BWO Chapter 79: Elma Rescue Battle Part 8

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Although it has been decided that this person must be taken care of, the troubling point is what method should it be.

In the first place, will separating her from Elma-san be enough…….

「I was legally entrusted with the task of researching biology regarding humans and monsters. I hated it at first but, along the way, I felt accomplished. After all, it’s all for the sake of improving the justice, the adventurer’s guild. 」

The content of what she started to speak on her own was basically what I expected.

Perhaps even more than for the guild, she was doing it for the sake of fulfilling her fiendish desires and intellectual curiosity.


At that time, a tentacle reached out from the weakly crying hat and stabbed into Marily-san’s head.


Then somehow, Marily-san raised a strange noise as her cheeks became flushed.

Each time it is sucked up like a straw, she even looked ecstatic, as if there was some sort of anesthetic effect.

「Don’t drown yourself in pleasure, if you want to die, then tell me clearly. I will decide how you will die. 」

「Nn―, I want to die? No matter if I die from being murdered, or an accident from failing an experiment, just by me losing my life, Elma-chan’s time staying in this world will only be a short while. 」

……She came with that.

The reason why she’s so confident that I can’t raise a hand towards her even if I had the upper hand.

Elma-san was made to live together with this person, and she herself was the one that wished to be with Elma-san.

「You see, Parasite Hats are pitiful monsters that dries up if they don’t suck nutrients from humans. On top of that, the host cannot be changed once they were fed. Nn―, Elma-chan had become so weak of a species that can’t live without me. Nn――」

Even while speaking, Marily-san’s nutrients was being sucked.

The several tentacles that outstretched just now were probably for procuring the nutrients to live from her.

Trampling someone’s dignity must be originated from one’s will, even I’m getting humiliated.


A drop of water fell from the eyes of the hat shape.

I thought the Enemies in the cells were making human-like gestures but, all of them were probably reborn from this person’s hands.

「Elma-chan is now a weak creature that can’t even win against a little puppy. But think about it, weakness is the beauty of life. Isn’t Elma-chan artistically beautiful now. After all, the struggle for life when it’s feeble is exactly when it shines the greatest. 」

「What beauty are you referring? I can only see ugly mistakes. 」

「Geez, saying Elma-chan ugly, you’re gonna get hated. 」

「I’m talking about you. Ugly mistake of a human. 」

This person had only spouted things that touched my nerves.

……I had never thought myself as a person with value but, if I even sympathize with her logic by mistake, my value will instantly drop to bottom.

On top of that, she’s speaking in that leisurely tone knowing I can’t make a move, it sure is worsening my mood a lot.

「Say say, why not you stop being a strong and ugly vampire, and become a Parasite Hat too? Even though you will be at level 1, you can be the same race as Elma-chan down to the cellular level. 」

「Shut up. 」

「What can possibly be your dissatisfaction…… right, if you listen to what I want, then maybe I can help you mate with Elma-chan? 」

I can no longer find words to respond with, the sword in my hand pointed towards the vulgar person, and signals to end her was waiting in my brain.

However, the command for my brain now is to move my mouth rather than hands.

「You’re misunderstanding something. Vampires are what one might consider an inferior species. 」

「Nn―? 」

Rather than having her nutrients sucked, it was a sound made from pure question.

「The toughness on the level of a baby from burning just by being under the sun for a bit, isn’t it a setting that would be preposterous even in a fairy tale? Because of this racial limitation, I was hindered from having a satisfactory stream, keeping time in check is something I had to do at all times. 」

「That’s only your opinion. Do you think I’m ignorant of the world? I know that you’re a strong race that massacres humans everywhere. 」

「Nope, even if strong, I’m still on a developing road, I can’t even match to the strength of my loved one. Besides, even if I do manage to conquer the sunlight, it will just mean adventurers will be chasing me all the time, not much changing from before. But well, I consider that a profit though. 」

……In essence, what I aim isn’t conquering the sunlight, but the strength to reach the top, and the title of strongest.

My principles directly go against this person who sees weakness as beauty.

Being insistent this far, I wonder if Marily-san will get angry.

「I knew that a vampire’s sense of beauty isn’t normal. RIO is not beautiful at all. As the punishment, I suppose I will take off Elma-chan? 」

「Try it if you can. Well then, Shiira-san, use your light rings magic on this mad scientist. 」

「Shiira!? 」

Her sister, I have caught her blood scent finally arriving this far just a little while ago.

By the time she was surprised by that name, it was already too late.

「《Magic ・ Lightning Ring》」

「Ugaa! Shiira……! Why did you fall into this kind of monster’s hands! 」

The heretical race that struggles desperately to get out of the restraint despite being deprived of freedom

Shiira-san was holding onto several scattered documents that were collected on the ground floor.

「She used to be a corrupted ruler with distorted personality but, doesn’t she look much lovelier after losing her ego? 」

「RIOo……I will kill you……」

「Don’t rush your death yet. You can blame me later. 」

Taking the documents that Shiira-san collected, I started reading through any that seemed to have useful information silently.

The author is Marily-san. The name of the person I want to erase the most right now.

Homunculus synthesizing method, not useful.

Monsters with similar genes to humans, shredded and disposed.

List of extinct creatures crumpled and tossed away.

Human weakening plan, it’s needlessly grand. All of them are useless.

「This is. 」

Coincidentally or inevitably, I flipped open a page that has the manual on operating the device that can do mind transplantation.

「Fumu, the machine that Elma-san is sleeping in, it’s designed simple with players in consideration. 」

With this, I can probably get Elma-san back to normal.

Shiira-san who was a heartburning enemy became my greatest ally. As a reward, I shall feed her high quality meat later.

「You should’ve incinerated them, haven’t you considered the possibility of an enemy discovering them on the ground floor? 」

「Are you stupid!? If I destroyed them, then how can I have this technology succeeded!? 」

「I see, then let’s have your research be scrapped today. Eat this while you take a close look at how all your efforts get destroyed without a chance to be passed down. 」

「Aghe! 」

Since having her chant magic would be difficult to deal with, I stuffed an empty bottle that she probably drank finish from in her mouth.

Since I’ve memorized the steps, I returned the documents back to Shiira-san, and reached for Elma-san.


「Elma-san, just for a while more, please endure. 」


Although I can’t tell what she’s saying with that noise, I’m confident she had nodded after hearing me.

Let’s start the experiment. The first step is to remove all the tentacles outstretching from Elma-san.


……Mu, she’s already starting to wither.

Naturally, following the procedure is a must, but speed is something more important now.

『Elma-chan is drying up……』

『Just as I thought they were new kinds of Enemies, but they were turned into Enemies where life is hard mode by that fiend』

『Can’t laugh at that woman』

『Can you laugh? 』

『Please Elma-chan live』

There’s no time to be hesitating. If Elma-san dies from withering, then everything is for naught.

What should end here is only the battle that wagers Littebuette’s survival as a town.

A/N: With this, I can even make a failing development because RIO can revive her even if she’s dead……


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