BWO Chapter 76: Elma Rescue Battle Part 5

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「Why……can’t you understand me……? 」

A person who was a collection of egoism, full of self-pity without any malicious intent.

「Even the graceful and beautiful Lanusist-san embraced me gently, and affirmed me that 『Master wasn’t wrong at all』…… all the other visitors too, they are kind people that are willing to stand on the side of the weak. 」

Fumu, there’s someone defending her it seems.

She seemed friendly with Lanusist-san but, I’m sure he only approached her for getting power.

「Who knows, at the very least, with my mere commoner and average high school girl’s brain, I’m having a hard time understanding at all, forgive me. 」

「……Why are you apologizing, it makes me look like the bad one!! You’re the one at fault! I’m just an innocent girl that was tormented by mistake! Evil beings that simply brand me as evil should just die!! 」

Suddenly, she became angry hysterically, taking out a hatchet with high killing potential, she started swinging it around while approaching me.

Unable to speak anything other than delusions of being a victim, rather than a human, she’s more on the domain of a disaster god.

「You’re saying so many terrible things. Have you not been taught to not speak terrible things of others!? But well, looking at your appearance, you must be uneducated. 」

Rather, isn’t she the one that has been oppressing the residents indirectly with her selfish reasoning? Even the viewers are appraising it as 『Extra-large boomerang remarks』

Since any objection would only call for her objection, I refrained from speaking.

「Someone that doesn’t get me should just die! 」

……Now. To self-inflict damage, I bit right through my tongue and into my lower lips.

「Flying. Be careful of the light rings, go play with that guild master. 」

【Hahahaha! This guy is my enemy huh! 】

The summoning succeeded. This is exactly one of the few hands I can play while being tied in hand and feet.

Able to use it immediately even if I get immobilized, even better, I can wait for the enemy to draw closer before summoning, with a good timing, a surprise attack would probably work.

「Hya!? 」

With just one of Flying’s tackle, the guild master fell, and from that, the hatchet left her grasp. At this point, it’s Flying’s one sided game.

It will be complete delegation to Flying until I get out of these cuffs but, please skillfully restrain yourself so she doesn’t get killed.

【Hahahaha! No one shall stand before my strongest energy ball! 】

「Justice will prevail! Justice must win! A bad monster should just go die! 」

Even if she’s not completely wrong, it’s a logic too far-fetched. After all, being labelled as evil by the justice doesn’t mean the evil will just spontaneously die.

If that was the case, then I’m sure by now, the entire earth would be empty.

Still, it looks like Flying had woken up to a terribly great hobby.

I’m sure he’s just carrying out my orders but, he purposefully took the balled up powerless fist from the guild master and flung her up in the air with a restrained kick whenever she started showing signs of magic activation to stop her chanting, rather than fighting, he was slowly whittling her away.

『Guild master so weak www』

『Single fire magic glass cannon she was』

『Oya, the rings? 』

『Oh, RIO-sama chance』

Besides, what an unexpected good news. Every time the guild master got hit, the light rings that restrained me became weaker like an old bulb.


Since the light and toughness had diminished by a lot, I broke out of it with just my brute power.

If I were to guess, this spell must be the type that requires continuous concentration and mana input.

「Flying, stop attacking. Shiira-san, it’s time for your miserable life that can’t be saved without blaming others to end. 」

「Don’t spout nonsense! I have to suffer this much, it’s everyone else’s fault! A mere inferior and uneducated creature dares to treat me like a bad person!! 」

Not using her magic spells at all, perhaps because she’s dry of MP, or was too agitated, she put the blame on me while crying loudly.

Then, that guild master’s next action was throwing punches filled with insanity.

「Die! Diee! I’m telling you to die! Go dieeeeeeeeeeee! 」

However, the punches she threw did nothing to reduce my HP, only her painful shriek reverberated emptily.

Therefore, I ordered Flying to hold her down, and moved into the last phase.

