Countless Swords Sorcerer ­­―― Chapter 107

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   Mariules Academy’s magician’s course. It is one of the only few ways to gain knowledge and skills for the commoners who aspired to become a magician.

   Of course, even if they enrolled in it, not everyone can succeed in their career. Those who dropped out of their studies weren’t little, and not all that graduates would be able to fulfil their ambitions.

   That’s why all the students are trying their best to study as much as they can in the academy to be the best.

「Alright everyone. Today’s class will be firing your magic at the targets over there. 」

   In the training grounds of the Mariules Academy.

   There were about twenty people gathered in a particular corner. They were all young man and girls in their tens. There was a woman in her thirties who had the students’ gazes.

「The nature of the magic will be up to you, please use magic that is obvious when it hit. Magic like 『Sleeping Haze』 that has vague effect is off-limits. 」

   Kyrill belonged to the first-year magician’s course. The first year’s curriculum is focused on the theory sides of magic and the basics of activating a spell.

   In that timetable, almost eighty percent of their time is occupied by lectures, only a few practical lessons are ever conducted.

「Then please start by yourself. However, take care not to overexert okay? 」

   At the female instructor’s signal, the students started aiming for the targets and casted spells. Some used flame magic, some wind, there was even some that shot out light balls that could do nothing but illuminate. In any case, the spells casted weren’t very impressive.

「The striking bullet, that is the vanguard of the noble spirit ――― Felte! (Ice Block) ……………Huh? 」

「The burning flames……, that is the, proof………of mine strength――Graist! 」(Fireball)

   With their chants flimsy, even the power of their magic spells would be weak. Less than half of them are actually capable of hitting the target with their messy control, even for those that managed to hit somehow, the power of their spell was obvious.

   That’s natural.

   Leaving aside the nobles who had already received elite education before enrolling in the academy, they’re all students that had only recently came in touch with magic.

   With a bunch of total amateurs able to use actual spells, it was good enough for the academy’s sides. As for the training for the sake of live combat, it will be after their second year. And for fighting against beasts, it would be after the fourth year――and only volunteers would receive that training.

   On top of that, it would be conducted under the watch of instructors, lecturers and even mercenaries.

「Hey, Kyrill-kun! It’s a precious practical class, quickly get started instead of spacing out! 」

   Kyrill who was looking around was warned by the female instructor.

「Ah, yes. Sorry. 」

   Kyrill panickily faced to his own target, before raising the wooden staff in his hands. The staff wouldn’t affect a magician’s spell in any shape or form, it is more like a formal setting.

   It’s the same reason behind why merchants would wear special clothing for occasions when they had serious business talk, it’s only there for the sake of hoping to help their users concentrate better.

   Even if it didn’t have any sorts of effects, it is an important factor that helps calming down the inexperienced magicians. Every time they had a practical class with magic training, students are advised to use a staff.

   In front of Kyrill’s sight, there was a small mountain of something that looked like hemp bags stuffed with dirt. There was only one hemp bag with a different color on the top, they’re probably supposed to aim there.

   The distance is about twenty meters. It’s a distance that Kyrill considered close. With that kind of distance, the hemp bags that are as wide as a human’s torso wouldn’t pose any issues for him.

   At the topic that was much easier than what was given by Ardis, Kyrill felt confused. Looking around, there were students all around that took more than a minute to even chant the most basic spells. In other words, they would need a minute to even cast a single spell against an enemy at that range.

   Let’s imagine the target as a Twin Swords. Although Twin Swords aren’t agile, twenty meters are nothing for it at all. A swordsman would be able to unsheathe their sword and prepare for the assault with leftover time but, a magician like Kyrill would barely be able to cast a single spell.

   Taking the staff like a 『一』 in his hands, Kyrill quickly chanted 『Earth』

「The penetrating pebble of the unwavering heroism of the knight ――― Dessel! 」(Earth)

   If the target was a Twin Swords coming at him, he would have just barely made it in time. Just as Kyrill’s chants ended, the earth around the target shook. A spear shot out of the ground as the effect of the 『Earth』 spell, piercing through the middle of the small mountain.

