C­­ountless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 109

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   Strong personality doesn’t suit Kyrill. A coward would probably describe him the best.

   That is why, Kyrill found his current situation a little――no, considerably uncomfortable.

「Kyrill. There’re three open seats over there. Rai isn’t here yet so let’s take a seat for him too. 」

   The reason is with the nobility daughter beside him.

「Uh, that……. There’s no need for three seats for me and Rai……」

「Ara, are you planning on excluding me? Isn’t that being too cold to a fellow classmate? 」

   The dark grey pupils had anger in them as they glared at Kyrill. Different from her face, her gaze was unbelievably cold. It is the exact reason why she was promoted from a 『Cool Beauty』 to an 『Ice Beauty』.

   Ellenoa of the Milmeus Viscount family. Their first interaction was when she called out to Kyrill after seeing his spell in the practical class about half a month ago.

   At first, he thought a troublesome person had found faults with him, but it didn’t seem like that after conversing with her for a while.

   Although her words still had thorns in them, they didn’t have the overbearing tone that other nobilities had, she only wanted to ask Kyrill 『What kind of practice did you do to improve that much』.

   Ever since then, Ellenoa had been following around Kyrill. She seems determined to expose his secrets behind his skills by keeping an eye on him.

   It’s good that she’s eager to improve but, having each and every action of his analyzed and commented on wasn’t comfortable. It was as if he’s under constant surveillance, Kyrill always felt like there’s a cloud above his heads since then.

   Even so, Ellenoa isn’t a bad person. After talking with her for a bit, Kyrill understood that she wasn’t the same as other nobilities that discriminates against people who are lower than their social positions.

   Although she would be pushy sometimes, she wouldn’t ever flaunt her power and force him, and she never had looked down on Kyrill just because he’s a commoner.

   As for Kyrill, there’s an awkward sense of distance as he’s still indecisive whether it would be fine to interact with her friendlily. After all, because of her presence around Kyrill, the surrounding gazes had become harsh.

「I didn’t meant that, Ellenoa-sama――」

「How many times have I said not to call me with 『-sama』? I would think that you had understood that by now though. 」

   For the past half month, it is the same lines that had been exchanged many times. Ellenoa seemed to be fixated over something, she hates being treated like a noble.

   If anyone called her by her family name or with honorifics, she would never miss demanding a correction. However, that’s exactly what had been troubling Kyrill.

   Although Ellenoa didn’t seem like she mind it, the surrounding people might not be the same. Especially the majority of the magician students who are nobilities, there’re quite a few of them who frowns at interacting with commoners.

   In fact, there’re thorny gazes coming at him even now. If he really did call her by her given name without any honorifics, the gazes might turn into more troublesome things.

   With the nobility daughter and the surrounding gazes sandwiching him, while Kyrill was cooked in between, Rai from the warrior’s course came in.

「Yo―, Kyrill. Ellenoa is here too huh. Could it be this seat is for me? Thanks though. 」

   Rai would call both their first names without any reservations at all, and no honorifics to top it all.

「Look. Even Rai would do it properly. 」

   Ellenoa seemed a little happy saying it. But the gazes from the surrounding noble students towards Rai were cold, could it be that she doesn’t notice that?

「What? Still on the name stuff? Kyrill is just thinking too much. There’s no use getting so uptight with a classmate, right? 」

「It’s as Rai said. 」

   No, the only ones who think so are only you two. Kyrill couldn’t say that out loud. Unlike Kyrill who had put up a wall against Ellenoa because of common sense, Rai is strangely on good terms with her for the past half month.

「No, I think Rai is just too carefree though……」

「No such thing― No such thing. 」

   While saying so, Rai sat down beside Kyrill.

「―tto, so cramp……. Ellenoa, can you shift to the side a little. Kyrill you too. 」

   The three person is seating in a row, in an arrangement of, Rai, Kyrill and Ellenoa. Because Rai was pushing against Kyrill, it became that Kyrill was pushing against Ellenoa.

「Hey, what’re you doing. 」


   Kyrill apologized reflexively but, Ellenoa’s complaint wasn’t only at him.

「I don’t have much space here too you know? Isn’t it not because it’s cramp, but just your size? 」

   Although Rai is not anywhere close to be a macho, he probably still looks bigger than the skinny magician students here because of his muscles.

「Isn’t it a given for anyone from the warrior’s class? Actually, the seats in this hall is just too small. 」

   Beside Kyrill who still had a line drawn against Ellenoa, Rai is talking with her so casually.

「There’s no one your size in the magicians course. It would be enough normally. Why’re you in this lecture if you have complaints. In the first place, what is a warrior doing in this magic study class? 」

   Although she was complaining a lot, it was Ellenoa who proposed to secure a seat for Rai. Even though she’s saying things like that, she definitely wasn’t unsatisfied with Rai’s presence.

「If there’s no chance for me to go against a magician in my whole life, Why would I even choose to attend this bothersome lecture. 」

「Basically, you’re here only so that you can grasp what an enemy might do? 」

「Yeah, that’s about it. 」

   At Kyrill’s question, Rai replied affirmatively.

