Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 108

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   Kyrill arrived at the lecture hall, found a seat and sat down and was called out suddenly.

   As he turned around reflexively, there was a female student in the same magician’s course as Kyrill. Her honey-colored hair stretched to her shoulders was curled at the end, making it look fluffy.

   Her appearance should’ve suggested that she’s a gentle person, but unfortunately, her eyes weren’t that. An arrogant looking girl, that’s what the students in the academy recognized her as.

「Ah, ……Milmeus-sama」

   Realizing the person that called him out, Kyrill panickily stood up.

「Eh, umm……. What is the matter? 」

「I said, I have something to do with you? 」

   The female student seemed a little angry as Kyrill made her repeat. At the same time, her eyes glared straight into Kyrill’s, making him flinch.

「And, can you stop calling me by my family name? 」

「But, it’s not courteous to call a noble by their given name…… 」

   Even if they’re the same students studying in the academy, even if they’re at the same position here, their social standings didn’t change. To call a nobility daughter by her first name, any commoner with the slightest common sense wouldn’t dare do that.

「The noble is my father, not me. I just so happen to be born into such a family. So, stop that annoying treatment. 」

   Kyrill was troubled as to how to handle the female student that seemed peeved.

   Although there’re many students in the magician’s course who had prestigious background, the girl in front of Kyrill stood out from them. Many of them would look down upon commoners, but she is different in another sense.

   Ellenoa of the Milmeus Viscount family.

   That’s her name.

   Although a viscount isn’t a high position in the aristocracy society, it’s still a position that commoners like Kyrill can’t hope to match. If possible, she’s someone that Kyrill wants to avoid at all cost. But since the opposite side had looked for him, he must respond somehow.


   Albeit so, Kyrill was still hesitating to call her by her given name, his reply came out weak.

「Good that you understand. 」

   Luckily, she left that part of the talk behind and moved into the real business that she had.

「You, the practical class just now, the first one was unfortunate but the second one came immediately after, the technique to cover your mistake was nothing short of amazement. 」

「Yeah……, thanks……」

   Although the instructor was able to see through Kyrill’s thoughts, the other students probably thought that Kyrill missed. The chant was fast, but the precision is off. That is probably what the majority though.

   She would be the same, it seems that she is interested in Kyrill’s chant.

「So? How did you finish the chant in such a short time? Is there some trick? Any idea how much training that I need to achieve that kind of speed? 」

   With her body leaning out towards Kyrill fiercely, Kyrill who was standing still shrunk back at the sudden question.

「And you, isn’t fire magic what you specialize in? Why was it not 『Graist』(Fireball) but 『Dessel』(Earth), even twice? 」

   Unexpectedly, she knew the element that Kyrill is most well-versed in. Not to mention, she’s a nobility daughter. Any normal nobles wouldn’t have looked at their commoner classmates as beings on their same level.

   He thought that she would be the same as the others, Kyrill was genuinely surprised since he thought that she wouldn’t have any interest in him at all.

   Without caring for Kyrill who was thinking so, she seemed a little impatient as she drew even closer and asked again. The dark grey pupils were staring straight at Kyrill.

「Nee, why? 」

「Ah, no, that’s……」

   With his body even more bent back, Kyrill avoided the girl’s gaze. The sweet fragrance that came from her made Kyrill’s face red, probably because that he doesn’t have much experience with girls of his age.

   In any case, Kyrill thought that he must think of some believable answer for her or else he would be held so forever.

   But the problem was the answer. The only reason why Kyrill didn’t cast 『Graist』(Fireball) was because he simulated a battle inside the forest.

   If it’s someone as skillful as Ardis, then their fireball would be totally under control but, for Kyrill who is still inexperienced, he didn’t have the confidence to do so.

   As a precaution not to burn the forest, Kyrill had always used 『Dessel』(Earth) in the forest.

   But as expected, he couldn’t say that. Simulating a real fight has a nice ring to it but, in other words, he was raising the difficulty all by himself. As it was an action totally out of the scope of the curriculum, it might irritate the other students who tried their best too.

   The worst case would be 「A commoner acting so arrogant 」, the noble students would condemn him for that.

   Fortunately, the female instructor didn’t really care what Kyrill did but, the person in front of him now might not be the same. Now thinking about it, Kyrill reflected upon himself that it was still somehow rude to the instructor.

「Uhh……. I thought that since my earth magic isn’t really on par with my flames……. It would be a good chance for me to try accomplishing the task with earth magic……」

   After his gaze swam all around the place, it was a plain answer that Kyrill managed to come up with.

「Fu―n. Is that so? Well, good that you’re ambitious. I guess having the top position ever since admittance is not just for show. 」

   But even so, she seemed to accept that answer. Retracting her leaned out body, she seemed to mutter by herself, 「I will need to work hard too」.

   It was only a short moment when Kyrill thought he was let off the hook.

「And? What kind of practice are you on normally? You would teach it to me, right? No way you would refuse a request from a classmate, mercilessly right? 」

   Leaning out again, Kyrill felt cold sweat was trickling down his back.

「No, not really any special practice……」

「Liar. That quick of a chant, no way you didn’t practice. Even I can’t do that. 」

   Kyrill who didn’t want any association with a noble tried to end the talk early, but she wouldn’t let him.

