BWO Chapter 70: At the Adventurers’ Forum Part 5

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A/N: It’s a forum episode that rarely connects to the main story.

Help the weak BWO thread for adventurers use Part 6082 Strike the strong

1: Nameless Adventurer

This is a special thread only for Break World Online adventurers.

Let’s write freely while keeping in line with the minimum rules.

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>> Please open the next thread at 980

774: Insomniac Marshal

Explanation of the current situation in towns for newbies

Origin Town: Ghost town

Second town: Ghost town

Third town: Ghost town

Fourth town: A vampire has intruded

Fifth town: Don’t ask

Sixth town: S rank adventurers that have nothing to do is gathering

Seventh town and thereafter: Nothing special is happening but, do not let your guard down since there might be impulsive events that threaten our safety

Even though it was going peaceful until recently, the gears are going crazy now

775: Flameball Homerun

Are there even any newbies here www

776: Introvert Omnyoji

Can’t skip out on creating a welcoming atmosphere for the newbies, right?

777: Heaven and Earth Sole Single

Very curious about the fifth town’s don’t ask

778: Mutsuki Mugi

>> 777

Don’t ask

779: Spin Spear

>> 777

Don’t ask

780: Skanda Angel Hashi Lucifer

>> 774

Marshal-san don’t hole up under the guild headquarters’ protection and go breath some outside air (smile)

781: Secretarine

Ain’t every town kinda in a bad spot

782: Seed Gatling

Littebuette looks a little iffy for a safe place too

Then where should I run to……

783: Fried Fennel

That vampire bad news

784: Introvert Omnyoji

Who thought there would be someone that actually do a BreakWorld move!

785: Flameball Homerun

That’s a different game she’s playing ww

786: Iguanite

Not just that, doing it live is strange

787: Fried Fennel

And she’s even taming more believers, RIO believers amidst our ranks are increasing

788: Re:set Peony

Suddenly becomes friendly friends with a little girl, then the next moment be attacking Arkan Village.

This uncontrollable and eccentric motive is scaring the Littebuette residents so much that the security is non-existent

789: Iguanite

「This place is over sooner or later! Let’s go drink without restraints! 」

I saw a minor insisting that……

790: Shiji Maimi

Honestly, Littebuette getting ruined is too great of a loss

There’re refugees that borrowed usuries there after all

791: Higedan Warlord

How can someone live so shamelessly while threatening the lives of other!

This reaper! Fiendish vampire!

792: Death Metal Band Imori

This hypocritical courteous demon!

793: Re:set Peony

>> 791

>> 792

A pattern where RIO believers try to be clever by pretending to be anti-RIO

794: Secretarine

Why haven’t the restoration of Origin Town started yet

Just pay to revive all the residents is easy right

795: December Ars

Actually, there are some that are reviving them slowly but……, since they remember up until how they died vividly, it’s not just as easy as reviving them, getting a counsellor type adventurer is the starting point

796: Trick Master

Well, those with simple brain will stand back up with no problem, even if there’re residents that decided to suicide immediately after coming back, apply for a refund

What I’m getting at is adventurers who are thinking about charging money should read the notes

797: Iguanite

I remember needing a different cash item to revive important NPCs like the guild master, right?

798: Two Ninja

>> 797


That’s why fellows with low ranks are just fertilizers

We must move the high ranking adventurers to get this done

799: Fried Fennel

Destroying is easy but, reverting it is sure troublesome

800: Salt tals

So, what about the third town? Even if the residents are revived, there’s no place to house them

801: Shackling Bondage Planet

That’s when you ask the headquarters to take them in

When in trouble, look for headquarters

Request the guild staffs, send them to the underground paradise and that’s a problem solved.

802: Unending Tomea

Paradise (Free work for entire life)

803: Spin Spear

Too cruel

804: Prinjea

The darkness at headquarters is too deep

805: Re:set Peony

The vampire is turning the entire BWO world upside down but, a little ironic that the login rate for adventurers is increasing slightly

806: Shashushuta

Should I reveal a shocking truth?

When I looked at the Littebeutte stream VOD, I saw myself

T/N: VOD, video on demand, think of a video archive.

