BWO Chapter 73: Elma Rescue Battle Part 2

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『Victory! Third guild, done! 』

『Somehow there’s no braver daredevil ww』

『Already rescued』

『Too overpowering』

『I totally thought she was going 「At the very least, by my own hands」, and start firing without regards to Elma-chan』

『That was quite the dangerous gamble』

Gambling is what I like after all. I like it even more in this world, since my chances here are higher.

「Quick, to the second floor! 」

「What noise was that」

「Did the debuff went well……?」

「Ooon? Isn’t that Catcher dead over there? 」

「That means…… no way!? 」

「Ah, they noticed. 」

The adventurers that were waiting downstairs realized the abnormality and rushed into the room.

Everyone, seeing the scene that was out of their expectations, surprise was obvious on their face.

「Your disposal are first on the list. Let’s start the deathmatch in a fair and square manner. 」

「O-Ogheeeee!? 」

Well, looking at the current situation, it’s likely that there will only be killing and no killed.

Every one of them rushed upstairs and squeezed in the narrow corridor. Their numerical advantage turned upside down.

「Goyyaaa! 」

「Ain’t this no debuff at all!? 」

「Don’t push Booma! 」

「It’s Boma, don’t mistake it you asshole! 」

「Oi get outta the way! I’m dying! Ugaaa!! 」

Those that hit their elbow at another person while trying to draw their swords, those that fell down the stairs, those that tried to escape, and those that wanted to fight, all of them crashed into each other and became tangled, as comical as it seems, I sent all of them into their graves.


Since the obstructions were cleaned up, I called her name, and started a short run to pick her up in a piggy back.

「Onee-san. Quickly come. 」

「Yes, let’s leave the apologies and piled up stories later, we should get out of the enemy territory first……? 」

……Despite my attempt to speak in a familiar manner, somehow, the voice seemed less familiar.

From her blood scent, it’s the smell of Elma-san that I’ve smelled plenty before, so there’s no mistake she’s Elma-san though.

「What’s the matter? I’m here. 」

A sense of discomfort and foreignness, all of it originated from the person in front of me, my hand that I stretched outwards to reach her withdrew from the presence of pure living creature that didn’t suit this place.

This won’t do, I got careless. Elma-san should’ve become a half-kin when I granted her my blood during our parting.

In other words, the scent of the real Elma-san shouldn’t smell familiar.

……No, I have already realized it the first time I smelled it, but the information I got from my eyes and ears ――, I wanted to believe them.

『RIO-sama suddenly stopped』

『Again with the perplexing actions ww』

『Elma-chan not needed anymore? 』

『We can read that we can’t read RIO-sama’s thoughts』

Despite the exact same clothes and hood, this person is not Elma-san…….

I must get ready for a battle.

In the short moment that I’ve let my gaze off to perform a weapon transform, the person that I thought was Elma-san suddenly dove right under my nose.

「【S rank 8043rd ・ Metamorpher】. You fell right for my transformation ability and small tricks. 」

The blood scent became more intense, and I was hit with a heavy blow from the adventurer who looked only like Elma-san.

Because of my mistake in choosing to change my weapon than retreating, a heavy impact ran through my abdomen as the punishment.


Coughing up blood from the high attack power that damaged my organs, it was so powerful that my back bent outwards while I coughed.

「Ehe, it’s my sharp and swift 《Morph Claw》. Avoiding it is a big no no. 」

From the adventurer who spoke with Elma-san’s voice, my legs and abdomen were gouged by her claws, and blood spewed out everywhere.

It was an aggressive offense befitting of her rank.

――With about 8000 members, S rank adventurers have the most members. It’s a league more than A rankers that only have 3000 people, because of that, even if it’s the same rank, the lower ranked and the upper ranked are essentially in different ranks.

The competition and rivalry increase dramatically the higher you climb, it was a structure shaped like a reverse pyramid.

The intention behind having so many adventurers categorized in the S rank is a rational and model reason from an organization stand point to promote competition to improve overall abilities. That was the unknown side of the adventurer’s guild.

「An S rank adventurer, sure hits differently from an A rank. 」

Eriko is in the upper ranks of S rank but, this adventurer is still an S rank despite being at the lower end, fitted with matching strength.

Albeit incomplete, her skillful transformation could almost deceive my blood scent, and the cunningness to make use of my emotions and bonds with Elma-san, above all, I couldn’t catch her within my vision at all with her agile movements.

