Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 111

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「And so I would become the representative in the match five days later for some unknown reason……」

「Well……, that’s unfortunate. 」

   Kyrill’s weak voice was answered by Ardis smiling bitterly. Forced into a match with the fourth son of a Count that he didn’t start, Kyrill whined while at Ardis’s house as usual.

   The news about it had already spread throughout the academy, the event in five days is already set in stone. Although nothing can be done even if he complained, he still couldn’t just take it without saying anything.

   As such, Ardis is now answering the wish of someone who wish to grumble about his troubles.

「Well, even though it’s a fight, it’s not like it will cost your life, it’s more like a 『Practice session』 right? How about not mind about whether you will win or not, think of it as a good training experience and enjoy it? 」

「At least one person really wants me to win though……」

   The eyes that peeked between her honey colored hair, he recalled the dark grey pupils that glared at him.

『Got it, Kyrill? It will be the battle where we obtain what we want with our own hands, against a noble who is deluded and couldn’t see the reality properly! And you’re our representative! Absolutely, absolute―ly, defeat is not allowed! 』

   Recalling the nobility daughter who wouldn’t forgive him if he lost, Kyrill shook.

「Isn’t the opponent a student from your year? If it’s just up against 『Graist』 or 『Dessel』 spells, it wouldn’t be a trouble for you though? 」

「But he wields special arts……」

「Special arts? 」

   Ardis was interested in it.

「There’s a secret art passed down in the Klassel family, it’s quite a famous story, you know? Leon-sama is the fourth son but, he would have definitely inherited that too. 」

「What kind of arts is that? 」

「It’s apparently a wind element arts on par with 『Stee ・ Grol ・ Elmet』(Blades of Fierce Strike). But the chant is very short, it can be casted as quick as basic spells. 」

「Hmm. As fast as basic spells, huh……」

「If he took the first step, then I would be forced to defend against his spells……」

   Kyrill was hugging his head without a clue of what to do.

   The first-year students of the magician’s course mostly have lectures in their curriculum. Even in the few practical classes that are held, they’re only for the sake of training them physically and practicing their control over basic spells.

   That’s why until they advance a year, there’s no chance for the special magic to show its power. And for students like Leon that had learnt a special art that is specialized for combat, their performance in the academy would increase if there are more practical classes.

   That is the current situation in the academy. Leon’s 『The stronger one will win in an actual fight』 wasn’t baseless brag.

   Certainly, Kyrill would have better scores since the first-year’s curriculum is on the basic spells. But in the future, when practical aspects are focused in their curriculum, Leon’s special magic would see the day of light.

   Unlike the basics practical classes that they have now, where they can chant slowly, if it’s a fight where the speed of chanting will decide the outcome, there’s no need to see who holds the advantage.

   If only I can omit the chant like Ardis, Kyrill was thinking such unrealistic things.

   Four years ago. The first time when Ardis met Kyrill, he had seen that Ardis casted magic without chants, and he thought that that was the norm. But after admitting into the academy, he had come to learn how much of that concept is detached from reality.

   In the first place, casting a spell without a chant is more like a myth in the world. Even his close friend, Rai wouldn’t take him seriously, 「That’s an interesting story. 」

「Kyrill, Kyrill―. Are magic and arts different? 」

   Riana who was hearing from the side asked curiously. Riana’s tilted head peeked from below as Kyrill was facing the ground.

「Unn……. They’re similar, but they’re categorized differently. 」

   For the time being, Kyrill paused his grumbling, and started explaining to the twins in a gentle tone.

「Arts and magic, they can both bring about the same effect, like manifesting a fireball and a gust of wind. But arts are only usable by a small portion of people. Unlike magic, they can only be used by special people. Just like Ardis-san’s sword magic, it’s a type of arts to be precise. 」

   Of course, arts can be taught to other people as well. But special or strong arts, most of them are kept secret or only passed down in a tribe or family for the sake of monopolizing its strength. The Klassel family is one such example.

   On the other hand, there’re arts that can’t be taught to others too. Limited to the user’s specialization or unique circumstances, there’re arts that are only usable by the owner. And those who has such arts are called and revered as 『Unique holders』.

   Other than those, there’re also spells that are made through coincidence, as their reproducibility are low, they’re also referred as arts.

「On the other hand, magic are what anyone can use as long as they have mana. The chants and the activation method of magic spells can be taught, if one follows the procedure correctly, whoever uses doesn’t matter, the effect would be the same. 」

   Well, to be precise, there’re compatibilities with elements, it’s not like 『Anyone can use any magic』. However, the activation chant and the procedures are well known, that is the big difference between magic and arts.

   Of course, although it’s well known, it’s not taught anywhere else other than institutions that specially teaches magic, and those who have no mana can’t use it.

   Also, the effects of the spell might be the same, but its power might not. Even if the spell is the same 『Fireball』, the power may differ greatly depending on the user.

   For a beginner, 『Fireball』 might only be able to leave a burn mark on a tree branch but, for an experienced magician, their 『Fireball』 can easily hold enough power to level two or three trees.

   In short, with its procedure known properly and registered in the magic spell list are 『Magic』, those that are not are 『Arts』. In a sense, they’re all arts, and among many arts, those with their procedures and activation methods well documented are labeled magic, their fundamental nature is the same.

「Then Kyrill won’t use arts, can’t use? 」

「For now, all I can use is magic……. 」

   A day might come where he comes up with his original art, but at the very least, the academy didn’t teach any arts. So, for the time being, he would be stuck with familiarizing himself with magic.

