BWO Chapter 75: Elma Rescue Battle Part 4

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Since the viewers’ guidance was sent in short intermittent, I was climbing the stairs without hesitation.


『Right at that corner』

『Turn right』

『Turn left at that corner』

『↑Oi ww』

『Up at that corner』

『Down at that corner』

『Up right at that corner』

『Don’t play around www』

『That corner ←→AB』


『RIO-sama probably isn’t from that generation so stop it ww』

Since the messages are mixed with jokes, they weren’t consistent but, I’m choosing the direction based on majority, so it should be mostly correct.

「RIO…… aren’t you RIO!? 」

I acted as an unrelated third party whenever I bumped into another guild staff until then but, it didn’t very effective, so I decided to just dash right past them.

「……Having said so, the route to the core isn’t that complicated. 」

Well, if not for the twisted structure that suggest this is the 5.5 floor, this should be the top floor.

It took almost one hour for me to get here, I’m glad I arrived without taking much time after the night has fallen.

Only a door left to the enemy’s core, since my hearing isn’t that good to be catching people’s breathing, I checked with blood scents.

「I’m feeling demotivated to even open this door. Haaa. 」

It’s because there was only a weak reaction from the blood scent.

Whether Elma-san is on the other side of this door, or someone else, either way, there’s no mistake a trap is waiting me.

Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, if it’s going to be a trap anyways, I hope that it is the former waiting for me.

「What will come out here……」

Without knocking politely, I breached with a kick.

Then, with a great sword prepared, I’m ready to slash whenever.

「Nice to meet you, how are you. 《Magic ・ Lightning Ring (Light Rings of Restraints)》」


However, as if shattering all my positive hopes, the latter was waiting for me.

The girl that looked malnourished and thin activated a magic, and two rings appeared right below me.


The rings of light shrunk suddenly, then tied up my hand and legs like a rope.

「I’m the guild master of the Littebeutte adventurer’s guild branch, Shiira. How is it? Even the frail me destined for a miserable life is a little capable in the magic department. 」

『So sudden! 』

『So it was a trap after all』

『Guild master! 』

『So Elma-chan isn’t here either w』

『Restraining magic isn’t an abnormal status, so Incapacitation Resistance + 100 doesn’t work at all』

『↑RIO-sama had a constitution like that? Right, she did』

……Although it should be utmost priority to break out of it with all my strength since it’s restraining me physically, the light rings were stronger than its appearance and the restraining strength are considerable, just moving my knees is my limits.

Well, it’s not like I’m entirely out of hands yet.

If I can get far enough from her, there’s still a hand to play for me to get out of this situation.

Now, what will Shiira-san, the magically capable guild master going to unleash next.

「RIO-san. Ufuh, now we can finally talk. 」

Then, as if having good intent, her next move wasn’t casting a new spell nor attacking but approached me.

「Where did you abduct Elma-san? I’m not interested in any other idle talk. 」

「Sorry, don’t hate me. I didn’t cast the spell with any animosity. I only restrained you so you can hear and sympathize with my sorrow. I’m sure if it’s a female vampire that’s hated and denounced by everyone like you, surely you will shed tear at my tragic past. 」

In summary, she just stood there and narrated her past. But an enemy’s past is nothing of my concern.

Still, if she gets any closer, the chances of my plan working would be reduced, so I had no choice but to listen.

At about half way of her narration.

「It was when I was still a little girl, that’s right, long before when the adventurer’s guild was set up. A misfortune happened to me, when I was still the second daughter of a viscount in the Bougainville Kingdom. My father, the family head was murdered with many knife stabs……」

She started talking with a soft but emotional voice.

Although she was a guild master, Shiira was still a person, so having a past or two isn’t that rare.

「But then, not just my mother, acquaintances and other aristocratic families, even the main family too……, all of them suspected me first, without any proof shown. Even though he was my father……, all of them suspected me……」

Regarding me not as an enemy but rather an audience, she complained while making body and hand gestures, as she revealed a portion of the tragedy that probably did happen.

「I see, so no one stood on your side, and you were convicted for a false crime of killing your father. ……Having to be a scapegoat, as you say, it was tragic. 」

「Nope, they were right, I was the one that killed my father. But don’t you think their logic is off? 」

「Ha……? 」

My one word was full of question marks.

My sympathy for this person had stopped.

Then, Shiira-san became even more emotional with her voice.

「I mean, they were so cruel! They suspected me first, saying that you must be the killer! If this isn’t unreasonable tyranny, then what is!? In the first place, I was so fed up with my father, so I killed him but, every one of them, they called me an abnormal…… uuuh…… where is justice in this……」

Just as I thought if she was in a hysteria, she started crying, what an extreme change in emotions.

「……Say, RIO-san, you should know who is the bad person if you’re smart, right? That’s right, it’s those people that suspected me without any proof, they are the evil. Naturally, being pitifully suspected, there’s no way I’m at fault. 」

I lost my mood to even respond.

「That’s why, I have the right to take the lives and fortune of everyone that suspected me…… no, not just them. The kingdom in the north, the entire continent, I should be given the right to take everything and trample upon them. 」

I was so amazed that I felt heartburn and dizzy.

「Don’t you agree? After all, I’m just a pitiful victim that was suspected unjustly. 」

With a serious expression despite what she said is as serious as a joke, she made a sad face with no signs of guilt.

I give up.

The special sickness-like ethics and philosophy this person has is something I can’t bring myself to defend it at all.

If the executives of the adventurer’s guild are made up of solely insane people like her, then I suppose it’s normal for the people and society under their ruling to be dead.

There’s no room for consideration. Even if you forced me to sit, listen and sympathize while being restrained, I will have to refuse since it’s impossible.

――There’s no need for a long tedious talk with this person.

「I will take your blood and kill you. 」

A/N: Stomach still not good


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