807: Kisaragi Kisara

>> 806


808: Marumari Sisters Little Sister

>> 806


809: Shashushuta

>> 807

>> 808


810: Prinjea

Vegetable life

811: Fat Trunks

Is it time to be talking!

It might be today or tomorrow that Littebuette gets attacked by that vampire!

812: Naniwa no Haniwa

Right, where’s Elma, that orphan that encountered RIO that no one brought up

She might become the other weakness that RIO have other than the sun

Perhaps we can pin her down easily with a hostage

813: Fat Trunks


Think reality, you think that much is a weakness for that heartless fellow?

814: Hold Man

Isn’t it better than not doing anything?

Me gonna go visit Littebuette for a minute, catch that girl and write some blackmail to RIO

955: Lanusist

Let me pitch in an idea, block all the gates in Littebuette, propose to the guild to arrest all hooded residents

Then the guild quickly accepts that offer, and issues a quest that even us adventurers can accept

956: Horseback Ranger

So that’s the mysterious quest that was issued in Littebeutte just now huh

957: Citrus Apostle

The one where just bringing a resident that wears a hood covering their face to the guild rewards 10 thousand

958: Tom Boma

So, was it Elma? The resident that is under search

959: Disaster Prevention Tribe

I knew it but, Lanusist-san’s methods are very distasteful

Almost looks like to the territory of ignoring human rights any time soon

960: Lanusist

Isn’t it revolutionary? Just using my head a little is what it took

With this, we can surely find Elma, that little girl who is close to RIO that only sees people as food and livestock

961: Tom Boma

It is so merciless that I can’t help but be impressed

962: Jelly Winder

Victory is soon to be on the adventurer’s guild side

963: Wakasagi Fishing

But then doesn’t it mean taking off the hood is enough?

964: Lanusist

>> 963

That’s the real aim

It’s self-explanatory that her bare face would be visible

Everyone here surely has seen how that girl Elma looks like from the stream

965: Tom Boma

Oooh! Double plan it was

966: Tom Bomer

T/N: No idea if author typo or different person.

Handsome guy not bad

967: Colonel Glasses

S rank promotion confirmed

968: Cow cow counter

Goodness, because of this narcist’s sudden idiotic quest, Littebuette is in chaos like a fire is spreading or something

969: Frozen Iris

Super funny that just bringing some random resident with a piece of cloth over their head can get you 10 thousand

970: Saver Siphon

>> 969


It’s time for me to cover the residents with the excess cloth I got for sewing

971: Flag Lock

Hurray hurray!

Just by bringing a family of four to the central area got me 40 thousand ww

972: Connie Bat

Uooooh festival! All of you gather at Littebuetteeeeee!

973: Shuts Down

>> 972

Didn’t we say that the gates at Littebuette is shut

But actually, adventurers can get through freely

974: I love Iai

A big earner quest is here

975: Green Through

>> 969

If you are one that realized the loophole, keep it quiet ww

Because of your writing here, every resident in town is gonna get sent to the guild www

976: Super necktie

Lanusist great wisdom god

Sorry I ridiculed you as a sucker back then

977: Connie Bat


By the way, the town is out of control but, is Elma caught yet?

978: Tom Boma

Question, what happens after catching Elma?

979: Jelly Winder

Don’t tell me, Lanusist-oniisan is a lolico……

980: Insomniac Marshal

Next thread is up guys

981: Jelly Winder

>> 980


982: Wakasagi Fishing

>> 980

New thread open otsu

983: Shuts Down

>> 980

Triple otsu

984: Frozen Iris

>> 980

Thanks for your considerations today too

985: Lanusist

It’s time for this thread to close

Well, details will be explained in the upcoming threads one by one

A/N: As expected too much to use 5 chapters of slice of life

A/N: No forums next issue, so all fine


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  • Shraka


    Thanks for the chapter!
    It’s funny how they aim to use the info on her streams against her but still chat on the forum

    • Kristeen


      I like the idea in Golden Experience where the mc becomes a “great calamity” but everyone thinks that she is a monster and doesn’t realize that she’s a player. It lets he find out all of the plans that the top players put together to defeat her.

  • Lucas


    Thanks for the chapter!