「I don’t mind getting hit at all, but won’t RIO-oneesan hate it if your favorite Elma-chan cries? That’s why, please don’t fight back. Just look at me and make it a stream where a pathetic vampire dies. 」

Despite her appearance and tone being the exact same as Elma-san, every time the blue glowing claws on her hands reflected the moon, my body was getting torn apart gradually.

『Behold, Dark Elma-chan』

『Quick counter! 』

『RIO-sama! She’s only a look-alike, that’s not Elma-chan』

『No way, did we go this far just to save a fake』

『Cut and slash! 』

『Don’t get deceived』

『Even RIO-sama can’t raise her hands against Elma-chan……』

The messages were getting heated up in a panic but, I’m very calm.

Besides, the viewers have a big misunderstanding. For me, just like how I can differentiate reality and virtual world, I can differentiate between the real and fake.

The reason why I acted as a punching bag to be tortured, suffered and spat on by the adventurer that looked like Elma-san was to increase my wounds.

「My preparations are complete. Here are my presents. 」

「……He? 」

With a posture of both hands over the sky, I activated the skill, 《Blood Needle》 that was benched for all this time.

The strength and area of effect is supposed to increase in proportions to the damage on myself.

「O-Ouuch!? 」

Great. Elma-san was stabbed by countless needles, several of them even landed on her eyes, as she fell on the ground and rolled in agony.

As an offensive measure and a blinding measure, both of them were super successful.

「Iiiit huuwwwwwtsss Oneeee-zaaaan!! Why do you bully mee! So crueeeelll! 」

To jump and scream like a fresh caught bonito, what a lively Elma-san.

The bleeding on the imposter’s body from being stung by the sea urchin-like spines didn’t stop but, she was still acting like a pitiful dying loser.

「I will hate Onee-san for my entire liiiiifeeee! 」

「Elma-san won’t cry like that, you’re not getting a passing mark even in a monkey-acting school. Still, for me to get more immunity against Elma-san’s anguished noise, I will have you suffer for a while more while reproducing her voice. 」

「I-Iggyaaaaaaaaaah!! 」

Stabbing my sword in her stomach to seal her movement, I pushed the blood red needles deeper one by one.

「Bbuaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaa Oneee-zaaan!! 」

It felt quite similar to sticking pins in a pincushion. The convulsions she made might’ve been from some pins stabbing into a nerve.

「Stop, stop, please……! 」

Well, since her HP is about to reach 0, her sufferings will soon end.

Looks like she can’t hold any longer, I will ask her now.

「Do you know where the real Elma-san was taken to? If you answer me now, then your hell ends immediately. 」

Rather than asking or declaring from the get-go, letting them taste intense pain and then offering them a choice to be relieved is what I thought to be effective.

「Don’t know…… I don’t know. I was instructed to impost from that disgusting man, Lanusist but, I don’t know anything more! I answered so please……」

「Of course, not knowing is also an answer.」

After all, a person at the end of the line can’t possibly know the details.

In any case, I decided to send this person with high combat power into my inventory.

It’s the preparations for my start dash after evolving.

「I’m sure it wouldn’t be fun to do nothing at the respawn point. Join my live stream or something and watch as the adventurer’s guild crumble. 」

「Ighheeeh……! 」

As I said so, I cut off her head with the saw in a stroke.

Uumu, unfortunately, her transformation doesn’t come undone even after death, her skill probably works like my 《Flesh Manipulation》, where modifications are performed on the body itself.

Since I can already imagine having an Elma-san look alike in my inventory would scare the real Elma-san into oblivion, it’s something that I should use and discard as soon as possible.

『Dangerous, but S rank victory』

『Though there’re several thousand more people above』

『Is RIO-sama losing her innards calm? 』

『Elma-chan wasn’t anywhere after all』

『I’m not feeling great either』

『Huh, if it was the real Elma-chan, then RIO-sama’s gamble would’ve……』

『Somehow crossed this ridge. What about the next』

Still, to want to manipulate me by using a body double of Elma-san, that adventurer, he sure plotted well.

Therefore, the next prey that I will make regret is Lanusist-san.

I will find him even if he’s within the sea, get him to vomit Elma-san’s location, and interrogate him to the point that going against me doesn’t become an idea the second time.


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