BWO Chapter 74: Elma Rescue Battle Part 3

PhantasmalMira 1088

Mowing down any doors or mechanisms that obstructed my path, I headed straight towards the origin of Lanusist-san’s blood scent.

After all, as long as I can make sure Elma-san is not being held captive in this guild building, then there’s no need to limit every move I make.

……I descended to the basement, if there’s no error in the blood scent, he should be within this room.

「Haaaaak 」

Since the door was locked from the inside, I punched straight through the stone-made door with my bare fist.

「Uwaaaaaaahh!! 」

Big jackpot.

In a corner of the food storeroom with many wooden crates, I discovered Lanusist-san cowering.


『Cornered indeed』


『Hide n’ seek over』

『Notice of the end of Lanusist-san』

『Death reaper found ya』

『Make em not die a normal way』

『Uwaaaaaaaah!! (Basically copy pasted reaction) 』

Still, the surprised reaction doesn’t differ much between people at all.

I’m not a psycho-type villain that ridicules human fear, so I’m not particular in the variety of screams but, I must say, it felt a little disappointing.

「Go away! You mere stupid and ugly vampire! Don’t even take a step near me who is the best in debuffing field! 」

More words were showered upon me on each step but, to think that a debuffer would chant not magic, but scolding, he must be desperate.

「I’ve pretty much cleaned up the adventurers that were helping you. If you’re willing to guide me to where Elma-san is without resisting, then I will grant you death in a state that is the ideal ending moments for a normal person. 」

First, I offered a resolution that involved no blood and sweat.

It would be really great if he can be generous and accept my offer.

「No way. I can’t guide you……」

However, did he have some kind of reason to be so insistent on refusing, he didn’t try to nod his head at all.

「Refused on first attempt, is it, then there’s no other choice than some pain from poking. Hak. 」

「Gyaaaaaaaaah!! Ooouchh! 」

Cutting half of his waist open, I stabbed my saw in that opening.

It’s my usual trick to immobilize someone until they are willing to spit out information.

「I almost forgot to say this. Refuse the second time, your eyes are crushed, the third, interrogation starts, fourth, I will make sure that not even a fragment of honor remains within you, the fifth, I guess you will have to wait for death from bleeding while unable to move. You still won’t agree after hearing this terms? 」

Detailing what will happen, I tried to threaten him to spill it out.

「No way, If I even utter a single information to RIO……. Then my career as an adventurer is over! 」

「Is that so」

I changed to my twin swords.

I slowly poked them into his pupils without being forceful.


Having both eyes stabbed through, he was wriggling all around.

I was being careful with my force to reduce as little HP as possibly, after stabbing to a certain depth, I pulled it out, and changed to another weapon.

「You don’t need to see since you don’t want to guide me anyways. Still, you’re not confessing at all, could it be that you’re waiting for reinforcements? 」

「This……! If I can use even my slow debuff somehow……! 」

「Oops, that can’t happen. 」

Randomly reaching my hand into one of the crates, I took out something that looked like a green apple, before stuffing it in his mouth forcefully.

「Fuuu! Fuuuuuu! 」

With his mouth stuck, activating magic should be difficult.

Whenever his spirit gets defeated and is willing to talk, I can just tell from the gesture of his head movement, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

「With this transforming function of my weapon, you can look forward to many variations of interrogation. Looks like you’re enjoying quite the terrifying torture experience, I’m sure you are excited for what’s next. 」

Oh, did my line sound very villain-like?




『Anger of being deceived by Elma is in her words』

『RIO-sama’s way of expressing anger』

『No this is scary』

Since I could feel the tremble from the viewers’ messages, I might’ve overdone it.

「Answer, or not answer. This is the third time. 」

Well then, changing to the magic wand is completed.


Stabbing into the opening in his abdomen, I tried scooping around stuffs.

Careful and precise, I put my heart into skillfully manipulating my hand movements.

「Feeling like answering yet?」


「Fumu, you’re still not letting up even with organs spilling out. 」

Self-interpreting from his response, it should be 「I won’t answer」.

Well, just physically torturing with pain is against my taste, and it probably won’t even serve as side dish for the viewers.

Therefore, I should change the direction.

「As for the next torture, it would be interesting to use ideas from the viewers. Well then, everyone that is watching right now, please do gather some ideas without being reserved. 」

『Wait ww don’t look over here www』

『She nonchalantly included the viewers as accomplices again ww』

『Too terrifying (Good, keep it going)』


『Now this is exciting www』

『What kind of expectations RIO-sama have for us ww』

『It’s RIO-sama’s orders! Every one of the kins! Let’s come up with an idea that can please her! 』

With a painful interrogation menu originating from not me but someone else. It should be quite the heavy pressure on Lanusist-san’s iron will.

「Fuu――uuh!! 」

Since Lanusist-san is struggling while spraying snot everywhere, I averted my gaze, and focused on the messages coming in like waves.

……There’re some that are being considering for both myself and Lanusist-san and gave a simple method, some went to look up details of interrogation methods from all kinds of countries, and those that raised ideas that would rouse knowledge seekers, it was so much so that I hoped him to not confess for this time.

This is……, a perfect idea that can completely crush his endurance. I should use this.

「After a strict selection, it is decided, testicles crushing with Magic Hammer of Hidden Dark. 」

T/N: ouch.


Lanusist-san objected with a wordless noise, looks like it’s impossible for him to sit still with his manhood crushed even if it’s in a virtual world.

I saw a trivia somewhere that getting kicked in the critical spot is more painful than giving birth. The pain from being crushed with the magic hammer should be immense.


『Rest in pieces』

『Too yabee……』

『The most evil godly time of history』

『Rather, just godly time』

『Balls is shriveling up』

『RIO-sama is a little too much』

『I’m scattering raw kusa everywhere』

T/N: Too much laughing.

『Getting castrated by RIO-sama, how envi…… pitiful』

『Lanusist-san was a man (past tense)』

Since the viewers had agreed, I shall begin.

「Let’s go for it with a countdown. Please hold onto your consciousness tightly so that you won’t just pass out from shock. Well then, it’s the begin of a show, three, two…… 」


Despite his mouth being stuffed with an entire apple, Lanusist-san swallowed the whole thing down, and admitted defeat before I swung my magic hammer.

Aah……, how grateful I am for him to confess before it happened. The moment I crush his critical spot, I would probably cringe my face really hard.

「Answer within five seconds. Since I’m very particular with time, being late with even 1 second is unforgivable. 」

「I handed over Elma to the guild master! The guild master is at the highest floor! She must be there! 」

……The words he spat out in rapid succession were credible.

While in the room, considering there was the adventurer Metamorpher that disguised as Elma-san, and him being the key person involved in Elma-san’s search, he must’ve been working with the guild master.

Besides, catching the enemy boss and using Kin Transformation then having him guide me is my initial plans. Even if he didn’t answer, I intended to go to the highest floor where the guild master should be.

「Thank you for your cooperation. As you wish, I will grant you a death without any pain. Please don’t move. 」

「Ahihih…… it’s all over, the expel punishment from the guild……. Just when the dream of finally joining the S ranks became realistic…… Ahiihihihyaahyaa. Noggyyaaaah!! 」

Since Lanusist-san who was laughing like a fanatic has no role here already, the place to crush changed to his head, then with a single strike from the magic hammer, he turned into tomato.

「……It was back breaking. In any case, I must hasten to where Elma-san is. 」

Since the guild has six floors, if I rushed quickly, I should arrive at the top floor soon but, whether Elma-san was safe or not, I was incredibly worried.

I should run up.

A/N: Stomach pain


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