BWO Chapter 78: Elma Rescue Battle Part 7

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Still, we’re not reaching the deepest area at all.

It’s almost the 3 hours limit that I told Boss-san to withdraw.


Enemy Name: Lesser Bear Lv 17

Status: Normal




Enemy Name: Large Slime Lv 12

Status: Normal




Enemy Name: Red Ogre Lv20

Status: Normal




Enemy Name: Killer Bee Lv15

Status: Normal



As I continued down the corridor while deep in my thoughts, various Enemies that were groaning were…… isolated in their own prison cells.

Come to think of it, this corridor started to line with iron bars on both sides at some point but, I thought it was for imprisoning criminals, turns out it was actually for Enemies.

Even if they’re safe, to keep Enemies in a town, surely it will be a famous tourist spot in Littebeutte. I’m feeling like a warden for the Enemies.

『So it was really a dungeon!? 』

『Battle battle! 』

『……These fellas’s only looking, they don’t look like they will jump at you first』

『Why is it the types are all different』

『Say RIO-sama, let’s get out already……』

『The feel of coming to a place that shouldn’t be entered』

The viewers displayed fear but, I was fully expecting indescribable secrets to be hidden within an indescribable building.

It’s a big mystery why the Enemies aren’t attacking even when we crossed the iron bars, but there’s no use standing around somewhere that’s not the goal. If there’s still a path to take, then I just have to take it.

「Mera mera……」

「Punyan, punyan……」

「Ukkyyaa…… ukiih……」

There’re still various types of Enemies ahead but, it’s the usual seeing none of them making any move of attacking.

So much so that I was even beginning to foster a sense of confidence that my life won’t be threatened even if I activated some mechanism that will open the bars.

Even the zoo would have fiercer animals but, mumuu……, this is quite the strange underground space.

Since there weren’t any Enemies that showed sudden hostility, I’d like to hope that we’ll be able to reach the end without any troubles.


While answering the viewers’ messages, I continued down the path, and eventually arrived at a place with light coming from the room at the end.

「From the blood scents, there’s one……, no, there’s another one that’s not of a person, they’re overlapping a little. Though there’s no signs of Elma-san still. 」

My voice leaked out but, in this silence, the person? in the room probably caught it.

「――Who, who is the one that barged into my lab? 」


Hearing that voice, I reflexively turned around at once.

The reason being the voice and the intonation was exactly like Shiira-san.

Though, after thinking again, she’s probably someone I’m meeting for the first time yet have a familiar voice.

「Could it be, RIO-san? Nn―, it’s fine even if you’re not RIO-san. I’m getting tired only talking with Elma-chan, it might be a little narrow but, please come in. 」

「Elma-san……you said! 」

The name of the person that I should rescue, and the person that I’ve been searching even if it meant turning countless people into my subordinates after killing them.

Just from hearing it, the suspicious point of only having one blood scent flew out of my head, as joy came up and I ran into the room.

「Ara ara, isn’t it RIO-san. Congratulations, I should say first. Nn―, for the sole sake of your friendship with Elma-chan that spans over the gap of races, you’ve finally reached here I guess? 」

Wearing a yellowing lab coat, with a hat that can only be best described as the upper part of a frog’s head, the woman that looked like Shiira-san’s split image without using magic or weapons, spoke in a soft manner.

From a single glance in the room, it was a laboratory full of bottles, flasks, or some kind of cubic device or container.

Then, two large tank with cylindrical glass around it had tubes connecting to it. Within it was green-yellowish culture solution filled to the brim…… as well as Elma-san without her hood sleeping with her eyes closed.

I see, this is the reason why there was no Elma-san’s blood scent.

「No need to introduce yourself. Get Elma-san out of there now. 」

It was a situation where her survival is uncertain.

It would be the end if she drowned in there but, her skin tone was the same when I separated from her.

In any case, seeing how there’re no obvious wounds to Elma-san and if I can determine her safety, it would be my win. I should try to speak with her.

「Even if you threaten me to let her out. Why has it become that I must release Elma-chan to satisfy your demand…… I’m afraid, Marily doesn’t understand. 」

Acting like a big shot while drinking down something that looked like a potion, this person, or rather, Marily-san, without complying to my demands named herself.

