BWO Chapter 68: Eririoyoshi Stay Over Party Part 4

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Eriko responsibly collected my pajamas for washing and as the replacement, I was handed a light pink set of pajamas instead.

As for the size, all of them fit perfectly including the underwear.

However, I couldn’t calm down at all.

「Eriko’s pajamas…… and I’m wearing them……」

I tried sniffing a little at the sleeves.

……Although it was faint, I could smell the same fragrance when Eriko is super close.

Well, if she’d been using it for a long time, it’s not strange to for her scents to settle on it.

「Ah……this won’t do…… why……」

But, just from smelling it once, I could visibly see my self-restraint over lust gets weaker.

The heat inside my chest grew stronger by each sniff, and my nose slowly drew closer.

The harder I tried to refuse with my rationality, the witch dwelling inside myself would tell me to sniff more, I don’t think I can overcome this allure by myself at all.

「Nnn, fuuuh 」

Eventually, my resistance crumbled into pieces, as I covered my face with both sleeves.

The heat became even worse as I sniffed, and my desires to enjoy the smell of my special person grew.

Aaah, please, someone stop me…….

「Rio~h. It’s finally just us two~」

The one who woke up my almost caved in consciousness was Eriko, hugging me from behind.

Carrying Yoshiko-san who fell asleep on the sofa in the living room into her own room, she had just returned.

「About the pajamas, thanks for helping me out. Should we sleep already? 」

Even with Eriko around, I still want to have enough sleeping hours after all.

Naturally, I have not forgotten to bring my own pillow, so there wouldn’t be any sorts of insomnia from the difference in pillow height.

「Nn―, but I want to have some secret talk with Rio. Let’s go to my room. 」

「Eriko’s room!? Me!? 」

The traumatic scene that was inflicted upon me when I was pushed into the room by Yoshiko-san flashed, as chills ran up from around my bottom.

「That’s not reaction than I expected. What’s the matter? 」

「N-n-n-no there’s no such thing……, I’m actually super excited to check out Eriko’s room. 」

「Aah!! Not yet! Please Rio, sit tight there for a minute. 」

Saying so, Eriko entered her own room first.

The noise continued to come from within the room without pauses, and there were even some shaking occasionally, I can imagine how she is cleaning up the interior for a guest.

「Guhehe…… it was almost dangerous. Alright, please come in~ 」

Wiping the sweat on her temple, Eriko’s expression seemed tired as she peeked her head out from her room.

She said to come in, but even if I’m in my vampire body, I wouldn’t want to enter such a horror house.

While my eyes were shut hesitating about what I should do, I was dragged into the room and trapped inside.


As I reopened my eyes, the walls were a solid cream color without a single picture stuck on them.

Fumu, the hobby that would be a problem if it was known was kept aside, but it would’ve been perfect if I didn’t know beforehand. Thinking about how she probably stuffed that bunch of photos into one of the drawers or under her bed……, I should forget this.

「Then, should I lay my futon here? 」

「Non non, Rio’s place is here. 」

Then, she tapped the bed beside her.

「That won’t do, if I used it, then Eriko’s place to sleep would be on the ground. 」

「That’s― why―, I’m sleeping together with Rio. What a dullard~ 」

「……But that’s a one-person bed, right? 」

「We can just squeeze together. Ah, could it be that you’re worried about your sleeping face? No problems at all~, guheheeh. 」

Eriko who guided me with a carefree smile knocked me down on the bed, and at the same time, she flipped the sheets like her cloak and dived into the bed.

In the end, rather than being swept by the mood, there was something that I came to realize.

「Ah, hyaa, Eriko! 」

The entire room is dominated by Eriko’s air, wrapped in a bed filled with Eriko’s scent, and Eriko’s face lying just right beside mine.

And such Eriko was nibbling my ears, touching my chest and side, even if I tried to push her aside with my hands, the energy escaped my hands from the allure of my special person in pajamas next to me.

Eriko overlapping with Eriko, and Eriko with the Eriko-filled bed.

With so many conditions layered and met at once, it was the most valuable paradise that rolled into my embrace, I’m tempted to just accept and enjoy everything of it…….

「Guhehehe guhehehe. Rio is even weaker than a little squirrel today. 」

Muu……, I felt like I’m getting dyed by Eriko.

The pleasure that pulsed over every time skin and skin contacted. Only someone strange can sleep in this situation.

「Eriko……I, my self-restraint is not going to work at this rate……」

「Nnsuuuuuuuuuuu. Kuuhaaaa♡」


Eriko took in a deep breath around my collarbones and had an ecstatic look as if she had taken the best sweets ever.

「I will sleep while sniffing Rio, I wanted to try it even once~. Suuuiiiii」

Looks like I have finally become like a type of sniffing-type drug.

