BWO Chapter 80: Elma Rescue Battle Part 9

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「You can’t face your father if you neglect his will for you to survive. You can do it, I’ll do my best too. 」

Cheering her up, I felt like Elma-san replied with a 「Yes! 」.

Elma-san’s survival depends on my hands. I can already imagine the publicity collapse if I failed.

Not in the sense of being a villain, but in the meaning that I will be seen as a failure.

Second, opening the lid to the tank full of culture solution, I put Elma-san in it.

「Ugh, it smells like sewage……」

It was a solution that will definitely put any ordinary person to bed for at least 3 days just with one drop but, in this place, there weren’t any pure ordinary people, only a vampire, Enemy, or an ordinary person close to an undead.

Elma-san who is in an Enemy’s body likely not having any sense of smell shouldn’t feel anything.

「Looking good. 」

Third, preparation to start the machine.

Since it was a simple control mechanism like a notebook computer, after inputting what I memorized earlier, the preparation completed message soon appeared.

「Just a little more. You’re still alive right? 」

It was stated that if the subject dies in the midst of the experiment, the transfer will not succeed even if the target body is fine.

Elma-san is…… even while her eyes are full of wrinkles, she is still blinking with energy.

Alright, time to push the start button.

『Puchi 』

『Doki doki』

『Please!! 』

While holding onto a prayer, I looked at the vibrating machine.

The culture solution bubbled up, with yellowish light filling the entire room, Elma-san’s mind and spirit, returning to Elma-san’s original flesh body…… or so the noises seem to suggest.

Shortly after, it stopped bubbling.

Did it succeed, or was I one step too late?

Rather than the empty shell, I looked at the human Elma-san.

「Nn! Nbbububu!! 」

It looks like it succeeded but, she’s in quite the dangerous situation, unable to breathe underwater, she’s banging on the tank from the inside desperately.

Sixth step, after confirming the subject is healthy, it is possible to remove the subject from the tank, or so it wrote but, since I have no plans to use this inhumane machine again, I broke the glass.

「Haa, haaaa……! 」

Elma-san who was dumped out from the current immediately gasped for air.


Woops, looks like she got too much of that solution in her, as it started draining out of her mouth and nose. I will rub her back.

Then, Elma-san who had regained her calm first got a look at her body.

「……I have my hands and legs. I can move! 」

Opening and closing her hand while cheering, she enjoyed the freedom of a normal human body.

「Elma-san, it’s your perfect victory. Thanks to your strong will, I manage to get the adventurer’s guild a tasty surprise attack. 」

「Onee-san! Uuuuuu…… Onee-san, you came to save me……! 」

Elma-san who had released everything she needs to release, from the intense fear she had experienced so far, she clung onto my chest and cried.

「You’ve done well. Onee-san won’t ever let Elma-san be alone again. Let’s be together as much as possible from now on. 」

「Unn unn! I want to be with Onee-san too! 」

Elma-san who had a wide smile was on the happiest of her life.

Due to my personal circumstances of being an average high school girl, I can’t be around all the time but, I will formally employ her to keep her from kidnapped by these kind of crooked people.

――Defeating those that needs to be defeated and saving those that needs to be saved.

A perfectly executed victory.

Finishing such a dangerous fight, the feeling of having a weight off my shoulders was what I felt most.

『Elma-chan back to normal! 』

『Hurraaaaaay!! 』


『Congratulations, happy ending』

『Tragedies are trash, this is for the good』

『Long live RIO-sama! 』

『That’s one thing solved』


Thanks to the viewers’ constant big compliments, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

「……It’s not the end yet. 」

There’s a saying that the return trip is the most dangerous one.

Therefore, first, I will take Elma-san to the safe area of where Boss-san is at.

Staying put in this place for long has no use.

「Elma-chan, listen to me! There’s no beauty in a human’s body stuck with muscles. I’m sure you will understand once you rethink, discard of something harmful like that! 」

Right, I was almost so happy over accomplishing my purpose that I forgotten this unsightly person related with the adventurer’s guild.

Despite unable to get out of the light rings restraint, the researcher displayed her insistence after getting rid of the empty bottle stuck in her mouth.

「Never again.」

Disregarding the fact that Elma-san is probably yet to accustom back to her normal body, she answered Marily-san firmly.

「No never! What can happen from mingling with an ugly and smelly vampire!? I still have a mountain load of medium, so we can still redo. Believe in me please! 」

「I’m not as smart as Onee-san, so I don’t know what is beautiful. If I have to die for the sake of being beautiful, then I will never. 」

「AAAAAAAH! Elma-chan is so stupid! The worst creature! Let me see the parents of such an abominable child! 」

「Don’t talk about them like that! 」

Marily-san who screamed like a child not getting the response she wanted, and Elma-san who stared at her with anger from her deceased parents insulted.

They went back and forth but, since this person can’t understand no matter what is said, I should just suck her blood dry.

「It’s time for you to pay your tributes. Please die quickly. 」

「Agghaghaa! Aggaaaghoo……! 」

The sister of the guild master, Marily-san was sucked dry of her blood instead of nutrients this time left the world.

This person, recommending other people that living as a Parasite Hat is better, but it looks like she did it on good faith without any malicious intent.

Either ways, it’s something that has past. With malicious intent, I end her life as a human.


From her ego collapsing, Marily-san repeated facial expressions that seemed to be from pleasant memories from her lifetime.

As expected, the sisters were same, despite the outrageous things they do, they did it with little to no malice and no intention of reflection and guilt, plainly just people with rotten personality.

「It hurts me mentally to make you a kin but, it’s a fact that there’s a lack of personnel to protect Elma-san now. I have to turn my stomach upside down just to increase our forces. 」


「Well, I will just use you until you turn into miserable dust. 」

Just like that, I brought the two abnormal sister pair who have lost their ego as my kins.

In any case, I have to get Elma-san up to a safe spot quickly.

「Uwaa! Onee-san’s piggyback! Your hair is so smooth~, I like being on Onee-san’s head most~ 」

Elma-san grabbed on my hair and made a huge fuss.

When compared to living on someone else’s head in that kind of body, just a piggyback is probably very touching for her now.

『I knew it, this is the best』

『Elma’s position』

『RIO-sama believers would want that piggyback spot too』

『For y’all hikkineet rather than above the head, better you be below the soles』

『Being stepped by RIO-sama’s noble feet, it’s what we call a reward in our circle ♡』

『I lost to the believers’ creepiness』

When compared to that researcher’s brain made of unknown circuits, the viewers’ abnormal fetish is cute.

After Elma-san’s heart care is finished, I started moving towards aboveground.

「Can I know why, why did you come to save me? 」

Just before we got out, Elma-san suddenly asked a question.

「Onee-san, I’m sure you were busy with trying to become the best, to come save me after I got captured, I’m definitely an annoyance. 」

「Fumu, that’s your misunderstanding. Rather than saving you, it’s more towards harassing the adventurer’s guild. 」

That’s right.

Although I was concerned with Elma-san’s safety, in the end, it was only for my own sake.

If it can make the enemy forces that is the adventurers frustrated, then going to retrieve Elma-san is nothing I will hesitate over.

「I-I see. Somehow, Onee-san’s harassment is very high-leveled……. Won’t harassing the people that always talks about justice make them come back for us……? 」

「I will just crush it with power no matter what they come with. After all, I’m the enemy to justice. 」


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