Countless Swords Sorcerer ―― Chapter 112

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   The day of the match. The trial grounds inside the academy grounds were filled with people. It is an area originally intended not only for training, but also various events and mock battles in the academy, there is a spectator area prepared.

   Of course, since it isn’t any kind of entertainment, there’re no special seats for spectators. There’re only steps outwards from the middle of the trial grounds. The spectators would sit on the steps or have their own folding chairs.

   The circular center of the arena is about fifty meters in diameter, and is surrounded by a wall about three meters high.

「Hee, it’s like this inside the arena huh. 」

   Rai seemed a little impressed with the arena beside Kyrill.

   But Kyrill wasn’t the same like him. He didn’t think the situation would become evolve like this.

   To go against a Count’s son, Kyrill didn’t have the slightest intention. Moreover, there’re many spectators looking. Kyrill who was already feeling down because of the outcome became more depressed.

「Why did it become like this……」

   Recently, such grumble of his had become commonplace.

「It’s unavoidable. One side is a genius even the instructors are impressed with. Another is the son of a noble with the highest peerage around in the academy. And two of them will go against each other to prove their beliefs, of course people would be interested. 」

「No, the one who made this challenge and the one who accepted isn’t me though……」

   Considering his own position, Kyrill was retorting albeit a little weak.

「Even if he never said it, it will become like this eventually. Isn’t it good to take care of the most troublesome guy early on? If you manage to beat in that Count’s son, then he will never bother us again. 」

   Ellenoa said violent things that weren’t suit for a nobility daughter. Her tone was as if she had hoped for this development in the first place.

「……Don’t tell me, you intended it to be like――」

「Both sides! To the center! 」

   Kyrill who asked for her real thoughts was dismissed by the judge’s signal.

「Hey, Kyrill. The judge is calling. 」

「Since I’ve prepared such a brilliant stage, win it even if you can’t. 」

   Getting hushed by the two who added on more irresponsible words, Kyrill reluctantly advanced to the center of the playing field. His opponent, the fourth son of a Count, Leon and the judge were waiting there. Kyrill who stepped out was showered with gazes from the entire arena.

   Although the majority of the spectators are students, it seems like there are even some outsiders mixed in it. The reason why there’re so many people watching a match between first-year students is because that Kyrill’s opponent is a Count’s son, and also the serving judge is quite a famous figure.

   The person who was serving as the judge had flaming red eyes that glanced at Kyrill. She is one of the few famous explorers that had actual results with discovering ruins. Not just her fame, she has the beauty that is wasteful for being an explorer, there isn’t a lack of fans amongst the nobles and commoners.

   Her personality is pure and fierce. She didn’t like roundabout things, because that she’s merciless towards anyone no matter who they’re, she had a lot of enemies, but at the same time, many friends too.

   Her trait of not bending under anyone’s coerce, that’s why everyone knew that she would be fair. There isn’t anyone else better suited for the role of a judge.

   Why would someone like her serving as a judge in a fight between students. The answer to that was made clear by Ellenoa.

『Nobles, they like to think that they would win naturally. Of course, there’re those that don’t think so too. At the very least, they aren’t willing to lose to commoners. The judge might invalidate the result, or even be bribed beforehand. 』

   But she would be fine, Ellenoa said so.

   The female explorer whose nerves are so thick that even big nobles can’t affect her judgement, even if a Count did pressure her, there’s no chance that she would be biased.

   Furthermore, with her abilities as an explorer known. There aren’t any who doubts her judgements. That is why, Ellenoa had recommended the judge before the Count son did.

   Of course, being a famous explorer, she is a busy person. There’s no chance she would’ve come to judge a match between students but, according to Ellenoa, 『I begged her』, and somehow was able to get her promise.

   Although it would’ve been fine to do so under the name of her father, the Milmeus Viscount family, but Ellenoa seemed to have seek her out by herself, Kyrill thought it was strange how a nobility daughter like her was able to move around so freely.

「How long are you intending to make a person from a Count family to wait? I know that it’s useless to ask commoners for courtesy but, there’s a limit to anything. 」

「Uhh, sorry. 」

   As Kyrill made his way closer, the Count’s son, Leon was being overbearing again, after seeing Kyrill apologize, his arrogance raised.

「In the first place, now that I’ve thought of it, why am I on the same stage with some ruffian like you. Rather, you should put your head on the ground and beg for forgiveness. It’s not too late now, if you are willing to kiss the ground and beg for forgiveness here and leave the academy, I shall forgive you. 」

   Although that arrogant attitude ticked Kyrill’s nerve a little, he couldn’t go along with the opponent’s provocation.

