Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 110

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   In the silent lecture hall. Kyrill noticed the owner of the voice before panickily stood up and apologized immediately.

「I’m really sorry. Were we too noisy? 」

「Who said you can speak, commoner?


   A man same age with Kyrill was looking down on him. The freckles on his nose and plump cheeks was drawing attention in a bad sense. He is also a student studying magic like Kyrill.

   There’s no one who doesn’t know of his name in this academy. After all, among all of the nobilities studying in this academy, his family has the highest peerage.

   Although he’s not in any way good looking, every item on his body looked expensive, one look is enough to determine that he’s from a noble house. With several others around him, they all had the same unfriendly gaze towards Kyrill and the two others.

   With that overwhelming attitude stopping his words, Ellenoa stood up and interrupted, covering for Kyrill.

「Leon-sama. I do however think that that is too much against a classmate studying in the same field? 」

「You keep quiet! 」

   The reason why he can be even so rude against Ellenoa from a Viscount family is because his family. Leon is the fourth son of a Count family.

   Ellenoa who was immediately told to shut up didn’t say anything but Kyrill could see her cold gaze narrowing in the corner of his vision. As for the man who was on the receiving end of the chilling gaze, he had already switched his target back to Kyrill.

   He continued tossing the irritating voice of his, seemingly not noticed Ellenoa’s expression.

「I had heard it clearly, to not respect a noble to this degree! Daring to call a noble without honorifics……, learn to know your place! 」

「It has no business with you though. 」

   With a totally different reason than why Kyrill stood up in the first place, Rai stood up. With a challenging glint in his eyes, he didn’t seem to give a damn if the opponent is a noble.

「Hey……Rai, don’t do that. 」

   Ignoring Kyrill who tried to stop him, Rai continued on the offense against the man named Leon.

「I don’t care if you’re a noble whatnot, your concern in others’ relationship is unneeded. In the first place, the person herself is saying to not use it, so it’s not any of your business. 」

   Rai said it like a challenge, but Kyrill could only feel cold sweat.

「Insolent bastard, what is that rudeness against Leon-sama! 」

   Rai’s rudeness made the man’s underlings angry. All of them launched slurs at Rai. With that much support fire from his allies, Leon didn’t try to hold back his words anymore.

「Filthy peasants can do whatever they want. But don’t try to drag Ellenoa-jou down with you! She isn’t someone you peasants can talk with so lightly! In the first place, peasants aren’t even allowed in the same room with nobles! 」

   The complete opposite of Ellenoa who is in a sense an odd ball of nobilities, he is the type of noble who would flaunt his position, truly a prime example of a 『Noble hated by their people』.

   Not only the commoner students were frowning, even some from noble families were cringing at his words. Even if they’re all from noble families, it’s not like everyone has the same values as him, Kyrill was a little relieved.

「Ellenoa-jou, you have problems. To allow peasants to call yourself so friendly, do you not have the pride of being a noble!? 」

   The spearhead was directed towards Ellenoa without mercy. For Leon, it seems like he can’t forgive Ellenoa who is a noble but would allow commoners to call her without honorifics.

「I do have my pride. Just, I’m quite sure the pride I’m thinking of is totally different than what Leon-sama has in mind. 」

   But Ellenoa didn’t back away, facing him head on.

「It’s a noble’s role to understand the difference in position. We are born superior and must make good use of the inferiors. Being friendly with them will only grow their ego. 」

「『Born』……huh? Excuse me but, Leon-sama seems to have illusions with being a noble man. 」

「Illusions? 」

   He couldn’t let that one go, Leon’s face turned ugly.

「Whether nobles or commoners, they eat the same, look the same, bleed when stabbed, everyone will eventually die. I don’t think there’re any difference? Just coincidentally born in a prestigious family, being proud of it is a little lame if I would say so. 」

   The conversation was flowing in a weird direction. The hostility directed to Kyrill and Rai went onto Ellenoa somehow.

「……Do you take me for a fool? 」

「Oops, it was rude of me. I didn’t mean it. 」

   With a chilly smile, Ellenoa is only apologizing for the sake of apologizing.

「Having a peerage is the proof that we are more superior. Superiors are meant to topple over the inferiors. 」

「People with abilities lead the way, I agree with that. But I’m not quite sure if having a peerage automatically means that you have abilities. 」

「A mere girl from a viscount family, are you trying to go against me? 」

   Leon’s voice is now filled with anger.

   Although Ellenoa is the eldest daughter in the Milmeus family, she is an illegitimate child. But of course, Leon here is the same in that sense that he’s not a legitimate child.