「Ardis can use arts, right? 」

   Fillia was clinging onto Ardis from behind, with her arms circled to his front, she looked like she was trying to pull him backwards, but the twelve-year-old girl didn’t have enough strength to shake Ardis.

「I guess so. 」

   Shortly replying to Fillia, Ardis ruffled the smooth platinum hair a little violently.

   Of course, Ardis is using arts. 『Sword magic』 is considered an art as no one else is able to use it, it’s a prime example of arts. However, Ardis who answered Fillia’s question suddenly added on a 「But」, with a complicated expression.

「I guessed it would be something like that but, the academy really teaches like that huh……. That’s why everyone is using the same technique, fighting in a similar style. 」

「Eh? What do you mean? 」

   At the unexpected comment, Kyrill asked curiously.

「For me, Kyrill and what the other magicians use are all 『Arts』, including 『Graist』(Fireball) and 『Ferno ・ Resta ・ Ganov!』(Flames of Purgatory) though. 」

「But, 『Fireball』 and 『Flames of Purgatory』 are both well-known magic? 」

「Magic isn’t something that manifest a phenomenon. It’s a cause and effect by utilizing mana. 」

「Y-Yes? 」

   Unable to understand the meaning behind the words, Kyrill had round eyes as Ardis continued.

「The key is the flow of mana, the result depends on how you move your mana. As long as you understand the laws, just using mana will be enough to control fire or ice or anything at will. The effects caused by controlling mana correctly, the phenomenon manifested will be arts. At the very least, that’s how I’m taught. 」

   At Ardis’s explanation that was totally unthinkable, Kyrill’s thoughts were late by many steps.

「W-Wait a second! What was that, Ardis-san!? 」

「In simple terms, magic is 『What you understand』. Arts is 『What manifested』. In other words, exactly because 『Magic』 isn’t understood, that magicians would have to manifest 『Arts』 by following the predetermined steps and chants, the ways they can apply their spells are awfully limited thanks to this. 」

   Kyrill lost his words.

   According to the history behind magic that he learnt in the academy, the modern magic system is already defined more than a thousand years ago. During that long period, magic studies should have progressed albeit slowly, the technology behind it must’ve improved over its long history.

   Although it would be hard for Kyrill who is still a student to say, if what Ardis said is true, it would be overturning the entire magic system. It is the worst revelation that all the seniors who had walked in the path of magic and put their lives into it were all facing the wrong direction.

   But, Kyrill thought. If that’s true, Ardis’s unique magic would make sense. Sword magic is a unique magic that isn’t recorded even in the long history of magic, and the fact of omitting chants as well.

「If people can manifest the phenomenon known as arts without understanding the process known as magic, the process of using magic is vastly simplified. In other words, magicians can be mass produced. It might be like this now because quantity was prioritized than quality, huh. 」

   Ardis made his guess at the origin of modern magic.

「U-Uhh……. Ardis-san. 」

「What? 」

「If that’s really true, could it be, casting spells without chants……. There’re people other than Ardis-san that can use that? 」

「Yeah. Nere can use magic without chants too. 」

「Eeeh!? 」

「What. You didn’t know? 」

「……Nere can use magic, I heard it for the first time. 」

   At the onslaught of unknown information, Kyrill’s already troubled expression had more frowns than before. But even while suppressing his confused emotions, his thoughts didn’t stop.

「Then, chantless magic, will I be able to learn it too? 」

   The problem that he’s facing right now, it felt like a slight ray of hope is shining upon him.

「The match is in five days――」

   But reality isn’t that simple. Kyrill’s hope crumbled away easily.

「Nope, as expected, five days is too short of a time to learn that. Normally, it would take two or three years. As for Kyrill, since you have experience with magic already, it might be possible in a shorter time but……. It would probably still take a year or so. 」

「Is that, so……」

   Consoling the depressed Kyrill, Ardis said.

「It’s not like you can’t fight without chantless magic. Even if your opponent wields special arts, it’s the same for both of you lacking experience. I bet his balance wouldn’t be good, why not try grabbing onto his feet and make him fall to gain the upper hand or something? 」

   Kyrill’s shoulders are at an all-time low, there were two other voices that cheered him on.

「Fight, Kyrill, desu. 」

「Don’t lose, Kyrill, desu. 」


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  • Art O Plateau

    Art O Plateau

    Kyrill is a waste in my opinion. Author keeps on wasting opportunities with these pretentious secondary characters while shamelessly time skipping. Some day the twins will have a time skip, get older and part ways and we won’t even see Ardis or Nere’s plot be concluded…

  • Bakrit


    Krill will likely be one of Ardis subordinates in the future. As seen by that one lady who is sponsoring krill.

  • Kyokitani


    Kyrill is going to win, it’s obvious. However what direction is the author going with this anyway?

  • Hypothon


    Thanks for the update. Its good of Ardis to help Kyrill and all but I’m not honestly feeling too good about him teaching Kyrill the “truth” of either sword magic or chantless. I don’t hate Kyrill. He’s rational/careful at least but he’s currently portrayed as… spineless? I feel like there’s a better term but I’m having a blank. If he gets threatened on the secrets of chantless, the world will certainly change/grow and all (and it’ll help Ardis too since he and Nere can finally stop handicapping themselves but their enemies will also get stronger)
    Well, Ardis may not have taught him how but he gave him a clue. But *sigh* I’m just not feeling the Kyrill subplot