「A joke at this point, is it? Fine. Despite my patience, I’m feeling restless to have you depart in a disturbing way. 」

「Kyahah, the gaze that had seen not just the blood of several hundred people, my heart is racing from it. ……Elma-chan, you see, nn―, even if you asked me to release her, she was already released. 」

It’s as if we’re communicating in foreign languages.

「Fumu, I can only regard that as a lie. If you don’t have any intentions to let her go, then I just have to turn you into a kin that listens to my orders. 」

「Wa, RIO-san is such a strong person, yet so impatient? 」

This researcher hasn’t lose her cool even once no matter how much I threatened her.

With her display of leisure, there’s no mistake. She has a reason to be confident that I won’t be killing her.

As for the machine housing Elma-san in a tank of culture solution, it’s a smarter choice to not break it without any clues.

「Nn―, nn―. Stay there for a bit, RIO-san. Maybe I should take a little more nutrition extract. 」

She put her mouth in another bottle of medicine, this time, she even did it in a posture of chugging it down, with the gulps audible.

Nutrition extract, she said, she seemed to be preparing to fight but, I was bothered by the word that seemed to have implications.

It’s hard to predict the thoughts of an odd ball holing up in this lightless place.


Mu, I felt like the hat that this researcher wore slightly shook.


Enemy Name: Parasite Hat Lv 1

Status: Fear


I see, it wasn’t a hat, but an Enemy. Could it be, just like how I summon Flying, she’s also wearing an Enemy under her control.


As I observed closely, I heard a soft crying voice from somewhere.

According to my ears, it would be from the hat Enemy.

So I thought but, rather than being a “voice” originating from an Enemy, it should be closer to being a “noise”. But, for some reason, I was confident that the Enemy was letting out a voice.

Come to think of it, the Enemies that were imprisoned were also letting out “voices”.

『W-What is this』

『That sounded like a little girl……』

『Bad. Very bad』

『The worst development……』


『Here I thought to crack some jokes at how fiendish the opponent is when I started to watch. But, she must……! 』

「Nn――. Drinking up my nutrition again, I wonder if it’s because she’s a growing girl 」

No way. Something like this can’t be the case.

While my thoughts spun, it settled on a possibility that was extremely disturbing.

「Is that Elma-san? You’re not……playing around, right? 」

「Mind transplantation experiment was really difficult, you know? I wonder if Elma-chan have become a good girl now? 」

Saying something like that with a carefree smile, she was stroking the hat Enemy…… Elma-san lovingly.

I was too late.


A fleeting crying voice.

Turned into a creature she didn’t want to be, on top of that, her consciousness was still around.

With her means of communications sealed, stuck in a body without limbs, she can’t even try to gesture anything.

Even so, what I could hear was the same 「Help」 I heard when I first met her.

「Even if being humble, it’s my best masterpiece. By the way, I want to try implanting the spirit of a mollusk in the empty body, that’s why I left it there. How is it? If you’re interested, how about having a hands-on experience in my biological experiment? 」

Ah, it’s starting within myself again.

It always appears when I’m met with something like this.

Anger, sadness, hatred, despair, not a sliver of that, there was only the disillusionment that chills my body and mind to the extreme.

Even though what they should’ve done is to gather their forces and stand against me, why did they make a move on Elma-san who is at most half-related?

The tricks of what these adventurer’s guild people can do is bottomless.

「Did you have fun using Elma-san in the experiment? 」

「Naturally. Unlike the thinned out people, it’s a rare subject with the blood of a vampire mixed within. Thanks to that, I was enthusiastic for the first time in a while. 」

「Never mind after all. No matter what you answered, the result would’ve been the same. 」

……It’s not even ironic at this point. To think that there’s not just a few that managed to best me in something other than strength today.

Looks like Littebuette is a hellish place where people who don’t regard ethics or humanity at all grows at.

My chest felt painful. Therefore, I have to let it loose here.

A/N: RIO-sama will surely do something about it

A/N: Stomach seems fine


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