   But he’s flaunting his family’s peerage. Although he’s the fourth son, he’s still the son of a Count. On the other hand, Ellenoa is a daughter of a Viscount.

   Normally, any other nobles would’ve kept quiet and bear with whatever Leon said. But unfortunately for the majority in the hall, Ellenoa is not someone who conforms to the noble standards.

「The one who is a Count is Leon-sama’s father, in no case that Leon-sama has any peerage. According to the kingdom’s law, me and Leon-sama is the same, we do not have any special privileges, we’re only raised by someone who does. 」

「What! 」

   Ellenoa’s words made Leon yell angrily.

「Leon-sama. What was the score of the regular examination you received the other day? 」

「That has nothing to do with this! 」

   Lightly brushing away Leon’s words, Ellenoa pushed out Kyrill.

「Kyrill here had a total of 937 points and got the third place in the entire first-year but, what about Leon-sama who brags 『Superiority』? Oh, by the way, I got 890 points. 」

「Guh……! 」

   Leon’s words were stuck.

   Kyrill and Ellenoa had always gotten the top part of the grades ranking list ever since they’ve enrolled. Leaving aside Kyrill, Ellenoa who scored 890 points is already very excellent.

   In fact, there aren’t many students that are above her in the rankings. And among those who are above her, Leon’s name was definitely found nowhere.

「Oh right, Kyrill got a 97 out of 100 in the practical test as well. Well then, how about Leon-sama? 」


   Leon was not incapable in any way. Originating from a family that is said to excel in magic, he’d even received early studies before entering the academy, of course his rankings weren’t low.

   But that’s only if compared with other students. Kyrill overwhelms that by a large margin. It will be a shame to even compare them both, just to describe.

「According to Leon-sama’s words just now, where the superiors will rule over the inferiors, Kyrill and I who has better rankings would be above Leon-sama? 」

「Outrageous! 」

   The lackeys were disturbed at Ellenoa’s words that denied their nobilities but, the person herself seemed calm and collected.

「Huh? I thought it would make total sense thinking from that perspective of yours? 」

「B-Bullshit! 」

   At Ellenoa’s otherworldly correlation, Leon who was stupefied for a short while regained himself and shouted.

「Those practical rankings are meaningless! Blindly following the textbook mean nothing, the stronger one will win in an actual fight! 」

「Oya? In other words, Leon-sama has the confidence to win in an actual fight? 」

「That’s a given! 」

   Ellenoa gained momentum every time they exchanged words while Leon was only dragged along with the flow. Kyrill and Rai were dumbfounded at the two’s exchanges that had forgotten their surroundings.

「If it’s just bragging, isn’t that the definition of meaningless? 」

「If you so wish for it, I shall personally show the difference in our strength! Your arrogant thinking and words can only be quelled with pain! 」

「Then that offer, I will accept it wholeheartedly! 」

   It is now bustling in the lecture hall. Of all things, a supposed gentleman of a noble student challenged a lady, and the lady had accepted that challenge of his.

   Kyrill was already shaken by the sudden evolving matter, but became more so when Ellenoa’s next sentence came out.

「Kyrill’s true ability, taste it with your best! 」

「Ha? 」

   Kyrill doubted his ears.

「If Kyrill defeats you, then do not ever put a hand in our business again. Even if Kyrill or Rai leave out my honorifics, I will have you refrain from interfering again! 」

「That rude mouth of yours, I will make you never able to speak again! Wait with your neck clean! 」

   Pointing sharply at Kyrill who was still confused, Leon took his lackeys and returned to their own seats.

「No, Wait!? Wha――」

   Kyrill whose thoughts were halted for a moment suddenly felt hands on both his shoulders.

「Kyrill, you must win! 」

「Good for you, Kyrill! If it’s an official match, make no regards whether he’s a noble or not, blow him into dusts! 」

   Yeah yeah do it, the warrior and nobility daughter friend of his were cheering him on.

「Eh――!? W-Why me!? Wasn’t Ellenoa-sama the one who accepted his challenge!? 」

「What are you saying. How can you leave such a dangerous task to a weak girl? 」

「No, if it wasn’t Ellenoa-sama’s provocation, it wouldn’t have……. R-Rai! Something like this is best left up to Rai! Rai, help me out―― 」

「Even if I went out there, it doesn’t look like he would be convinced of his defeat because I’m a warrior though. 」

「N-No way……」

   As if indicating that his time is up, the starting bell of the lecture rang.


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