「Within five seconds, tell me where Elma-san is. 」

「Kill, I will kill you! Those who don’t appreciate me will be killed by me!! 」

Shiira-san, have you not hear anything I say?

To think there’re this many loose screws in her head.

「Three seconds left.」

「I generously allowed those garbage commoners to live inside my Littebeutte, it’s totally my right to thin out any number of them…… but all of them complains! Why don’t the foolish residents hold me in high regards at all! 」

By thinning……, I should stop the ominous imagination.

To have what she says completely different every time, although it wouldn’t be boring to hear, I’m getting ticked off by the amount of time wasted.

「One second. 」

「Fine, someone like you who doesn’t understand can just get cursed by the gods for your entire life. Unlike a vomiting evil woman like you, I’m undoubtedly a good and correct person. Even the god that oversees justice has acknowledged me. Kyaaahahahaha! 」

I readied myself at the sudden hysterical laughter, thinking that she probably had something else up her sleeves but, to think she would be relying on god now.

She had finally averted her gaze from reality. What a peculiar and weird creature indeed.

Well then, time’s up.

「There’s no god operating this world. Tell your complaints in the other world. 」

As the preparation before Kin Transformation, I stabbed my fingernails into her artery before using 《Bloodsucking》.

「Hiiyaaaaaa……! 」

Sucking her blood without leaving a single drop, I sent her soul into the afterlife.


《Karma value has dropped》

《Bounty set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 32.70 million Iris》

《Experience set by the adventurer’s guild has been corrected to 30, 111, 445》


Right after granting her eternal sleep, I used 《Kin Transformation》 to call her soul back.

「How do you feel, still feel like blabbering like before? 」

「Yoyoyooo…… yoyoyoo……」

T/N: kinda a crying sound.

Fumu, despite the unethical guild master she was, looks like not even half of her ego is left.

In other words, Shiira-san probably had no malicious intents at all.

……Giving excuses that didn’t come from malicious intents, throwing away responsibilities even though she’s at a position to take responsibility, what kind of upbringing would result in this kind of personality, the bad qualities are so much that it hurts my head.

Eriko had probably felt the same disgust.

Still, the concept of justice is truly great. After all, even after abusing or torturing others, they can justify themselves without ill intentions nor feel any sorts of guilt.

Monopolizing that omnipotent right like a tool, the adventurer’s guild handed them out to those under their flag.

No matter how bad the personality of a person is, rather, they would appreciate it more, since it suits their dictatorship.

『Guild master getto! 』

『Did I really worked my ass off for such a crazy woman before I retired』

『It’s RIO-sama’s generosity to include anyone as ally after death』

『Do you understand the fear behind having someone that is furthest away from justice name themselves as justice……? 』

『Understand. Super understand. 』

『But she can only 「Yoyoyoo 」 now, so it’s fine to not understand right……』

If I were to describe the BWO world, it would probably be “Anyone can be justice”. To cover up any evil deeds or domineering with those pretty words, this world is as good as a bread reproducing mold.

I should end this sooner. I want to reach where my longed Eriko is quicker.

「Shiira-san, I order you. Bring me to where Elma-san is imprisoned. 」

「Hereey…… heree……」

Since she beckoned with a hand signal, I followed behind while bringing Flying along.


「《Magic ・ Lightning Ring (Light Rings of Restraints)》」

「Kuwaah……! M-Master!? Why am I tied up!? 」

「Master don’t bully uusssssss! 」

Well then, despite losing her ego after becoming a kin, she could still use her magic.

Encountering the non-combatant guild staffs, she would restrain them with her magic, and I would turn them into allies.

Thanks to that, by the time we exited the guild, we had a huge army behind. Releasing the kins at the central area, I exited the central area together with Shiira-san.

In fact, Shiira-san herself was leading me out of the central area.

「It became a huge roundabout like never before but……. Where in the world Elma-san could be imprisoned? 」

I thought that she would be somewhere close at first but, who knows.

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