「That……, it’s not a training meant for nobilities――」

「Training!? Not practice but training? The enthusiasm is totally different. I shall train instead of practicing from now on. What’s the content? 」

「Uh, I don’t think it’s something Milmeus-sama would――」

「I said not to call me by my family name right? 」

「Ah, ……sorry. 」

「I am me. I’m not Milmeus but Ellenoa. I hope you can call me by my given name instead. Pay extra attention not to do that again. 」

   It seems like she’s really insistent on Kyrill not calling her by her family name, but as a commoner, Kyrill couldn’t simply do that.

「Haa, got it. Then, uhhh……Ojou-sama」

「Please stop that. It makes me feel like I’m at my house. 」

   The female student complained like she really had enough of it.

「Did you listen properly? My name is Ellenoa. How can you even get into the top ten with that kind of memory? 」

   He didn’t think that she was being serious on Kyrill calling her by her given name. Kyrill felt a little troubled.

「So? The training, how is it done normally? Can I do it too? 」

   Ardis’s training that Kyrill was undergoing, it was not for the purpose of polishing magic skills. He’s only running around the Corsas Forest avoiding beasts and demonic beings.

   It would never be anything the female student could have think of, it would be a huge trouble if she tried it anyways. If she really rushed into the Corsas Forest after hearing it, Kyrill might really become a criminal because of that.

「Uh, that, it’s not a training that a Noble-sama would――」

「My name, it isn’t something like 『Noble-sama』. You, are you doing it on purpose? 」

「It’s not like that. But……, the training I’m undergoing isn’t for magic, it’s something else. 」

「Something else? Something unrelated with magic? Even though you’re studying magic? Why did you do something like that? 」

「Even if you ask why……」

   That is a question that Kyrill wants to ask himself. Just that, the act of running away from beasts with less chances of casting spells, it forces the user to practice more control over their spell.

「Also, the training I’m undergoing is super dangerous. 」

「I acknowledge there will be some danger associated with it since you said it was a training. But a first-rate magician wouldn’t back away from it. 」

「No, it’s not just some danger……」

   In the Corsas Forest that’s referred as a hellscape, getting chased around by beasts and demonic beings isn’t a level that can be described with 『Some danger』.

   As for Kyrill, Ardis and Rona would come for him if he is for sure going to die, that’s why he’s still breathing and studying in the academy now. Just by himself, he wouldn’t even have half the guts to enter the forest and get chased around.

「What? Are you saying that it’s impossible since I’m a girl? 」

「It’s not because of that or nobility at all actually though……」

   The one who rescued Kyrill from this predicament was a familiar face.

「The lecture will start soon, what have you two been talking for a while now? 」

   Moving his gaze, it is Kyrill’s most close friend in the academy.

「Ah……, Rai. 」

「Who are you? You’re not someone from the magician’s course, right? 」

   With the sudden interrupter, the nobility daughter glared at him for a little.

「Me? I’m this guy’s friend. 」

「Friend? You seem like someone from the warrior’s course, but a friend with him from magician’s course? 」

   As if looking at some strange specimen, the girl inspected Rai from top to bottom.

「Is it strange? 」

「Saying that you’re friends with someone from the magician’s course, of course it’s strange.」

   The girl raised her voice and started spouting some inexplicable logic. From her words, it seems like she firmly believes that everyone from the magician’s course has loose screws and couldn’t possibly have any real friendship.

「No, you’re saying that despite you being one yourself? 」

「I’m aware! 」

「About what? 」


   At Rai’s merciless retort, the girl had nothing to say back.

   Magicians having a real friendship is a misunderstanding in the first place, that is the normal thinking in the society. Of course, since she’s studying magic as well, she isn’t excluded from that.

   Although they had interacted not for long, Kyrill also got the vibes that she is somewhat peculiar. Even though she is a nobility, she wouldn’t look down on commoners, rather than that, she seemed to despise being treated as one.

   Exactly because of her peculiarity, she didn’t go to the Royal Academy but here. With her not able to say anything back to Rai’s retort, it seems like she’s aware that she doesn’t have any friends.

   The girl looked like she was looking for something to say back while keeping silence. But luckily, the bell sound indicating the start of the lecture class changed that silent atmosphere.

「Alright, please take your seat everyone. The lecture will start now. 」

   The lecturer who just entered the hall announced, the noble girl sat back down albeit reluctantly. She had secured a seat just behind Kyrill, during the entire class, Kyrill felt a glare coming from her direction.

「Hey, Rai. Did I do something wrong? She’s glaring continuously my way. 」

「Isn’t it great. Though the gaze is a little harsh, why not appreciate that a pretty girl is staring at you? 」

   Trying to get help from Rai beside him in a soft voice, that was the answer Kyrill received.

「Then you help me explain to her. That the training she’s thinking of isn’t possible at all. 」

   Since Rai seemed skillful at talking after all, but Rai just gave Kyrill a shrug.

「Unfortunately, she has interest in you, not me. I bet she wouldn’t listen to me at all. That’s why you have to be the one. 」

「No way…」

   A piece of paper folded neatly was thrown to him from behind as he was whining. Opening it, there was a warning written on it with a neat handwriting, 『Listen to the lecture seriously! 』. As for who wrote it, there’s no need to turn around to know.

   Still sensing the great gaze from his back, Kyrill unintentionally sighed.


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