

「Sorry. Even if I’m interested, something that would compromise Eriko’s privacy is……」

「Then, perhaps I can distribute this in my class group chat~?」

『Nee~ nee~, shitty brat Yoshiko-san, you’re too disgusting for me, please die already ♡』


……The screen on Yoshiko-san’s smartphone was displaying the cheeky girl act that I did.

Rather than when it was recorded, it’s super bad to have my life tomorrow onwards in someone else’s hands.

Not listening to me even when I asked her to delete it, but that didn’t mean I can take it by force and do it myself, since that might be an act of harming a child, after having the video replayed a few times, I had the feeling my privacy was entirely crushed, as I gave up and made the promise reluctantly.

Children these days are all fearsome talents. I can only make a cold laugh.

「So go―! I’m standing guard outside, so Rio-nee go first. 」

「Hear me, even if it’s Yoshiko-san, this is the last time. 」

「How scary……that’s RIO-sama’s expression……」

She trembled as if she got a chill after bath but, probably because of my style of disciplining.

Well then, after taking one step into Eriko’s room, I will just get enough information to appease Yoshiko-san before a swift retreat.

For the clumsy me that is caught between considering for both Eriko and Yoshiko-san, it’s the only answer that I came up with.

「Please forgive me for this rude act. 」

Apologizing first towards the empty room, I dispelled my guilt and peeked inside with my head.

As expected, the room was not lit.

However, the mellow scent of Eriko filled in that space rushed into my nose, and I felt feverish enough that my legs felt weak.

In the game, I was always accompanied by the undesirable smell of blood but now, in the real world, it felt like some indecent emotions are getting woken up.

「Ufufu, fufu. Even though I know it’s not appropriate, this might become an addiction……」

The regrets that I ever had inside scattered with no signs left.

Aah Eriko, what a sinful woman you are. To make my heart jump when you’re not even here…….

The scent that I love so much, I want to breathe in this exciting scent to my heart’s content.

「Quickly switch on the lights. 」

Temporarily putting a lid on my overflowing desires, stretching my hands over to where the light switch would normally be and push it, I looked around.

「How is it? 」

Yoshiko-san’s voice rang.

……At the very least, what I saw was so terrifying that I hesitated to say.

「Nope, it’s just a normal room with no particulars, let’s leave quickly. 」

「Eeeeh―. How suspicious, let me take a look too. 」

「It’s not something that can be shown, or rather, seen at all. This room must absolutely not…… no, stop! 」

Not listening to my desperate attempts to stop her, Yoshiko-san charged into the room curiously.

「Fua? 」

Yoshiko-san’s emotion of 『Joy』 suddenly turned into 『Fear』, it was what it looked like when she suddenly froze on her feet.

「Ooou. 」

Fumu, she saw it.

The interior where one of the walls were fully populated with pictures of me.

Having no recollections of when most of them were taken is just the beginning. Over there, there were pictures taken from all kinds of angles secretly, even RIO inside the game had a bunch of pictures.

I came to realize that Eriko who is an existence that is like the sunshine had such a dark and fearsome side.



「Careful while you sleep」


Agreeing that both of us didn’t see it, we kept it as a secret between ourselves.

Well, people have their own tastes, and criticizing that would be rude. Despite it will stay fresh in my memories for a while.

Then, we regrouped with Eriko who became graceful and gathered at the center of the living room in sleepwear.

「What should we do now? 」

「Love story! Love stories are the essence of stay over parties! 」

「A love story with an obvious ending is just boring」

Yoshiko-san shrugged with a lack of interest.

Actually, I’m on the same page too. No matter what kind of story I tell them, it’s only one with empty content.

「Well then, should we proceed with both of you first? 」

For the time being, I pushed the idea.

For the time being.

「Rio! 」

「Rio-nee! 」

It was as expected.

Both of them was supposed to talk about love stories but, they only replied with a playful answer, and didn’t have any intentions of telling who they really liked.

「Then next is Rio. Naturally, not answering is forbidden. Who is it~, is it me~? Guhehe~」

「No it’s gotta be me! I already caught her heart firmly today! 」

Yoshiko-san, didn’t you say that you weren’t interested? What an opportunistic person.

Still, not answering would be unfair of me.

Although I’m sorry for Yoshiko-san, the person in my heart was already decided, I can’t say your name even if it’s for a lie.

……I thought so, but having the person herself in this place, my mouth didn’t move satisfactorily.

Though, if I’m forced to say it, then this might be a good opportunity to take the plunge…….

「It’s…… E-Eriko. 」

「Yess!! 」

「Heey that’s unfair! It’s a love story, friends aren’t allowed! 」

「Guhehen. Rio is a cool aromantic person, so she doesn’t really know about love~. No matter how many times Yoshiko asks, you won’t get the answer you want~」

「Mukiii―! 」

It was as I thought.

Love stories are just an event to disappoint oneself after hearing the name to ascertain the friendship between people.

Even if you confess to that person with resolve, it wouldn’t be taken seriously.

In fact, the sisters continued their bicker as if it was a bet without regards to my feelings.

――Eventually, it became a talk between the streamers, and when Yoshiko-san was bringing over drinks, an incident happened.

「Oh no! 」

Of all things, she stumbled a few steps before me, and spilled the cup filled eighth tenth up with carbonated drink.

「No! 」

Splashed on my sleepwear, it was wet from top to bottom.

「Rio alright!? 」

「I screwed up big time! Rio-nee sorry! 」

「No need to worry. However, I only have this pair of sleepwear within my luggage, so it’s quite the predicament……」

The time is late in the night, it’s impossible to ask mother to prepare a replacement or dry it.

Moreover, the incident wasn’t just that.

As I was cursing myself for my degraded reflex, Eriko raised a ridiculous solution.

「Then, you can wear my pajamas. Unn! There’s no other way. 」

「……Mu? Eriko’s pajamas? 」

A/N: Mentally weaker because physically weaker, or is it the other way around……


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