   Certainly, there’re no rules that specified 『Students from the warrior’s course must attend magic studies lecture』. Although most students here taking the magic studies lecture are mostly magicians, there isn’t anything preventing students from taking lectures cross course.

   However, the lectures that are compulsory are already a handful for majority of the students. There aren’t many who have any remaining effort to attend lectures of another course.

   In fact, the students in this hall right now are all magicians except for Rai. Attending the magic studies lecture despite a warrior himself, only Rai would be so knowledge-hungry to do so.

「I can’t use magic. But it’s natural that my opponent might use it right? When that happens, how do I close the distance, what kind of timing to attack would be the best, what to look out for when moving, I can’t possibly make any strategy if I have no idea about magic. 」

「Usually, isn’t that something you learn from experience with live combat? 」

   Kyrill interrupted, but Rai questioned him back.

「That’s under the pretense you will survive after fighting against a magician right? What happens if you face against a strong magician even before you had any experience? Dying before learning would mean nothing. 」

「Fu―n. You think much more than you appear huh. 」

   Ellenoa seemed convinced as she saw Rai in a new light.

「Well, it’s what my uncle taught me anyways. 」

「Uncle? 」

   Kyrill was interested since Rai almost never talked about himself.

「Yeah. Well, he’s my uncle but, our age is only about ten apart. My pops younger brother, he’d been my playmate since I was a kid. 」

「Heee. Someone from the army? 」

「No, he’s not like that……. Hmm, I guess……. A mercenary would best describe him? 」

   Although Rai said it with a clear tone but, somehow the end of it became a question.

「I see. An advice from someone who had been on the battlefield is precious right. 」

   Although normal nobilities would shun at mercenaries but Ellenoa didn’t seem like that. Just with that, she would be enough of an oddball out of the other nobilities.

「Rai’s uncle, what kind of person is he? 」

「My uncle huh? Hmm……」

   At Kyrill’s question, Rai was looking at the ceiling for a while.

「Although he looks carefree normally, he’s really dependable when the situation needs it. I haven’t met him much ever since enrolling but, I heard he’s always travelling around. Although he really likes messing around and teasing others, he’s knowledgeable, you just can’t come to hate him. And also, stupidly strong. 」

「I guess so, mercenaries are strong after all. 」

「Nonononono. It’s even doubtful to even say he’s strong. He’s an entire level of monstrosity. 」

   Rai’s voice increased in steps of intensity.

「Even though he can’t use any magic like me, he can win against two demonic beings with just sword skill? Even while protecting me that is. 」

   If what Rai said while being so excited is true, then his uncle’s strength is not normal. Leaving aside beasts, demonic beings are dangerous foes even one by themselves.

   Being able to subjugate demonic beings with a small party, it would be the proof of strength amongst the mercenaries. In other words, even the strong mercenaries would need multiple people in order to take down a demonic being.

   And against that kind of demonic being, two of them, it’s natural that Ellenoa was frowning as she said,「Aren’t you just overexaggerating? 」

「Are you doubting the witness’ claims now?  」

「As expected, taking out two demonic beings by himself……, that’s unbelievable. 」

   Kyrill gets her feelings. Kyrill wouldn’t have believed Rai’s story――That is if he never met Ardis.

「I believe it though. 」

   After all, about four years ago during the defense battle in Reiten, Ardis by himself took down close to a hundred demonic beings by himself.

   It wasn’t as if Kyrill saw it first handedly. But just that, recalling Ardis’s ridiculousness that he’d seen many times already, Ardis can even take on five or ten demonic beings at the same time by himself. He wouldn’t even be surprised if the real story was like that.

「At least Kyrill would trust me. 」

「Well, I know a mercenary as ridiculous as that after all……. Sometimes, I even suspect if he’s something else wearing a human’s skin. 」

「I see, Kyrill knows someone like that too huh……. Yeah, there’re really people out there that makes you doubt if they’re really humans huh……」

   Beside the two who had a distant gaze, Ellenoa was looking at them like some unknown specimen.

「Why are you two reaching a consensus, I can’t seem to understand why? 」

「I see, Ellenoa don’t get it huh. Well, can’t blame her. 」

「Yeah, I mean, it’s monstrosity that you can’t believe unless seen yourself. 」

   Looking at each other, Rai and Kyrill was saying so. But somehow that had touched Ellenoa’s nerves.

「What! Acting with camaraderie! What’s the meaning! 」

「Well well, Ellenoa. You will come to learn of it in the future too. 」

「Rather than that, it’s blessed that you don’t know……」

「I’m saying the way you two are acting is irritating! 」

   A heated discussion between young students had unfolded in one corner of the lecture hall without the lecturer. Though, it seems like there’re students who aren’t alright with it.

   While the three were still saying similar things to each other, a sudden yell interrupted.

「You bastards! Enough already! 」

   The three people sealed their mouth at the same time, and a sudden silence assaulted the lecture hall.

   The owner of the voice was immediately found. There were few people in Kyrill’s sight.

   Standing in the front, with a luxurious looking robe on him, a quite famous student among the first-year students was glaring at Kyrill and Rai. As for the person who thought to avoid any involvement with a noble at all cost for his peace days, the hostility was clearly directed towards him.


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