BWO Chapter 71: Captured Elma & Notoriety and Infamy

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A/N: This is where it starts getting dark hero-like

Well then, the time is nine, from my information gathering, I found out the target of bloodsucking, the vampire lord is within the grounds of the fifth town, which was my original purpose.

However, as if read my timing, people from that adventurer guild entered the scene.

Of all things, one of the adventurers proposed an idea that was very likely for me of that world to do.

「Looks like Elma-san became a topic on the forum Eriko showed me……」

Before logging in, I recalled the image Eriko sent me.

The image of lines of words on a smartphone screen…… in other words, it’s the adventurer-use forum, plans about bringing Elma-san to the adventurer’s guild was written.

Not just that, there was even a message directed to me that stated 『Come to the Littebuette adventurer’s guild if you value Elma’s life』.

The opponents are serious.


I could only sigh.

At their shallowness of thinking that kidnapping just a girl can guarantee them the absolute upper hand.

As well as at myself, unable to sit still at all, wanting to retrieve Elma-san who has a wish to survive if possible.

「With this weak mentality, I won’t even be prepared to meet Eriko at all……」

Eriko, staying in the seventh town, I’m sure you have already made the resolve to defeat RIO without any hesitation, but look at my pathetic state.

……It took some time but, I finished my procedures before logging in, and decided clearly.

Rescuing Elma-san is the utmost priority, with destruction of Littebuette and evolution placed in backseat. I shouldn’t do both concurrently either.

As such, today’s stream will probably only include fights within Littlebeutte.

「I hate myself, especially for not being frank despite in role playing as a villain……. I will be sure to expel all this grudge at my stress outlet during the stream. 」

Today’s theme is decided to be 『Retrieve Elma-san』.

Let’s login.


The cave that was cramped when we first discovered it too, had become so complex like the interior of an ant’s nest, all the way to the entrance.

「Well then, everyone, the time to bury the fourth town, Littebuette with a mountain of corpse has come. 」

「Geeh RIO-sama! 」

Boss-san let out a 「Geh」 as his first greeting upon seeing me, still, looks like the kins are fighting over his meat jerky again.

If they like to eat so much, why not finish the bread that I’ve purchased.

「Hey, stop wait!? RIO-sama, aren’t you kinda taking it out on me!? 」

Along with the meaning of reducing my load, I threw all of my food supplies to Boss-san.

「Now, I will be disclosing a regrettable news, Elma-san, a human girl who is my acquaintance is under captivity within the adventurer’s guild. 」

「Girl, you mean the person with this gun? 」

「No. ……Since Boss-san had never met her, regrettably, this was quite the unproductive conversation. 」

The moment when we retrieve Elma-san, should I prioritize getting her to Boss-san or the neck of the guild master?

It will depend on the time and occasion.

Next, I called the kins that were busy digging walls within the cave to gather.

「I will now announce the strategy. I will infiltrate Littebeutte on my own, Boss-san and everyone else will standby on the place I designate and return to this cave if I haven’t returned within three hours. 」

「Aye aye. So, we’re waiting for RIO-sama to multiply kins within the town? 」

「Yes. If you see any kins evacuating outside, welcome them. Shoot and kill any adventurers if you see them. 」

「Shoot and kill is it, aye. 」

Although Boss-san was replying respectfully, looking closer at his eyes, they looked like a dead fish.

Even though he had attack power that can easily surpass any third rate adventurer, is he so unwilling to have his bounty increase? He should know his bounty won’t ever decrease as long as he’s with me, how unreliable.

Leaving aside my reasoning about his mental state, I moved everyone outside, and started the stream of great turbulence.




T/N: Wako bloodsucking.


『Is it time for the fourth town already』

『Come and take a look, it’s the start of Littebeutte conquest! 』

『Littebeutte everyone enemy』


T/N: Very excited.

『That face, she must’ve looked at the adventurer thread』

「Good evening, everyone. As you might’ve guessed, Elma-san was captured by the adventurers. 」

Even though it should be clear for everyone already, I included it as part of my greeting.

「I will keep it short. Despite role playing as a villain, I’m very concerned for Elma-san. That’s why, I will jump right into the trap that the adventurers had set, and that’s today’s stream. 」

『So reckless www』

『Those people that beat up that preacher guy dare to kidnap Elma-chan』

『Agenda gone full circle and came back』

『Don’t go, that’s what the enemy wants』

『With cheat level scent detection, everything is daijoubu

『↑If there was a trap, isn’t it always inorganic things』

『Adventurers…… so cowardly! 』

『Can only cheer as a believer』

『But RIO-sama somehow look a little shinier today』

I fully know it’s what my enemy wants. There wasn’t even proof of Elma-san actually being held captive.