「Uhh……. I can’t exactly do that, I have my reasons too……」

   Mainly though, some nobility daughter wouldn’t ever allow him to do so. Kyrill rejected his offer a little reservedly but, Leon wouldn’t allow him to refuse in the first place.

「To go against someone of a count family huh! 」

   Leon who got heated in the moment tried to approach Kyrill but, thanks to the judge, she raised her hand and stopped him.

「Although I recognize words are a form of weapon as well but, please refrain from excessive provocation before the match starts. Any more than this will be penalties. 」

「Haaa!? Are you not aware who I am!? 」

   Leon who turned his target to the judge but, the female explorer replied without a single concern.

「Yes, I am fully aware. Fourth son of the Klassel Count family, Leon-dono right. So? What is the matter? 」

「Such imbecile words despite knowing! 」

「You are here as one of the participants today. I am the judge. Is there anything else more? I am here fulfilling my role as the judge. If you still choose to not refrain, shall I disqualify you right now? 」

「Ku……, remember this……! 」

   It seems like even Leon would want to avoid being disqualified. After glaring at the judge with hatred, Leon backed off.

   Kyrill sighed in his heart. Certainly, it was the right choice to have her as the judge. If it’s someone who doesn’t faze at Leon’s threats, he can look forward to a fair fight.

   Although Leon is still glaring at her with hatred, the female judge didn’t mind it at all, and said.

「I think both sides would’ve understood the rules already but, I will go through them again. 」

   Kyrill and Leon both nodded without saying anything at the judge.

「The duration would be fifteen minutes. The outcome will be decided with a talisman for mock battles. It will form a protective barrier around the one who has it, it would lose its effect if more than a certain degree of damage is inflicted. In any case, the outcome will be decided when the talisman loses its effect, of course, the side that loses the effect is the loser. 」

   The judge took out the talisman, and handed one each to Kyrill and Leon. Kyrill received the talisman, and fastened it to his clothes.

「Striking the opponent who had lose the effect of their talisman is forbidden. Any attempts at attacking after the outcome is decided will be seen as breaking the rules. Since it’s not any real fight, don’t think about finishing off your opponent. 」

   The talisman is designed to release light particles in about a meter in radius when it loses its effect. Even if they shoved it into their pockets, the moment when it loses its effect would still be obvious.

「Although the spectator area has its own barrier, any intentional attacks towards that area is forbidden. And, receiving any help from outside is similarly not allowed. Any attacks with magic spells are allowed except for some. The disallowed spells are such as poison, curses and anything alike.  Use of weapons with these effects is also prohibited. That’s all, clear? 」

   The rule is as he heard beforehand. There’s nothing to complain about.

「Then, both sides, please head to your starting position.」

   Hearing the judge’s words, Kyrill moved to the standing position marked in the center of the stage, and tilted his head.

「Huh? 」

「What is the matter? 」

   Kyrill unintentionally raised his voice, and the female judge asked.

「Uh, that……. The starting position is here? 」

「Yes, there’s no mistake. 」

   Kyrill stood on the line engraved in the ground. And his opponent, Leon is similar standing on the line. But the distance between them is closer than what Kyrill thought.

「Is it really fine with this distance? 」

   The female explorer judge narrowed her eyes. She seems to have understood Kyrill’s words but, she just shook her head, and didn’t say anything else.

   On the other hand, the other person who was standing on the same line was grinning widely.

「Peasant. Are you getting cold feet now? If you’re scared of getting shot with magic at this range, why not surrender already. 」

「Uh, no……. If it’s not a mistake, then there’s no problem. It’s fine here. 」

   The reason why Kyrill confirmed with the judge. It’s because the opponent is only twenty meters apart. Even the practical magic class has the same twenty meters, it seems like the academy thinks that twenty meters is a proper distance in a battle.

   But that’s only for the normal magicians. Kyrill who was trained in the forest under Ardis, twenty meters isn’t a long distance for him at all. Even for the slow Twin Swords, it’s a distance enough for him to only cast a single spell before it catches him.

   Simply saying, it’s a distance that makes Kyrill conscious that there would be a need for close quarters fight. He would need to escape from the beast in the forest all while casting magic to hope it would slow the beast.

   Kyrill who can do that now comfortably in other words, he could do the reverse and close the distance while firing magic.

「With this distance……」

   Kyrill muttered in a soft voice inaudible to anyone.

   As expected, even the demonic instructor would call off the training yesterday, knowing that there would be a match today. That’s why he didn’t have any concerns with his body today.

   Kyrill recalled the words 『Swipe at his legs or something』 from Ardis, and constructed the flow of the fight after the start signal fired in his head.

「Then――start! 」

   Just as Kyrill finished organizing his thoughts, it was about the same time the judge announced the start of the match.


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