   A Twin Swords would have a tough shell, but its abdomen is very vulnerable.

『Aim for the abdomen, flip it over if you can’t see it』

   Following the advice from Ardis, Kyrill attacked while imagining the target as a Twin Swords.

「The penetrating pebble of the unwavering heroism of the knight ――― Dessel! 」

   He unleashed the second blow without rest. This time, the earth aimed straight at the bag with a different color.

   With the earth magic magnificently struck the colored bag in the middle, the bag was blown away refreshingly.

「Alright. 」

   Kyrill was satisfied with his own performance as he muttered noddingly, that small voice unexpectedly reverberated quite clearly, after all, the students were all quiet for some reason.

「Huh? 」

   Kyrill who noticed the change in the atmosphere looked around. With everyone’s gazes including the instructor’s fixed on him, he was confused.

   Students started murmuring one after another.

「What? Those hemp bags are magically reinforced right? How are they broken? 」

「Eh? Wait……, what was that speed? 」

「It was consecutively. The first one missed the target but the second one came immediately after. 」

   Forgotten that it was their time to have practical class, they were conversing with each other.

「Hey, enough of chatting. Don’t waste precious time, concentrate please! 」

   Clapping her hands, the female instructor called the students to start their practice once again.

   After all, the first-year student’s practical class time are limited. Although they were still surprised by Kyrill’s spells, the students that had remembered so went back to their targets and started chanting.

「But, what to do now? A target is gone. 」

   After seeing the students go back to their work, the instructor went beside Kyrill and had a hand on her cheeks as she commented on the unfortunate target.

「Umm……, was it bad to break it? 」

「I guess it would be bad but, in the first place, the academy didn’t expect it would be destroyed by a first-year student. I don’t think they will get mad or anything. 」

   Kyrill who heard that reassurance was relieved.

「But, that was quite powerful. Almost to the point that it doesn’t look like you just started three months ago, the chant speed is already out of the standards of the students here. But the first spell, ……wasn’t it on purpose? 」

「……Yes. 」

「Fuu―n. I see. 」

   As expected of an instructor teaching in the academy, she saw through the nature of the first attack.

「With that much accuracy, wouldn’t it be better that you aimed correctly with the first spell? 」

「That would be good if the opponent can’t move but……. I don’t have confidence to hit something that’s still moving with that much precision. 」

「Aah, that’s why. Twenty meters, the enemy approaching, the first thing to do would be sealing its movements……, you based it off a real enemy I see. 」

   She had understood Kyrill’s intention with that short conversation. Although she speaks in a gentle tone, it seems like she’s not someone to be underestimated.

「I guess for a Genius-kun that has top-class performance right after enrolling, it would be humiliating to aim for a non-moving target huh. 」

   The female instructor smiled bitterly.

「Can you hold back a little on the power next time? The training equipment department would be noisy if the equipment gets broken so often. 」

   Just spend the remaining time as you wish, the female instructor left Kyrill after saying that.

「I’m not a genius though……」

   Kyrill’s knowledge on magic was zero before he enrolled but, for the past three months since learning in the academy, he is standing at the top. Easily learning the basic spells that other students would get stuck on, even his theory scores are one of the best.

   Rumors has it that he is the rising star in the academy that had the hopes from many instructors and lecturers.

   But Kyrill wasn’t all that aware. Facing against death every day in the forest, recalling the days that he ran away from the beasts pathetically, he couldn’t possibly think that he is a genius at this.

   After all, just beside Kyrill, there is a truly strong person, Ardis. Compared to that bunch of madness, he thought that his performance was just a little better since he can learn faster.

   But those people that didn’t know Ardis couldn’t possibly understand that. Without knowing that he was chased around by Twin Swords and Ractors every day, they would just title Kyrill as a 『Genius』.

   Sometimes that had let people respect him but, there were also times that it caused him troubles.

「You, your name is Kyrill right. I have something to talk with you? 」

   Finishing the practical class, Kyrill who was heading towards the lecture hall for his next class was met with a female student in the same magician’s course with a somewhat grumpy face.


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