BWO Chapter 77: Elma Rescue Battle Part 6

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「That’s RIO! Gather here! 」

「Don’t let your guard down! Almost all the guild staffs are under her control! 」

「Don’t say that now! I thought only RIO herself is supposed to be here!? 」

「Came here riding on the wave but, don’t feel like winning at all……」

Some time had passed since the news of a vampire entering the guild has spread, and now there’re various groups of adventurers that came inside trying to quell the invader.

Still, it’s a silver lining that their morale is low. Even without fighting all of them, just by showing off an advantageous fight, there should be quite a few that will choose escape.

「……Is this the last of them? 」

I finished defeating all of them while skillfully using the new kins as shields.

Even if there are S ranks mixed among them, if it’s a lower rank, it’s possible to win with a slight difference in strength.


Constitution: Incapacitation Resistance + 100

Description: Increased resistance towards incapacitation abnormal status to virtually ineffective

However, it does not apply when resistance is lowered from any factors


In that process, I was hit with various abnormal status like paralyze, sleep, petrify, etcetera etcetera, although the kins’ resistance is a weakness, with me taking the hit, I was able to make use of the abnormal status for counterattacks.

Well, taking the least amount of abnormal status is the best for mental health though.

「Yoyoyo…… hereey……」

Walking down the path Shiira-san guided, I passed through the southern gate.


「Oi oi, look at that, the guild master is there」

「Guild master!? 」

「It’s her! Abducting everyone without a single care for us! 」

「……huh, why are her eyes so bloody」

「RIO is there too…… eh? Didn’t those guild fellas announced that RIO will be quelled? 」

「Why is RIO together there? 」

Within the southern district, there were many residents gathered at the gate of the central area for a demonstration.

They started murmuring to themselves after seeing me and Shiira-san walk by but, this is a good chance.

I will have them remove their self-restraint for me to have an easier job.

「Everyone who lives in Littebeutte, the adventurer’s guild has fallen from my hands! 」

「What!? 」

Surprised, the residents were stuck for words.

Since it’s easier for my voice to be heard if it’s quiet, let’s continue my speech in front of this audience.

「Therefore, the ruler of this town will cease operations tonight. But as you see, there’s no safe spot anywhere in this town. 」

「……What? 」

The number of residents realizing the situation inside Littebuette of washing blood with blood is increasing.

Fumu, everyone has honest expressions.

Well then, I will deliver the finishing blow.

「I think I will start turning everyone into kins. Everyone, hesitation is death! If you want to live, then plan your escape from Littebuette now, or pledge your allegiance. ……Or, perhaps cling onto the adventurers that invited someone they shouldn’t and self-destructed? 」

「Owaaaaaaaaah! 」

「Stupid adventurers!! 」

「I knew it, adventurer’s guild can’t even play the role of shit!! 」

「It’s all overrrr――! 」

「We’re going to die anyways! I will just do as I like! 」

Being fanned by my speech, the residents fell into turmoil, and shook off the restraints from nearby adventurers.

I’m sure the entire district will soon turn into such panic too.

I guess something like this will do. For them to conquer a rule of dominance, showing a greater dominance will suffice.

The rampaging residents are no longer containable by the adventurers. I’m sure they wouldn’t stop until all of them are killed.

『To think that the town’s getting ruined in this way ww』

『RIO-sama fanning the residents yabee

『Today is almost exclusively guild battle』

『Uhyoo great scene』

『Uooo! That mob man just kicked an adventurer away! 』

Still, looking from a distance, the residents were so crazed that they’re pushing each other regardless of who they are. But well, this is fully expected given what happened.

Most people who have lost their guarantee to survive will no longer regard anyone else, placing their own interest at the top, kicking off and sacrifice any others that stands in their way.

With their hopes crushed, they are willing to bet on the slightest possibility slimmer than winning the lottery to get away from the despair of an imminent gruesome death. Before such desperate actions, a little deterrence would make no change.