Still, to not accept this challenge would ruin my name as a villain role playing streamer, and to abandon Elma-san, it wouldn’t be notoriety, but infamy.

T/N: The author is putting a difference between notoriety (known for being villain) and infamy (tarnished name) here.

That’s right, Elma-san’s life or death can only be dictated by me, I never gave adventurers my permission.

A villain doesn’t just kill everyone. They let chosen people live and build the fear towards themselves from there.

Well then, whether I’m a notorious villain, or an infamous villain, I shall let the viewers know.


「We’re almost at the town, I’m moving ahead first, Boss-san, stay here. 」

「Aye. Be careful there」

Ordering them to be on standby a little ways from the Blue Wolves’ territory, I reached the gate of Littebuette safely.

「Stop, Littebuette is currently under lock down. I have to check whether you’re an adventurer……」

It was the inspector that let me pass with a bribe before.

Since there’s no meaning in hiding, I will just name myself.

「I’m RIO. Haven’t the adventurer’s guild told you already? 」

「R-RIO!? 」

The strict looking expression suddenly turned white like a coward who found himself within a ghost mansion.

He didn’t even question my identity from shock.

However, he soon regained his composure and turned back to his lazy expression, before opening his mouth.

「……The kid that was captured, Elma, was it the girl that you brought along as your little sister? 」

Come to think of it, the first time I met with him, I’ve named Elma-san as my little sister.

「Fumu, looks like the information had spread this far. 」

「That’s right. I’m not an inspector for show. I was originally a volunteering soldier for the kingdom, taking down ten goblins with just one swing is my actual record that I can boast to my cute seven years old daughter. But that’s if I can survive today……」

I see, although it was a vague expression using goblins, seems like NPCs with considerable skills do exist.

Then, the inspector turned around, and opened the gate.

「Make sure to save her. Then please…… the adventurers……」

「Stop at that much. Even if it’s in front of me……, rather, in front of me, what you say will be broadcasted to the other world. 」

「Yeah……, right. The path to the adventurer’s guild is straight down this southern main street, you will find a giant building like a castle past the central district gate. 」

I already knew the road to the guild, but he still taught me politely.

It’s quite obvious but, looks like he’s hoping for the guild’s defeat.

In any case, hopes from anyone other than the viewers or Elma-san is not of interest for me.

No matter what he hopes me to do, I will retrieve Elma-san, and for the adventurer’s guild in this town, I will have them part from Littebeutte’s history.

「Elma-san, I’m coming now. 」

It’s time to go. To show the difference between myself and the adventurers.

Even if it’s a reckless detour with no plans, I will try to enjoy it as much as possible.

A/N: My stomach…… intestines……


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  • Dawn Seeker

    Dawn Seeker

    and thus it seems my fears are being realized. the author is back tracking. they are trying make her “less evil” make her “human” i am so tired of authors backing out i will read a few more chapters but i already have a feeling it won’t make a difference.

    • Kristeen


      I’m pretty confidant that she will stay a proper villain. Elma is just someone that she made both a promise and a threat too. A threat that her life and death are in her hands. And a promise to protect her. A good villain isn’t someone who kills for the sake of killing. They have a reason for doing what they do, even if their reason is just that they were in the mood to do it. Her reason for genocide is because she feels “free”, a similar reason to the protagonist of genocide online. A person that can truly be considered evil is not someone who kills just to kill or steals just because they can with no motivation whatsoever. That is what we call a crazy person. No evil is doing whatever you want without regard to the harm you do to others. If you save someone life you did it because you wanted to. If you murder someone you did it because you wanted to. If you burn down a town or village you did it because you wanted to. Hurting people for just because you can doesn’t make you evil, it just makes you a jerk. Hurting people because you just felt like doing it. That’s evil. Just because you saved someone doesn’t make you not evil it just means you felt like saving someone.

    • awa


      i don’t think she ever has been truly evil to begin with tbh; she was super annoyed with the priest trying to track her in the beginning and has been annoyed with the super corrupt adventurers from day 1 and she always felt a bit guilty about inflicting pain to the citizens and other innocent bystanders who got unlucky enough to be in the way of her power-leveling

      and her whole genocide route stuff is purely to reach the top – saving a friend doesn’t stand in conflict to that at all

      she even already expressed twice that she wants to be stopped by a “real adventurer” like Eriko or that idealistic pushover in one of the previous cities

      if you want an actually evil genocider then read genocide online, that mc has zero remorse, zero guilt and zero restraint, kills almost everything and spreads chaos for the sake of having fun wherever she goes