BWO Chapter 69: Eririoyoshi Stay Over Party Part 5

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A/N: Last stay-over party

「But Rio, you’re still crying. 」

Eriko caught the tears falling while still having a drowsy voice.

「Nope, these are tears of joy. I’m really glad Eriko is still the same Eriko. Just imagining your interest towards me was shifted to someone else……I couldn’t help it…… 」

Yoshi yoshi, Rio is such a worrywart~. Leaving my important best friend alone is not something I would do no matter what happens~」

「Hau…… Eriko, stay beside me tonight. My……, my anxiousness that almost made me lose myself, relieve it with your encompassing power. 」

「Alright, let’s have a great dream together……」

Eriko who listened to my earnest plead hugged me even while on the verge of falling asleep again.

……Losing trust in you even for a short moment, it’s a mistake that warrants crucifixion.

Moreover, the moment I heard those words, the balance within myself was collapsing with a tremendous speed.

If my broken down emotions had shown on the surface, then I’m sure I will never be invited to a stay over party a second time.

Not just that, I’m sure I would have avoided you at school too…… let’s put an end on the pessimistic thoughts for now.

「Eri-nee, what’s that strange scream just now? Thief? 」

The door was opened, and Yoshiko-san was at the door with one hand on her pillow and the other rubbing her eyes.

It’s because of my angry scream just now. I felt apologetic to Yoshiko-san.

「Yoshiko-san, sorry for surprising you. I made a strange noise from various circumstances just now. 」

「Uuu―, it’s spooky…… maybe there’s a ghost out there. Rio-nee, make a little space? 」

The footsteps drew closer.

Then, for some reason, Yoshiko-san sneaked into the bed fully occupied with me and Eriko.

「Rio-nee’s arm pillow~」

Her face popped up behind a sandwiched me, at a position opposite of Eriko.

Oooh……, I’m getting sandwiched by the sisters.

「Now I can sleep tight tonight. Kuhehehe…… supii」

Looks like she really felt at ease, as she immediately started sleeping soundly.

Still, having Yoshiko-san barge in was a saver.

With Yoshiko-san around, my lust that can’t possibly be restrained if it was just me and Eriko alone is being quelled.

I can never thank Yoshiko-san enough.

Just like that, with their help, I was able to fall asleep without any wicked thoughts.


How long has it been, that I woke up with such a refreshing mood and no sleepiness at all.


The Japanese-Western mixed menu consisting of salmon rice balls and sweetened French toast for breakfast was prepared by me.

It was difficult to decide the menu with Yoshiko-san around but, since I gave a passing mark for the taste myself……, uumu, I wonder what the actual result is.

「Muhyoooo! So good~! 」

「Delicious~! 」

Voices of rejoicing from the depths of their voice cords came out from the sisters.

Aah both of you, you would spill the food if you talked while eating.

「Kuhehehe, above all, Rio-nee’s apron appearance is very so sugary ~ 」

「Mumu, it doesn’t suit someone like me. 」

「Don’t be so humbled, acting like an embarrassed maiden like that is only adding more sugar on my plate. 」

「Say, can I take a photo? A short burst of few, please? 」

Even though she asked so, without waiting for my approval, the camera sounds were already ringing rapidly while she breathed roughly.

As for where the sound is coming from, probably her smartphone, I wonder where is she hiding it. Eriko secret camerawork is so high leveled that it can be used criminally.

「Since only considering Eriko’s taste wouldn’t be nice. It was worthwhile trying my best to come up with something that fit both of your tastes. 」

「It’s something Rio made especially, even garbage would be delicious~」

「Eri-nee don’t talk about unappetizing things when eating」


Looks like it might be wiser for me to take home the garbage I dumped in the basket during cooking.

Then cleaning up with the power of three, I returned the pajamas, changing back to my clothes, and put on my shoes at the entrance.

「It was a fun stay over party right! Let’s do it again as a break from streaming」

In front of the entrance, Eriko was seeing me off with a smile.

I had a lot of fun too. Still, keeping my rationality in a space alone with Eriko is too much.

Even if with the consent from her tolerating a hundred steps, I learned that it’s still too reckless for an average person like me to even think of assaulting someone in sleep.

「Thank you for having me. Someday, I will come again for another stay over. 」

「My place again? Isn’t it Rio’s house next? 」

「My house……my family is there……」

「I see, that’s right. 」

Even though Eriko seemed sad, she still understood nonetheless.

A dad who only sees me for my ability and dismisses me as failure of a daughter.

A mother who sees me for everything but my ability and worries for me even in school.

Because of me, the gap between the couple grew wider, and I even recalled there was a time divorce got raised up, still, both of them are my respected parents, even if I can’t be filial like what they want me to be, they are irreplaceable existence and I will pray earnestly for them to live a long life healthily.

……Because of such family matters, it was difficult to invite Eriko over.

「Rio-neeEEee! 」

A voice from below?

There it was, a Yoshiko-san clinging onto my legs as if it was a parting between life and death.

「Come play again! I promise I will have Rio-nee join our family the next time you come over! 」

Mumu, making a promise that’s considered too soon with a child isn’t a good idea.

「As I said, don’t trouble Rio. Then, see you later in the stream~ 」

「Yes, later then. Please look forward to when I finally invade the town. 」

Being sent off by the Onodera sisters, I rode the elevator back onto the ground floor.

……Just from not logging in for a day, I was very worried for my comrades in the game.

Well, I’m afraid I’m quite addicted to BWO.

At night, I will take a look at the forum before resuming.

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