A great despair will sharpen the mind, they will forget the greatest countermeasure of uniting and only care for themselves and themselves only. After all, if they don’t place that suggestion on themselves, the fear will crush them before they die.

But in fact, it’s a fear that’s rational yet unfair, giving chances only for those that can escape quick or have good luck

「With this, Littebuette that was ruled by the adventurer’s guild will come to an end with their own hands. To grade myself, I would say it was an easy win. 」

……However, rescuing Elma-san had become quite the difficulty many folds than I first expected.

I just have to take the steps if I want to see the goal, while repeating that, it should’ve been about time but, mumumu, this is testing my patience.


Then, Shiira-san pointed to a single-story building that was built to camouflage in a densely populated building area.


『Elma-chan, where are you―』

『Onee-san is here to pick you up―』

『Still, it was a long fight』

『To think she’s in this common looking house, this is really the darkest under the lamp post』

『Stop the victory phrases in the chat, the flag is rising』

I mustn’t get conceited here.

Even if Elma-san is in this building, if I were to be not on guard against anyone ambushing an intruder, it will be losing my purpose.

If I were to let Shiira-san lead too much, I fear I will lose my guide if there really was an ambush and she took it, delaying my search for Elma-san.

Therefore, I had Shiira-san standby at the entrance.

「Fumu, there’re no blood scents from this room either. 」

Carefully stepping over the messy books that fell from the bookshelves, I tried to look for anyone lurking or clues about Elma-san but, I couldn’t find any worthwhile information.

Strangely, there was no sense of someone living here, on top of that, it was an empty indoors. Still, since Shiira-san has become my kin, it’s unthinkable that she’s playing tricks.

Could it be, this building was only a place where Elma-san is carried to, before transported to another place? But, if this place isn’t it, then I have no other leads to go off with.

「Can you hear me, Shiira-san, come to me, collect anything that can be useful in this building and continue guiding me. 」


After verifying it’s safe, I gambled on Shiira-san.

……As I was observing Shiira-san that wandered around as if recalling about something, she suddenly stopped around the wall.



Where she pointed was a wall with black stains that didn’t seem out of place nor any different when I touched it.

However, I heard a slight difference in the knocking sound when compared to the other walls.

I gradually increased the power of my knock, when the power eventually became like my normal punch, the thin wall was busted open, and a dimly lit passage to the basement was revealed.

Pieces of the wooden door rolled on the ground.

「Well, it was a simple to understand mechanism. Since there’re blood scents down there, it should be the correct path. 」

「That’s right…… down thereyy……」

Shiira-san, her personality had completely changed after becoming a kin but, the current her is more likeable.

Until we hit a fork, I took the lead since I had a higher endurance and regeneration capabilities, after checking the safety, I had Shiira-san follow me, and we continued to move without staying in a spot for long.


Yabee super creepy』

『Exactly secret base』


『Looks kinda difficult to live in』


『Blood scent seems fine?』

From the blood scents, there were several Enemy reactions deep within the depths. It’s my guess but, despite under the town, this place might be connected to an Enemy-filled dungeon.

「Can a person really live in a place infested with Enemies? 」

Even if I spoke in a loud voice intentionally, the footsteps of the Enemy didn’t approach.

In this underground world, the narrow path of the corridor continued endlessly, and the wall was a bluish stone material. With a long structure that is impossible to be dug even with the entire financial power of the commoners, it’s probably a hidden operational base for the adventurer’s guild.

The deeper I got, the more stagnant the air got, spider webs became more frequent, and the moss on the stones were thicker, it appeared as if no maintenance was done.

「Oya, this is? 」

Then, as I examined the stone floor closely, I could see several footprints, but there were two particularly fresh ones.

Their sizes were same in their pair, and the interval of their strides were as if walking together.

I see, she should be in here.

The long-running rescue battle is finally going to bear fruit.

「I suppose, it’s one last step to Elma-san. Still, this was quite tiring. 」

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