You do know that you’re also addictive for me right…….

「It’s time to sleep already. A child that doesn’t sleep won’t grow at all. 」

「No way. The flirty event during a stay over party with Rio is just starting, I can’t sleep yeettt…… kuu…………」

「Oya, aren’t you sleeping quite well. Fufu, good night. 」

Despite all her advances and desires just now, she suddenly became quiet and fell asleep.

Contrary to me being at risk of not getting a wink of sleep, what a great exemplary student.

To see if she really fell asleep, I tried patting her head, no response, poking her cheeks that are as soft as marshmallows, no reaction too.

Could it be, now that Eriko is asleep, I can do whatever……?

I see.

「H-Here goes……」

Sandwiching Eriko’s cheeks with my hands, I moved her to face upwards.

Eriko’s sleeping face illuminated by the warm-colored lamp came into view.

……How long has it been since I last saw your aloof expression.

The innocent sleeping face that seemed as if it had never even experienced sweet nor sour was prompting me to say, 「You’re very cute」.

Then, as I lowered my gaze to her luster lips.

「Mu. 」

Eriko’s drool was so much that it was almost getting on the pillow and her hair.

Since I’ve noticed it, I wiped it off with a tissue.

Well then, my preparation to welcome Eriko is complete.

「……Are you really asleep? 」

To ask when Eriko’s consciousness is probably drifting inside her dream, what kind of self-exploding act am I doing?

No, it’s because I’ve unknowingly noticed that it wouldn’t be possible to suppress what’s about to come, so I wanted Eriko to wake up.

「Kuu…… guhee……」

To leak such a suspicious laugh even while sleeping, Eriko is always Eriko no matter what state she’s in.

But having her like that would mean the place where I wish to belong to is possible.

「It’s Eriko’s fault to be defenseless in front of me……」

With pulse so chaotic that it felt like it would rupture, both my hands were shaking.

Sorry Eriko. After all, I’m just an immoral average high school girl that admits defeat in less than an hour when presented with the freedom to do anything with someone I love.

「A kiss…… if it’s allowed……」

This is for me to calm down, perhaps even for the sake of buying assurance for my entire life by making it a fact now.

Just a few more centimeters, just by moving my head closer…… my lips will overlap with the sleeping princess, Eriko.

Fufu, ufufu, it will become a stay over party with no regrets.

「Kuu……. I will bring you out to play again, Renta-kun……」


A boyish name, from Eriko’s mouth?

How could this be.

No classmates matched that name, could it be that it’s a viewer that she met from streaming.

Don’t tell me, it’s someone that Eriko holds so dear that she would speak of while sleeping…….

Aah, I knew it, the line she drew was clearly defined.

I expected it.

Eriko is a blooming high school girl after all.

Unlike myself who is pursuing a selfish ideal, she had probably chosen a partner to spend her life with.

……Then is our relationship only for her to take a breather?

Even though she directed that much perverted feelings towards me, even the invitation for me to become a live streamer like her, did she do all of that without any particular feelings?

No way. I don’t want to acknowledge it.

Making me be serious about you and switching to another person, no way I will allow it in our relationship?

Uguu……, my chest and head hurt particularly, and even breathing felt difficult.


Thinking about it, I didn’t grow any better from the past me.

The thoughts of my important person polluted and injured from someone I didn’t know was very infuriating.

That time, it was for my only friend, but now, it is for the only me…….

Fufu, rather than growth, this is devolution.

Why, the Eriko that I love and uphold so much, has become “The Eriko I don’t know” at somewhere I can’t see?

「Erikoooo……! 」

Why, my vision started turning blurry.

I won’t accept a reality where you are hiding things and betraying me.

「Do you even understand, how cruel is your irresponsibility! 」

I was screaming unintentionally even though it was midnight.

After all, I’m just a selfish girl that can only think of myself.

「Rio, are you crying? 」

Somewhere along the line, Eriko had woken up.

It looks like the chilly tears that fell from me hit her face and had roused her from her shallow sleep.

Even if she was still waking up, I can’t wait any longer. Missing to hear it is the essence of stupidity.

「Eriko. The name, Renta, who is he? 」

「He’s my papa. I used to call him that way before I grew up. Isn’t it strange? 」

With half-opened eyes, she answered.

Did I get jealous over Eriko’s father?

It’s a funny story that I want to bring into my grave.

At the same time, I felt relieved, and my body lightened.

That there’s no mistake I’m Eriko’s number one.

「Ahaa, being overly anxious got me the bitter end……」

My tears weren’t stopping even though I’m this age already.

But, unlike a cold and almost freezing liquid, it was warm and salty.

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